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Deb Foskey has a blog!

Thumper 3 October 2007 33

It’s really boring and mundane and sprouts a bit of quintessential leftist propaganda, but is still worth a read.

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33 Responses to Deb Foskey has a blog!
Thumper Thumper 8:38 am 04 Oct 07

Pepsi are bad evil colonial multi nationals who are raping mother earth and do other really bad stuff….

Maelinar Maelinar 8:28 am 04 Oct 07

What’s with the pepsi references ?

I like it, but I don’t understand it…

Thumper Thumper 8:02 am 04 Oct 07

I knew RA commenters would have a field day with that….

It’s pure gold isn’t it? I don’t think I’ve ever read anything so dripping with pure unerdulterated sanctiomoniousness.

People who voted for her maybe should read about who they voted for…

Dare I say it, in my opinion she makes Stanhope appear sane.

utah utah 1:20 am 04 Oct 07

For the Greens it was a big day, with our battery hen legislation to be debated.

Wow. That is a big day.

green_frogs_go_pop green_frogs_go_pop 8:46 pm 03 Oct 07

someone please give that woman some pepsi.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 6:53 pm 03 Oct 07

Samuel Gordon-Stewart appears rational in comparison…

Pandy Pandy 6:33 pm 03 Oct 07

bonfire u r an idiot.

Haas it not occurred to you u need her support to build your beloved light rail?
Talk about biting the hand……..

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:59 pm 03 Oct 07

I knew I heard some grass screaming somewhere in Canberra today, Snahons…….!

Snahons_scv6_berlina Snahons_scv6_berlina 4:53 pm 03 Oct 07

I crushed some blades of grass near a footpath today – i wept at my negligent and senseless destruction. So tonight when I fart I will climb the highest tree on my property and let the toxic fumes be trapped and consumed by the leafy canopy immediately. Perhaps the carbon credits from this action will redeem my senseless grassy destruction earlier today.

barking toad barking toad 4:37 pm 03 Oct 07

I didn’t scroll too far – was there some detail of the joys of snout troughing in Yarralumla?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:31 pm 03 Oct 07

“George Galloway – the british labor mp who took money from saddam husseins baath party and was expelled from the british labor party?”

Yep, it’s amazing how mustard and/or nerve gas can be put to good use controlling people’s racist urges: Saddam swore by the stuff!

Ralph Ralph 4:25 pm 03 Oct 07


bonfire bonfire 4:11 pm 03 Oct 07

‘I came to NZ a couple of days before the conference, arriving in Auckland about midnight on Friday. It seemed silly not to make the most of the greenhouse gases my trip caused, and not to see a bit of NZ, and do a bit of research on environmental and social issues this side of the ditch (as the Tasman is called). I have never been here before.’

can you see the little piggys…

im so glad shes thinking of greenhouse gases instead of the potholes in my road this boondoggle money could have paid to be repaired.

‘Keith Locke and his partner Michele took me to hear the British MP George Galloway speaking to a crowd of hundreds about the potential for racism against Auckland’s growing Muslim population. He is an impressive speaker, talking – shouting? -in short sound bites, getting clapped every few minutes, but I wanted to hear more hard facts. As he kept saying, New Zealanders are decent people. I think it will be hard to incite them to overt racism, and I am not sure that, while there are people who would benefit politically from demonisation of Muslims, there aren’t others who will benefit from talking up that demonisation.’

George Galloway – the british labor mp who took money from saddam husseins baath party and was expelled from the british labor party ?

oh yes, please tell me more of your ideas george ?

‘I stopped at Gundagai (snip snip) the folly of the long long wooden bridge, never repaired after much of it was wrenched away by a flood.

Today my visit was coloured by a sinister story about that flood I was told this morning. The narrator believed that during that flood a Wiradjeri man in his bark canoe rescued many endangered white people and that afterwards, the people of the town never mentioned it, never gave him the thanks and honour he deserved. Today I looked at those river flats, once wetlands perhaps, but certainly a treed riparian zone, and thought that more than bush was eradicated from the area. I felt again that shadow which hangs around places where battles were fought, people were driven out, massacres occurred.’

What utter utter shite.

This native gent is revered in Gundagai. There is a mural about this feat in one of the buildings there. The towns folk were so grateful they made him an honorary white person (it was a while ago folks). I guess the scary evil european persecutor version plays better down whacky way when the wind powered kombis converge for a circle jerk.

her blog is gold!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:56 pm 03 Oct 07

Maybe her car is really a broom, just like her mother’s?

bonfire bonfire 3:41 pm 03 Oct 07

maybe its a wind powered car. big sail on the roof etc.

Ralph Ralph 3:40 pm 03 Oct 07

It’s probably one of those olde cars you see idling at the traffic lights – visibly spewing exhaust fumes (thanks to no compulsory vehicle inspections) and replete with a plethora of leftist stickers over the back of it.

asp asp 3:25 pm 03 Oct 07

“I’ve just come in after waving goodbye to my daughter who has driven away in her own car”

Can we assume it’s a Prius.

“Until then I will still be actively mothering. It is so windy out there.”
Wind can affect a car’s handling. But a driver with even an ounce of skill can counter strong cross winds. To be honest, I’ve never heard of a car being destroyed by the wind alone anyway.

Ralph Ralph 2:57 pm 03 Oct 07

Gone from being a complete waste of oxygen to also a waste of bandwidth.

Maybe we could all chip in and order her a crate of pepsi from India…..

barking toad barking toad 2:39 pm 03 Oct 07

Won’t clog up my favourites list

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:07 pm 03 Oct 07


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