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Delayed mail?

By MrsChris 26 June 2008 28

Has anyone been having issues with Australia Post recently?

I tend to send a lot of mail when it’s required of me, but recently it has been taking 10 days to get a letter to Sydney. I noticed it first start on mother’s day when my present to WA took 2 weeks. At the time I thought it was a little odd, but put it down to being a busy postal weekend. Next I sent some library books (borrowed from a Non-Canberra library in regional NSW) but they took 12 days to get there(I got a fine for late returns). Lastly, I replaced a faulty item which required mailing it to Sydney. To try to avoid delays I posted it over the counter, but to no avail – i took 12 days again. I’ve tried posting mail in several different locations, Weston, Fyshwick, even Queanbeyan, but alas my mail seems to be taking quite a while to get anywhere.
Is there a strike? Is it “public holiday month” around the rest of Australia? Has my name been marked by the postman to purposefully delay my mail? I hope this isn’t happening to everyone, but if you know something I don’t, then please inform me. Thanks.

I guess I’ll try posting my mail express next time – hopefully it will get to Sydney within a week.

What’s Your opinion?

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Delayed mail?
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jessieduck 11:36 am 07 Sep 08

Further to my post at #14- the parcel from Perth arrived eight weeks after it was posted.

Lost Mail 11:28 am 07 Sep 08
Post Story

I have had a PO box at Duffy PO for 25 years. Up until this year, every parcel that was meant to come to me has arrived. This year three parcels posted from overseas(total value of contents about $500) have not arrived. The first was two pairs of Birkenstock shoes I bought from Germany. I enquired of the sender about them & she sent two more pairs. One pair arrived, the other didn’t. Then I bought 20 packets of machine sewing needles, which also never arrived. I submitted complaint forms to Australia post & received form letters back saying that searches for overseas posted parcels must be lodged by the sender and they could make no investigations on my behalf. The senders did that, but still no parcels & no news from Australia Post. What do I do now? Anyone else in Weston Creek having trouble with lost parcels?

We have a permanent mail direction from our street address to our PO box,lately I have had two cards in the box to go to the Weston Post Office to pick up parcels. This is hard because I work in Civic the hours that the Weston PO is open. This is the main reason we have the mail redirection to the Duffy PO which I can visit after hours.

How does one get to talk to a real person at a particular PO when they only have a general call centre telephone number, I waited in a queue for 20 mins, then got someone in NEW ZEALAND who wouldn’t give me the number of the PO anyway??

Lost Mail

el 11:07 pm 28 Jun 08

I think Australia Post might be accepting lowest price tenders from people, without checking that they can actually deliver the service for that price.

Well, kinda. They offer absolutely appalling piecemeal rates to those desperate enough to take on the (horrible) work.

Pandy 9:57 pm 28 Jun 08

MrsChris, stick a photo of you wearing a 2CA T-shirt on your letters/parcels. You’ll get priority service.

Pesty 4:09 pm 28 Jun 08

Inappropriate said :

For the few years I’ve been in Canberra, I’ve noticed the mail to be pretty crappy. It always seems that mail that is sent from one side of Canberra to the other always takes days to arrive.

Must go via the GDE!

neanderthalsis 4:36 pm 27 Jun 08

I was going to make a witty remark about going postal but I shall refrain.

My folks forwarded some mail sent to my house in QLD. They wrote the forwarding address on the 5 letters and posted them all on the same day. The first arrived here 3 days after the posting, the fifth 3 weeks later.

MRJ 4:20 pm 27 Jun 08

We went through a phase where all parcels delivered to our house went ‘missing’, and I had to request refunds for a number of items which I had no way of recieving. I’m fairly certain the delivery guy was taking them, becuase once the delivery guy changed it was all fine and all parcels were recieved.

The thing is that the parcel delivery must have been ‘out-sourced’, because it wasn’t coming in an Australia post van, but a red Toyota with NSW number plates, and the delivery guy never wore a uniform.

(This was in Duffy, for those who are wondering)

green_frogs_go_pop 9:55 pm 26 Jun 08

We dont normally get stuff delayed..just stolen out of the po box!! GAHHH!

(Seriously. I ordered these earrings or something from ebay, got the envelope containing them, but there was a slit, where someone’s taken them out. Bastards.)

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