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Delayed mail?

By MrsChris - 26 June 2008 28

Has anyone been having issues with Australia Post recently?

I tend to send a lot of mail when it’s required of me, but recently it has been taking 10 days to get a letter to Sydney. I noticed it first start on mother’s day when my present to WA took 2 weeks. At the time I thought it was a little odd, but put it down to being a busy postal weekend. Next I sent some library books (borrowed from a Non-Canberra library in regional NSW) but they took 12 days to get there(I got a fine for late returns). Lastly, I replaced a faulty item which required mailing it to Sydney. To try to avoid delays I posted it over the counter, but to no avail – i took 12 days again. I’ve tried posting mail in several different locations, Weston, Fyshwick, even Queanbeyan, but alas my mail seems to be taking quite a while to get anywhere.
Is there a strike? Is it “public holiday month” around the rest of Australia? Has my name been marked by the postman to purposefully delay my mail? I hope this isn’t happening to everyone, but if you know something I don’t, then please inform me. Thanks.

I guess I’ll try posting my mail express next time – hopefully it will get to Sydney within a week.

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Delayed mail?
fabforty 6:01 pm 26 Jun 08

Last year a friend posted a book to me from the Belconnen PO as she was about to go overseas. It arrived in my Watson PO box 6 months later.

I sent an e-mail to Australia Post but they could offer no explanation.

jessieduck 5:22 pm 26 Jun 08

I’m waiting on a parcel from Perth that was posted 4 weeks ago… I was going to give up hope but this thread has actually given me some hope!

Primal 5:06 pm 26 Jun 08

It took about 10 weeks for one (correctly stamped, addressed) letter to get from Gungahlin to me in Weston Creek. No idea what sort of scenic route it took. This is, admittedly, the stand-out example. I have noticed a few letters arriving 2-3 days later than expected, but the example above just happened to contain some slightly important legal documents…

Inappropriate 5:05 pm 26 Jun 08

For the few years I’ve been in Canberra, I’ve noticed the mail to be pretty crappy. It always seems that mail that is sent from one side of Canberra to the other always takes days to arrive.

AG Canberra 4:22 pm 26 Jun 08

Recently a parcel we sent took two weeks to get to Bris CBD. If it’s important send it express or via courier – at least then there is a way of tracking it….

The other impact on AusPost is unaddressed mail – there is a waiting list months long to get stuff delivered that way. Companies are booking slots years in advance to make sure their brochure etc is out there at the right time. These volumes then impact on delivery times of normal mail….

Overheard 4:02 pm 26 Jun 08

I had the freakiest thing happen to me in March. I picked up my mail from my Civic Square post office box and I had about 10-12 items. Nothing too strange about that as I’d been on the road for about a week.

Until I looked at the items. They had been sent from nine months to a couple of days ago! It was like a greatest hits of my mail from July 07 to March 08. I was on the fly so it took a couple of weeks before I could go back in and ask about it. I spoke to a couple of the staff and noone really knew. I didn’t press the point and never followed up on filling in the complaint form — couldn’t see what useful outcome I’d get. No major harm done; just a couple of overdue bills I’d paid the following month when they’d come in and some receipts and other bits and pieces, plus a birthday card from the US.

Weird! My best guess was that the odd item had dyslexically gone to a similar PO box whose occupants were possibly away for an extended period.

Mr Evil 3:46 pm 26 Jun 08

Australia Post has been advertising for mail sorting staff for quite a while now.

The main problem is not many people want to start work at 3 or 4am.

Whatsup 3:33 pm 26 Jun 08

About 3 weeks ago a leter from Melbourne took a week to reach me. Don’t take it personally.

C’mon Aussie Post, put some more staff on if that is the issue.

Hidiho 3:30 pm 26 Jun 08

I had a large 7kg parcel mailed to Sydney at 3:00pm Tuesday and it was recieved less than 21 hours later. Most of the items I send are usually recieved 1-3 days depending on the recievers location.

Thumper 3:21 pm 26 Jun 08

I wrote to Simon Corbell once and he didn’t reply. Must have been Austraia Post 😉

madman 3:20 pm 26 Jun 08

I mail out every day and get the sender confirmation receipt sent back to me and I get it back really fast as well.

I post to all around Canberra, South Coast, Hume, Murrumbidge, Sturt and the Murray Darling Area’s – in some cases remote locations and usually takes 3 days to get the receipt back. thats one day there one day back – so I don’t have any issues.

MrsChris 3:15 pm 26 Jun 08

sezzle said :

The company I work for was recieving mail, but not all of it for a couple of weeks. After numerous excuses from Australia Post, we found out that they were short staffed and had a huge pile of letters etc still to be handed out.

That helps, Thank you. 🙂

Pesty 2:51 pm 26 Jun 08

I had some photos sent to me, it took nearly a week! not bad, given they were sent from Cornweall in the UK, and as they were not urgent were sent surface mail! My daughter on the other hand is awaiting mail from the bank here in OZ and its way over due. Go figure.

sezzle 2:39 pm 26 Jun 08

The company I work for was recieving mail, but not all of it for a couple of weeks. After numerous excuses from Australia Post, we found out that they were short staffed and had a huge pile of letters etc still to be handed out.

p1 2:04 pm 26 Jun 08

I posted a very small parcel on Monday from Canberra to Sydney, and it got there Tuesday. So, no, I haven’t noticed anything unusual, except that maybe they are quicker then normal. Although a sample size of one isn’t very representative.

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