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andym 20 January 2008 33

As requested by Mr Evil here a few pics from the old DFAT Communications Centre which was located under the southern carpark of the old Admin Building.

The first two are of the foyer and the third of the hallway. The centre was basically a square shape with the hallway running around it. The outside of the hall was office space, rec room etc. The inner core was composed of computer room and comms centre.

The ceiling in the open areas was made up of these funny metal plates as mentioned elsewhere. Purely decorative, but they rattled like buggery during the Newcastle earthquake.

Supposedly the foyer was a standing wave tube, so no electromagnetic radiation could penetrate or escape even though it was open ended. The second photo shows the narrow door at the top which could be closed to seal the centre.

Last two photos show some sections of the graffiti wall.

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hingo hingo 8:56 am 23 Jan 08

It would be good to get a few more photos of these locations or first hand accounts. I’m sure most people in Canberra have no idea this stuff exists. I have decided I need to do the tourist thing and visit a few of these places.

ant ant 10:10 pm 22 Jan 08

This thread was excellent, I had NO idea of any of this. Thanks! I wish I’d taken some piccies when I used to work in the Melbourne Building. There was a whole system of vaults down in the basement, some were all boarded up (we unboarded them) with old massive safes/rooms, hand-painted signage from when the place was built, amazing stuff. at the time you never think of it.

The “strange stuff in Canberra” thread was also a total eye-opener, really fascinating stuff. I’ve lived and worked here all my life but here’s all this stuff I didn’t know.

hingo hingo 1:49 pm 22 Jan 08
hingo hingo 1:48 pm 22 Jan 08

I found a photo of one of the light wells:

There is something about old Cold War bunkers that is really fascinating.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:30 am 22 Jan 08

Link 1/a>
Link 2

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andym andym 11:27 am 22 Jan 08


Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:27 am 22 Jan 08

You forgot the link.

andym andym 11:26 am 22 Jan 08

Here are a few more. First image shows the aboriginal art work on the upper and the old rec centre on the lower. The second image shows the computer room on upper and middle and the printing room on the lower.

hingo hingo 8:52 am 22 Jan 08

Wouldn’t it be more noticeable if you were in a high rise building, not underground. I was in Newcastle on that day and it was quite the earthquake.

Deano Deano 12:01 am 22 Jan 08

I remember the day of the Newcastle Earthquake well (Thursday 28th Dec 1989 – not a public holiday). I was in the Administration Building on the third floor. I happened to be walking across the floor when it struck and it felt like the whole building wobbled as if it was made of jelly. Nothing severe mind you but enough to the think WTF was that. If you were sitting down you probably would not have noticed it.

Mælinar Mælinar 3:23 pm 21 Jan 08

If you walk the carpark outside JGB, you can see the outline of the faraday cage as the soil has subsided, causing the carpark tarmac to have a noticeable dent where the cage ends.

Well done the Canberra construction industry, forgetting to pack the earth.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 2:50 pm 21 Jan 08

Chere http://www.ga.gov.au/servlet/BigObjFileManager?bigobjid=GA4189 where it shows a score for central Canberra on the “Earthquake felt” diagram on Page 36.

Geoscience Australia suggests it is possibly not a myth.

Thumper Thumper 2:41 pm 21 Jan 08

Extremely slow shockwaves…

Aurelius Aurelius 2:37 pm 21 Jan 08

It was still 500kms away.
And it was 5.5 on the Richter scale.
So it wouldn’t have caused ripples in a glass of water in Canberra. Urban myth sounds like.

hingo hingo 2:04 pm 21 Jan 08

Impressive! Thanks for the photos!

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 12:52 pm 21 Jan 08

A Public Holiday maybe, but I imagine the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade keep a 24 hour roster for their communications.

cranky cranky 12:44 pm 21 Jan 08

DFAT Comms = 24/7/365.

The shift allowances were hard to give up, so a lot of looong time employees in the centre.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:06 pm 21 Jan 08

Awesome. Thanks for posting. 🙂

Aurelius Aurelius 11:53 am 21 Jan 08

The Newcastle earthquake??
It happened 500kms away.
On a public holiday.

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