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DHCS Housing – Do they have a duty of care?

By SoDumbItHurts 30 April 2010 31

As a tenant of housing  I am curious do they have a duty of care as landlords to their tenants.  If a tennant is a constant victim of verbal and physical abuse, that has escalated from AVO’s to now criminal charge, and I will add with the area managers full knowledge, does the department have a duty to the tenant that is the victim.

If not why?

They are still regardless of being a department,  still renting out a property which requires us as tenants to abide by codes and regulations. 

What makes them exempt?

What’s Your opinion?

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31 Responses to
DHCS Housing – Do they have a duty of care?
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One 1:59 pm 06 May 10

PS: DHCS use the exucse of WE CANT UNDER STAND

DHCS only accept approved legal forms filled in by a professional (costing many $$$ – they use it as a bar to refuse doing anything even when saying they are looking into things)

The only thing DHCS looks at is how to remove its liability and how they could claim that your a nut

One 1:56 pm 06 May 10

Been there and done that too. Seems all people must attend one of the Union staffed shop fronts and get the letter stamped as being recived.

There is – but I would advise getting a legal eagle as even ACAT order that tenants be exposed to violent drunken assaults funded by the landlord

cleo 1:50 am 06 May 10


I know DHCS lie, as I’ve been on the other, eg; regarding a letter my daughter and myself sent to Maureen Sheehan, she never recieved it, as I spoke to a “Rhonda” she said the letter was in the file and had not been passed on, she also told me it was serious, of course I ran housing again, they denied ever having the letter or that a Rhonda ever worked there, I will expose them.

One 4:53 pm 05 May 10

All I can say is Get legal advise if unsure – I know I am screwed and will be homeless because of DHCS policy and drunks

How to avoid tenant report of assault for a pay rise 101:

Get assaulted by a ‘drunk’ that is able to block access and make voilent threats

DHCS will then assist you in getting a bit of paper that only says that YOUR moving out on the STANDARD TRANSFER LIST because DHCS likes drunks for the good it does the public (only 20 years wait – aka never)

Nothing about how they let ‘drunks’ block the access way while drinking execive amounts of grog on the grog shops account

Then because of you being assaulted once you will then be the target of further assaults simply because you made a complaint to DHCS

DHCS will say they put you on the HIGH NEEDS TRANSFER list (only 10 years of continued assaults with each drunk taking a turn – some even get food to help buy more grog)

To aid in failure of reporting true condition of the property as a getto – the inspection changes to a PRE VACATION where ONLY the DHCS OFFICER CAN REPORT ISSUES (aka they write you a bill)

This allows the DHCS officers to avoid reporting the preventing of access or fault causing undew interfearences to access

2 years later DHCS officers will then attempt to get a STANDARD INSPECTION

Even going as far to say that you have prevented INSPECTION while knowing the bastard act they just pulled to avoid liability

One 4:38 pm 05 May 10

“Extortion means forcing someone to do something, usually give up something valuable under threats of injury, death or other illegal harm. Blackmail means specifically obtaining something of value under the threat to disclose something shameful or disreputable about a person. This can be true even if it would not have been illegal to simply make the reputation-damaging information public”

(Source: freeadvise dot com)

One 4:31 pm 05 May 10

CT, think thats it.. its worse than that – Secret payments are made to select people who distribute the funding though groups of violent druggies for amounts up to $1k after dobbing in others that dont pay up a ransom or play the game needed for protection

Helps keeps the peace

Like grog shops that sell grog on account to people who cant even walk to the shop because they are intoxicated

One 2:03 am 05 May 10

oh wise one.. lol

far from

wise people are not dead

One 1:57 am 05 May 10

PS: When was the last time a drunk attempted to kill you? Did you take care not to harm the drunk becaues your required to do so by ACT Government laws? How about after being kicked in the head?

Good thing drunks are educated to SAY – oh i may be intoxicated

AFP media – “Its not your fault mate”

One 1:48 am 05 May 10

dare2dream said :

Oh wise One – ‘the landlord taking secret bribes/plus staff who get paid for making complaints go away…’

Are you suggesting corruption?

Does the term of “Secret donations” answer your questions.

Parties accept donations
Ministers have membership in parties
Ministers write regulation and set payrises for lack of bad news
officers enforce and enable regulation compliance of looking the other way

Then tack on the point where some in the community are able to act as reporters to authorities for secret payments while the same community members are assaulting and evicting people from tenancies.

dare2dream 6:57 pm 03 May 10

Oh wise One – ‘the landlord taking secret bribes/plus staff who get paid for making complaints go away…’

Are you suggesting corruption?

CraigT 5:28 pm 01 May 10

Further to what “One” has to say – recall that Ian Hirst eventually struck back at the violent druggies that used to plague his area of public housing and did the cops thank him for removinga junkie scuzz-bucket from society?
Nope. They tried to do Ian for murder.
And failed.

It seems if you’re a criminal scuzz-bucket the government will bend over backwards in every conceivable way to prevent anybody from impinging on your “right” to lead a life of crime.

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