Disappointing Regatta Point Cafe

go the creek 6 December 2008 11

A rainy Sunday Afternoon  -about 3pm, one would think Regatta Point Cafe would be half full of customers enjoying a long lunch.

We were amazed to find about 5 customers in total.

Could it be the ridiculously overpriced menu? ($12.50 for a bowl of wedges!?) or the extremely rude 40something bee-atch of a waitress?

Quite embarrasing for a major tourist location.

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11 Responses to Disappointing Regatta Point Cafe
G-Fresh G-Fresh 12:09 pm 10 Feb 09

Is it privately owned?

misspris misspris 11:23 am 10 Feb 09

Went once and will never go again. The tables were filthy, the service was pathetic and the food was way overpriced. Imagine what someone who gave two sh!ts could achieve there?

qwerky qwerky 9:47 am 10 Feb 09

Yes it’s sad but true; the more beautiful the location, the less the staff feel they have to try to be efficient and courteous, and the worse the food is. As was said above, they don’t rely on repeat business. How many Canberrans regularly go there? Not many because it’s got such a bad reputation! And worse, they don’t care…

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 1:29 pm 07 Dec 08

As I’ve said before on this site, many of the wait staff you get in Canberra are, effectively, human turnips.


thetruth thetruth 1:11 pm 07 Dec 08

It always been a problem…. I think that the concession is awarded through a tender process by the ACT Government (I could be wrong, because it could be the NCA). I seem to remember that the last owner did not have their contract re-awarded because it was bad…. and then they awarded it to these guys

Aeek Aeek 8:54 pm 06 Dec 08

You’re paying for the location, not the food or the service. Tourist traps aren’t about repeat business.

shauno shauno 6:17 pm 06 Dec 08

Conspiracy theorists would think that operating a service business that badly
would lead one to believe that its a front for money laundering of some kind
from another income source.

Or its owned by a wealthy business man who kindly bought the business for his ungrateful kept wife who would rather be drinking champagne at lunch then running a cafe.

LlamaFrog LlamaFrog 5:46 pm 06 Dec 08

I do agree regattas prob has the worst service in canberra, silo would have to be near the top.

jerragirl jerragirl 1:26 pm 06 Dec 08

We visited the cafe a few weeks ago. Great location and outlook however the ‘bee-atch’ of a waitress did leave us not wanting to return there again.

We were pointed by above mentioned waitress to sit at a table outside that was covered in glasses, when we asked for them to be cleared we were told we should have informed them that the glasses weren’t ours “how was she suppose to know?”… It took half an hour before they took our order and brought out our drinks – this should have been the sign to get up and leave but it was a nice day and with my parents in town we weren’t in a rush. After all with 10 tables of people apparently they were very busy.

It took around 90 minutes for our salad and burgers to come out and once they had served the other three meals (all cold) they bluntly told me there was no rocket for my rocket salad – but they would bring something else – like they were doing me a favour. When we mentioned the food was cold the answer was ” well it came straight from the kitchen…” no apologies, nothing.

After struggling to get a second drink, we asked if there could be any compensation for how long we had waited, the fact that the food was cold and they couldn’t provide what was on the menu (we thought a coffee or cake was not out of the question) – we were told “no, they were busy, it was bad luck”.

When we went to pay they had added up our bill incorrectly and it was another fight to get it fixed. When i asked to see the manager we were told they were around.

How disappointing that such a fabulous spot is run by such idiots. Could be a money spinner but instead I will now tell anyone who will listen not to go there – ever!

hetzjagd1 hetzjagd1 12:29 pm 06 Dec 08

Customer service in this town is often all kinds of awful. We need another war

jessieduck jessieduck 11:39 am 06 Dec 08

I was there for a Christmas party last year and it was all kinds of awful.

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