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DIY Weekend…

By Thumper - 11 July 2008 25

So little rioters, what’s happening?

Hamster racing in Weston park?

Aardvark training at the Griffin centre?

The reading of the complete works of Emily Bronte at Kippax Library?

Shark fishing in Tuggrah lake?

Post away, the world (or at least, Canberra) awaits….

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
DIY Weekend…
needlenose 1:56 pm 11 Jul 08

Frequently Asked Questions is back for another of our regular gigs at Casino Canberra – free entry; smooth jazz by the main bar from 9pm to midnight; nice and warm post-Lenny Henry, dinner or a movie. Should have suggested it for the RiotAct drinks!

FredJ 1:26 pm 11 Jul 08

Off to see Lenny Henry tonight. Think I’m going to have to hit the Wig to try the stout first – thanks for the tip Woody.

Thinking about heading to Brucey Stad for the football tomorrow…

Then off to Thredbo for the first time this season on Sunday – can’t wait to see how the new bindings go.

Thumper 12:17 pm 11 Jul 08

Indeed, these posts originated before the Dark Ages…

madman 12:06 pm 11 Jul 08

RiotACT drinks are on Sunday

Skidbladnir 11:51 am 11 Jul 08

Nosey said :

Great post idea Thumper.

These are traditional on the Riot (every Friday, except when someone forgets and they show up on Saturday) going way back to the Beforetime, when Johnboy stalked the land, and he would wake up bloodied from the previous night of storyhunting.

All that Icky Thumper has done is change the format slightly.

Nosey 11:29 am 11 Jul 08

Sorry to double post.

Great post idea Thumper.

Nosey 11:28 am 11 Jul 08

I’m hoping the weather improves as today I am purchasing two mountain bikes and a kiddie trailer to tow my two girls in.

If it does improve, around Lake Ginninderra I go.

Go Northside. WOO HOO

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:59 am 11 Jul 08

The Wig and Pen is showcasing four stouts for the season (including the infamous Russian Imperial), and you can get a tasting tray of all four with tasting notes for $9. Tried the Fiery Aztec yesterday, described as a chocolatey stout laced with jalapenos. It was OK – maybe smoked chipotle and chocolate essence a la Youngs Double Chocolate would’ve been nicer.

Overheard 10:57 am 11 Jul 08

This can warm you up tonight:

Queen Juanita and the Zydeco Cowboys plus McKenzie-Jones at the Merry Muse.
Queen Juanita and the Zydeco Cowboys is a zydeco swing dance band featuring Queen Juanita (ex Blues Cowgirls) on vocals and piano accordion and Dr Zot (from Allez-gator and Dr Zot and the Rhythm Project) on guitar.
Polish White Eagle Club, David Street, Turner. From about 7.30pm. $15/$12.

Apropos another thread about radio, I meant to mention that for anyone who’s into jazz and swing and cruisey sort of music, Artsound FM have two hours of music from 10am to midday, interrupted only by news on the hour and the odd station ident or tasteful sponsor’s announcement. It will be a bit elevator-y for some, but worthwhile checking out if you like uninterrupted music. 92.7FM and 90.3FM in the Tuggeranong Valley.
Disclaimer: I’m an (unpaid) volunteer announcer on Artsound.

Rug up, kiddies; I’m orf shortly to be beside the seaside for a week-ish.

Kramer 10:52 am 11 Jul 08

Cross Country (XC) mountain bike racing at Kowen Forest on Sunday morning. I think Sunday should see a hint of Sun and a slightly damp/grippy course, so it should be perfect conditions for taking my heart to redline for almost 2 hours.

More details on the CORC website.

Thumper 10:38 am 11 Jul 08

Monday at the Phoenix

The Bootleg Sessions

Jacquie Igloo, Ted Conrick, Julia & The Deep Sea Sirens, The Feldons. 8pm, free

sexynotsmart 9:54 am 11 Jul 08

It’s going to be cold. So all you pretty young things, please rug up! When I see you shivering in queues waiting to enter bars and clubs, I get the same sense of guilt from a ‘World Vision’ advert. And I really don’t want to hand out bowls of warm millet and clean drinking water to people behind a velvet rope. So please leave the flippy dress and strappy shoes out of rotation until November. You look fantastic in the ensemble, but there’s a time and place and July in Canberra ain’t it. Babydoll.

Friday night we’ll have our usual positions in North Bar and environs. At my age that means Saturday is recovery.

Sunday is 2 (two) airport runs for various friends heading to the snow. LoveBumps purchased a crockpot at recent sales. Having endured a week of apricot chicken, dammit I’m doing something with beef.

Cold temperatures, alcohol, hedonistic perving, helping cheapskate friends have more fun than me, home cookin’… do I qualify as a local yet?

mdme workalot 9:24 am 11 Jul 08

A bit OT, but does anyone know what hotel the Stocks sale is at this weekend? I saw it advertised last night on the box, but due to either the cold or the fact my blood was at that point approx. 50% brandy, I forgot the name (I’m sure it was the cold). If anyone can help me out it would be great! All I know is it’s in the city somewhere, and I couldn’t be arsed driving around looking for it.

Gungahlin Al 8:54 am 11 Jul 08

In the office dancing to the Kevin 24/7 tune…
While looking at the snow cams going “if only…”

p1 8:30 am 11 Jul 08

I’ll be putting a few dollars on hamster 4, race three at Weston Park.

But only after a few quiet drinks by the fire tonight. Have a nice weekend everyone.

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