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By johnboy - 4 November 2006 51

The following was posted as a comment on the subject of the definitively failed minor criminal David “DJ” McLaughlin.


im djs adopted little sister bonnie and i blame this entire thing on da pigs(police)
i hav now seen the bad side to police and im not happi!! say what you wana say but i myself and all his family and friends know very well that he was a loving and caring person!!!
i hav known DJ since day blue and always classed him as MY BIG BROTHER!! and as angela had sed i hope and soo does every other person that knew him to hope that he is finally at peace!!! i spoke at my brothers funeral and i hope you all know how much he was a respected and cherished man and he did not deserve this and we are all happy that he is finally at peace here is my speach you read through it carefully and read how much he helped people through life but no one could help his:: hi for those who dont noe me im bonnie box head as dj, cam nd amf named me!
aunty kim and uncle andy hav looked afta me eva since the day i was born the are my extended family!
in the years dj was with us it was lyk i was living my 1 and only dream.. i had 2 mums kim and leanne
2 dads andy and doc 3 brothers dj, amf and cam and a gorguz little sister molly.. i hav known dj eva since
day blue and i always classed him as MY big brother!!!
cam always told me storys about the boogy-man to make me be a good little girl and dj would act the
boogy-man out i was always good then! on my 4th birthday dj and amf made me this big castle cake with
millions and i mean millions of lollies surrounding it it took them days and it was just perfect..
dj was the biggest sook even just the smallest of a scratch and he would be devestated for days..
dj was the 1 always stuck at home with me the little terror while cam nd amf were out socialising but still
dj went places and he took me along!!
growing up with my big brothers there was neva a second of silence it was always
soo full-on!! but still i loved growing up with my big brothers sister nd second parents!
and just want every1 2 noe dj was loved and cherished by evry1 especially me!!
and dj was a very well respected man and he still will be..
R.I.P big brother and dont worry cause the angels will take just as good care of u as we did..
u now hav all the peace u wanted and u get to meet peter brock and race all the fast cars just like
in ur dreams that u used to tell me about racing the most fastest car in the world and one day
hoped to acheive that dream!! well guess wat big brother u will get to!! love u DJ…
thank you for ur time today!

now cant you see how much he was loved and cherished??
think wat you want to think but i know personaly that he was my big brother that didnt harm no body and was fearing for his lyf!!
i hope you take this to heart and see how much we loved him and dont judge him by his records!!
thank you
and if you want to contact me my e-mail is

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51 Responses to
FC 9:11 am 06 Nov 06

How old is that kid?
gangsta girl…………what the…

Thumper 8:52 am 06 Nov 06

Just let this one die a natural death.

Leave the kid alone. She may be misguided but in time who knows.

simto 8:44 am 06 Nov 06

I understand the desire of friends and families to pretend that everything that happened in his life was rosy, and it’s all someone else’s fault. But it’s a fib.

Up until the moment he first stole a car and waved a shotgun at people, he may well have been a lovely kid, sweethearted and kind. But by those actions, he stopped being that person. If you don’t understand that, you’re not acknowledging everything he was, and the reason why he died.

His choice to use the gun on himself is horrible. A choice to use the gun on anyone else would have been worse. But it was his choice, no-one elses.

smokey2 8:20 am 06 Nov 06

Well the local porkers know who to keep an eye on in the future. – and some people wonder why they get a hard time but then Crims spend their lives fooling themselves they are beating the system when in fact the are just loosers.

ant 10:31 am 05 Nov 06

I support the right of 5 year olds to type words on the Interweb. She’s obviously quite precocious.

I sometimes think that the people who commit criminal acts think they are fighting against “the police”, and no one else is involved. Not the people who own the cars and other property they steal and destroy, the people who find themselves in the middle of the car chase and the confrontation. This stuff can seriously rattle them for days, the world is no longer safe.

And did this fellow only do this one thing? My guess is it was a way of life for him. I wonder how many people’s lives he seriously affected?

If this post is kosher, it gives a worrying insight into the world these types live in, they have no concept of what it is they’re doing to other people.

Nik_the_Pig 11:30 pm 04 Nov 06

And I agree, gee up or not, this probably didn’t need to be made a story in it’s own right. It could have lived quite happily and quietly as a comment on a previous story, a story that is old news and should be allowed to fad away.

Nik_the_Pig 11:21 pm 04 Nov 06

It must be a gee up…. but if not don’t worry, she posted her email in the comment (and it is the email her account is linked to so it’s a real email even if she isn’t the person “she” claims to be) and despite anti police opening sentence it reads more like the heart felt love of a four year old for an older brother than a defense of DJ’s actions, which is what I’d expect from a gee up. I’ve no idea if DJ even had a sister, adopted or otherwise, but if this is real then there is no harm in the poor lass feeling love for him. I do hope that ‘she’ gets an education and learns that we are all responsible for our own actions.

And just remember just because many of use believe that DJ wasn’t a victim (and i am in that camp) doesn’t mean that his death wasn’t a great loss to those who loved him.

Cameron 11:17 pm 04 Nov 06

I don’t buy it.

miz 9:49 pm 04 Nov 06

Not sure if this item should have been posted here . . . it feels invasive.

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:10 pm 04 Nov 06

If it’s not a gee up:

For future reference, gangsta_babe, it’s spelled “meth”, not “mef”.

Jazz 8:44 pm 04 Nov 06

DJ’s sister. I empathise with the loss of someone very close to you but to claim that DJ did nothing wrong is ludicrous.

The general public here are not privy to the reasons behind DJ’s actions but the brandishing a shotgun at police & ramming in a stolen vehicle is what we do know about. Those actions are wrong (It says so in some legal document somewhere).

At some point in his life DJ CHOSE to go down that path. Maybe he could have been helped, maybe not. but he still chose it.

Special G 8:16 pm 04 Nov 06

Is that a gee up?

Jazz 8:11 pm 04 Nov 06

its spelt bruvva not brother.

Pandy 6:45 pm 04 Nov 06

Trollette ryhmes with toilet

nyssa76 6:31 pm 04 Nov 06

She needs to learn to how to spell and how to write a proper sentence if she wants people to listen to what she has to say.

It was a grammatical nightmare and totally detracted from what she had to say.

I’m a little concerned re: her putting up her e-mail.

But I have to say, “Gangsta” – that’s so US 1998.

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