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Do grinder fragments respect upside down caution tape?

By johnboy - 27 September 2012 23


I’m curious as to what our readers in the know make of the pictured activity from the corner of Mort and Bunda streets.

Having worked a little bit with grinders I was extremely uncomfortable working past without eye protection.

While we’re on the subject are we all feeling revitalised?

revitalising our city

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Do grinder fragments respect upside down caution tape?
KB1971 3:59 pm 27 Sep 12

Is he cutting metal? There are no aparks.

It also looks like there are a heap of bits of cut off stuff on the grund that doesnt look like metal.

If I were to hazard a guess he is cutting up something ceramic which is far less dangrous as the ceramic turns to powder.

Still, using a grinder with one hand while holding the article with the other? Silly.

Antagonist 2:35 pm 27 Sep 12

Storm. Teacup.

Girt_Hindrance 2:01 pm 27 Sep 12

No, that’s farked, guys a jerk.
I copped a shard in the eye by being near a person grinding (about five metres away). Hospital staff had to pick it out of my eyeball with a needle, and I the staff asked me to come back another three times to have the rust scraped off. I wear glasses, and had them on when I got hit. Also of note was that my eye didn’t start its hissy fit in reaction to the foreign body for about 20 hours. It sucked, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

p1 1:55 pm 27 Sep 12

Henry82 said :

i like the way he uses his own hand to hold the sheet of metal down.

I hope it is a bit of metal. If it is a paver then he is breaking a whole different set of OHS rules about dust.

OpenYourMind 1:53 pm 27 Sep 12

I use a bigger grinder than that to shave each morning! That said, if the cutting disc shatters, it can send some pretty nasty fragments flying around.

Henry82 1:40 pm 27 Sep 12

i like the way he uses his own hand to hold the sheet of metal down.

Chop71 1:38 pm 27 Sep 12

While we’re on the subject are we all feeling revitalised?

now why would you say that?

I’m amazed the gumbymint is out there mowing lawns and cleaning up the place like never before…. must be something real important coming up. Has not looked like this for around 4 years I reckon.

shauno 1:27 pm 27 Sep 12

Grinders are actually dangerous. In the offshore Oil industry there have been numerous industry safety notices about these as they have caused numerous injuries when the blades break or when they dont wear the correct PPE. Just saying.

Thumper 1:11 pm 27 Sep 12

One handed?

Not for me I’m afraid.

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 1:09 pm 27 Sep 12

someeone is going to be in trouble.

RadioVK 1:04 pm 27 Sep 12

I was always taught to never, ever use an angle grinder between splayed legs. The problem happens if the cutting disk binds up in the job. It can often kick back at you and throw the grinder straight into your inner thigh. This can, in turn, sever the femoral (?) artery, and you’ll bleed to death in about the time it takes to say, “Oh sh1t, I think I might need an Ambulance”.

I was also told during an OH&S course that angle grinders are the most dangerous power tool on a building site, and are responsible for more injuries than any other.

I certainly wouldn’t be using just one hand on it…

Overheard 1:02 pm 27 Sep 12

Not completely on topic, but I did want to share this little titbit (which many Brazilian and Portuguese readers may already be apprised of) that according to the lads from Creolina on the wireless just now, ‘Bunda’ means ‘ass’ (his pronunciation, not mine) or ‘butt’ in Brazilian.

Be careful if you’re shooting up Bunda later today…

Creolina, btb, will be on the main stage at Floriade Nightfest tonight from 8pm.

knuckles 12:46 pm 27 Sep 12

I was extremely uncomfortable working past without eye protection.

Yes, they should have someone there to hold your hand as you walk past.

bd84 12:35 pm 27 Sep 12

It’s a guy cutting some metal behind some safety tape? I suppose he could have provided another 30cm behind him, but its not exactly a highly dangerous task that he is doing, unless you’re going to walk up and stick your head on his shoulder..

Revitalised? The park is a waste of money if they’re intending to demolish and construct new buildings on the same block.

You can walk to the other end of Rudd St to see them build more poorly planned works of a bus station which will cause traffic chaos with new traffic lights and also making footpaths pretty without improving the safety of intersections which regularly have accidents due to lack of a proper line of sight. Then they’re also building a great bicycle lane down Rudd st by digging up all the on street parking, that was already a shortage of, right beside a 5-10m wide footpath which some of it could have been used for the same purpose. The lack of proper planning is ridiculous.

Bennop 11:24 am 27 Sep 12

No, but they are scared sh*tless of gravity and throwing arcs.

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