Does hypnotherapy really work?

Rachel Ziv 30 September 2016 4

When most of us think of hypnotherapy, we imagine being lulled into a trance: losing control of our body and mind, and being made to do ridiculous things such as bark like a dog, kiss complete strangers or walk like a chicken.

But what about clinical hypnotherapy – the type of hypnotherapy you use for quitting smoking, losing weight, dealing with fear and anxiety and other complex problems?

Is it all just a crock? Or can it work?

Rebecca Czajor, clinical hypnotherapist from Acordhypno in Woden definitely thinks it can. In fact, over the last 30 years she’s treated more than 30,000 people and boasts a success rate of over 95%.

“I absolutely love my work,” says Rebecca. “No two clients are ever the same, which means no two days are ever the same. People come and see me for a range of problems, including addictions like smoking, gambling, drugs, alcohol and over-eating, as well as anxiety and depression, insomnia, concentration problems, confidence, memory recall and more.”

Rebecca is often booked well in-advance, as she is one of the few qualified providers of the popular Gastric Band Hypnotherapy system. The system treats over-eating leading to obesity, and the results are likened to that of undergoing gastric band surgery without requiring surgery at all.

Toni, one of Rebecca’s clients who underwent the therapy says, “Absolutely amazing. I’d been struggling with weight for many, many years resulting in a severe lack of confidence. I’d tried everything. Rebecca was the best phone call I ever made. I started losing weight straight away and have kept it off. My outlook on life and confidence has completely turned around.”

One of Rebecca’s most popular hypnotherapy services is quitting smoking. She’s had people fly in from interstate to help them quit smoking – an outcome she promises is possible in a single session.

Client Peter says, “I’d been smoking for 20 years, and at least a pack a day. It cost me next to nothing to see Rebecca, and after one session I’d given it up completely. That was over three years ago. I’m actually quite anti-smoking now!”

So what is it about hypnotherapy that creates results like these?

“Hypnotherapy gets to the root of the problem,” says Rebecca. “For example – why are you anxious? When did it start? Why do you smoke? What are your triggers? How do you see yourself, and why do you allow yourself to treat your body or mind the way you do?

Once we get to the root cause, we can begin to heal. And it is only by healing that we can move away from the thoughts and actions that are bringing us down, and towards the life that we want to live.”

For more information on Rebecca and hypnotherapy, visit Accordhypno.

** While hypnotherapy can have many beneficial effects, it should not be seen as a substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapy. If concerned, please consult with your doctor.

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4 Responses to Does hypnotherapy really work?
subzaus subzaus 11:55 am 09 Oct 16

I would strongly recommend Christina Richards who is an expert in this area. Her website is

BenjaminRose1991 BenjaminRose1991 8:43 am 01 Oct 16

No. It doesn’t work. There’s no peer reviewed medical evidence to support hypnosis as any kind of treatment for physical or psychological conditions.

Rachel Ziv Rachel Ziv 8:45 am 30 Sep 16

I didn’t ask, but you could just give Rebecca a call: 6156 8227

carnardly carnardly 11:26 pm 29 Sep 16

so how much is a visit?

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