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Dog owner finds dog treats containing fish hooks in his backyard

Lachlan Roberts 3 May 2019 34

Dog treats with hooks in them were also found in NSW last week. Photos: Supplied.

A local dog owner has discovered dog treats laced with fish hooks in his own backyard and has warned the local community to search their own property for the dangerous treats.

James Roberts, who lives on Lewis Luxton Avenue in Gordon, took to Facebook to share his harrowing account of finding the treats earlier this week.

“We have found dog treats containing fish hooks in our backyard around our gate and garbage bins,” Mr Roberts posted on Facebook. “Some sick bastard is going around with dog treats containing fish hooks and throwing them over fences with people who have dogs.

“I just can’t believe how awful and truly sick some people can be to do something so bloody cruel and nasty to innocent animals.

“If you have a dog please be cautious and alert of your dog at all times and be aware of your surroundings and check out the areas in which your dog moves around in case they have possibly thrown the bait over.”

The news was shared widely across social media, with many Canberrans expressing their disdain and anger at the act.

RSPCA ACT chief Michelle Robertson said the incident is yet another example of appalling and senseless behaviour targeted at hurting an animal.

“Every week, we see animals at the RSPCA ACT who have either been let down or hurt by humans,” she told Region Media. “Fish hooks can become embedded in a pet’s mouth, food pipe or stomach and can cause extreme pain.

“If anyone suspects their pets may have swallowed or ingested a baited item, we encourage you to get in contact with your vet as soon as possible.”

Ms Robertson said RSPCA ACT has investigated a number of incidents of ‘baiting’ dogs, cats and possums this financial year and warned of the effect such actions have on the animal and the perpetrator themselves.

“Of course, our hope is that people would stop being cruel to animals altogether, but until such time, we remind the community that it is an offence to deliberately or recklessly poison a domestic or native animal, punishable by fines over $5000 and imprisonment for up to one year.”

Canberra and Queanbeyan Dog Watch, who shared the original post on their page, said the group had heard of a few similar cases before and said the group was created five years ago as a proactive response to reports of baiting.

A Transport Canberra and City Services spokesperson said Domestic Animal Services did not have information relating to further incidents of baiting in Gordon and urged concerned residents to contact ACT Policing.

Following the Facebook post, the spokesperson said Transport Canberra and City Services has advised the RSPCA and ACT Policing of the incident.

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34 Responses to Dog owner finds dog treats containing fish hooks in his backyard
Jessica Aslan Jessica Aslan 7:38 pm 05 May 19

No dog deserves this. Even the ones that drive their neighbours mad from barking or whatever. This is pure evil.

Frank Herbert Larkin Frank Herbert Larkin 6:59 pm 05 May 19

Bridie I forget where exactly you live but I do remember it is somewhere in the North Cooma area.

Anne Virginia Anne Virginia 6:49 pm 05 May 19

Vicki Brown We might have to come and dog sit when there is no one home.

Karen Malam Karen Malam 5:14 pm 05 May 19

I'm impressed they found it before their dog did! This sicko needs to be found

Annette Russell Annette Russell 3:53 pm 05 May 19

Bianca & John Sands

Mike V O'Shaughnessy Mike V O'Shaughnessy 2:57 pm 05 May 19

What sort of low-life mongrel would put a fish hook inside some food and throw it to animals hoping they'll impale themselves? Oh, yeah - fishers. Fisher folk do that all the time.

Brendan Berryman Brendan Berryman 11:55 am 05 May 19

Jeannie Robinson not sure about your words. 😡

My dog swollowed a fish hook left by a fisherman in the grass, horrible watching your dog vomiting trying to remove the hook, she couldn't it was stuck in the back of her throat.

She was stressed to the Max!!

Sedation and three hours later sorted..

Low life pricks who do stuff like this....

David Preston David Preston 10:33 am 05 May 19

Cannot condone such acts. Is their dog a habitual barker? What would bring someone to even think of doing that? Owner may need to consider all the facts and check with neighbours what happens when they're out. Could be sick payback. Just saying.

Barry John Rollings Barry John Rollings 10:17 am 05 May 19

Absolutely reprehensible.

Ashlee W. Larkin Ashlee W. Larkin 10:08 am 05 May 19

Steve- keep an extra eye on the babies k x

Vamsi Tal Vamsi Tal 9:43 am 05 May 19


Lyssa Mundine Lyssa Mundine 9:42 am 05 May 19

Jamie Crabb Samantha Cunningham keep an eye out 😥

Siôn Rees Siôn Rees 9:04 am 05 May 19

Trish McLaren keep an eye out.

Julie Booth Julie Booth 8:53 am 05 May 19

Who does these things what possess them karma will come back to bite them!!

    Karen Thornton Karen Thornton 9:21 am 05 May 19

    Julie Booth so sad Jules

    Julie Booth Julie Booth 9:24 am 05 May 19

    Yeah it is Karen that there are people who do this

    Karen Thornton Karen Thornton 9:25 am 05 May 19

    Julie Booth yes I can’t even imagine how you would even think of doing anything like this 😡

Anna Francesca Clancy Anna Francesca Clancy 8:44 am 05 May 19

That’s pure evil.

Kristy Morton Kristy Morton 8:35 am 05 May 19

We need tough real tough law to teach these scum a lesson

Vee Churchill Vee Churchill 8:31 am 05 May 19


Editha Badenhorst Editha Badenhorst 8:27 am 05 May 19

Katie Meadows I'm sure it could happen anywhere but thought I'd warn ya

Reuben Durham Reuben Durham 8:09 am 05 May 19

God dammit! 😡

Faye Dela Torre Salcedo Faye Dela Torre Salcedo 7:39 am 05 May 19

Ohhh nooo why why whyyyy!!!!

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