Dogs barking

wickerman 6 August 2010 78

Canberra has a bad Dog owner problem. You let them bark all day because you know the authorities will do not more than a little note in your letter box. Get you dog bebarked! Theres no word to describe you people and you know who you are.

[ED – Fire at will chillun’]

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78 Responses to Dogs barking
Tooks Tooks 4:32 pm 17 Aug 10

ex-vectis said :

JerraTerra said :

Have you considered poisoning the offending animals?

Yep, sure have! But then the poor dog would be without an owner…..

Hehe. Nice answer!

ex-vectis ex-vectis 3:56 pm 17 Aug 10

JerraTerra said :

Have you considered poisoning the offending animals?

Yep, sure have! But then the poor dog would be without an owner…..

Tooks Tooks 1:52 pm 17 Aug 10

JerraTerra said :

Have you considered poisoning the offending animals?

Have you considered hari kari?

Tooks Tooks 1:51 pm 17 Aug 10

shadow boxer said :

Everyone that lives next door to a barking dog has considered poisining it….

No, I’ve considered poisoning the owners though…

shadow boxer shadow boxer 11:41 am 17 Aug 10

Everyone that lives next door to a barking dog has considered poisining it….

JerraTerra JerraTerra 10:25 pm 16 Aug 10

Have you considered poisoning the offending animals?

Jethro Jethro 7:58 pm 13 Aug 10

Antagonist said :

Proudof Canberra said :

And for what it is worth, the RSPCA’s ‘course’ did not help at all. Nor did I get my nominal $145 back. In fact I found the ‘instructors’ attitude to Huskies to be very disappointing – being told they are ‘notoriously difficult to train’ which is a load of bollocks. I still support the RSPCA’s work though 😉

I think it’s hit and miss. I have had a really bad experience with their dog training course. Less than useless and ended up with my dog being placed in ‘remedial dog school’ (who would have thought such a thing existed), which involved little more than patting the dog.

Despite my objections, Ma Bodine insisted we send our new furry critter to the RSPCA’s course and it was great. Probably has a lot to do with the trainer, although their ‘positive reinforcement only’ policy isn’t great for training out really negative behaviours.

shadow boxer shadow boxer 11:24 am 13 Aug 10

Lol, Now you’re talking, the audible alarm on one of these has a similar effect

Ceej1973 Ceej1973 10:14 am 13 Aug 10

I remember as a kid, my mother had to work night shifts which meant that she had to sleep in the day time. I know what people think, “stupid night workers! Who cares. They are a minority amd should put up or shut up”, was a common responce she got from the neighbours when she complained about their barking dogs. The dogs eventually shut up when the “real” Authorities (there was no TAMS back then) came knocking at our door. After mother explained the situation, and the reason why she was recording the barking dogs on a ghetto blaster, and playing it back in high volume at 11pm in the evening, no more barking.

ex-vectis ex-vectis 9:16 am 13 Aug 10

CraigT said :

Pandy’s on the money.
The very last thing I would ever do is ask the ACT government for help. They will take the side of the anti-social dog-owning scum’s “human rights” every time.

Spot on CT. Has anyone ever had any joy from TAMs ?

Why we pay taxes for this ‘dept’ beats the hell out of me. First, you have to take a poll of every single house in a 200Km radius to see if they mind the socially inept barking-dog-owning-scum, then you you have to keep an hour-by-hour log over a period of 15 years and report your findings to TAMs, in tripicate and the pray. After a year of waiting with absolutely no result whatsoever, you have to start the whole damn process again!

But lets not blame the wrong animals; its not the dogs fault, its the owners fault 100%. I actually know (and, even friends with!) know some dog owners whose dogs are fantastic. And its because the owners knew what their responsibility was as dog owners and ensured the dogs were well trained – not surgically altered (thats just wrong. How can you say you love animals/dogs and then have surgery done on them to alter thyem to how you want them. jeeeez!), but properly trained. It really does make me seeth that these people have no respect whatsoever for their neighbours and dont give a damn.

shadow boxer shadow boxer 8:49 am 13 Aug 10

Even worse I had to explain to my 7 year old twin girls why there would be no cracker night this year.

I told them it was because some selfish, stupid people are totally incapble of meeting their legal obligation to safely restrain there pets on their own property for one night a year.

ex-vectis ex-vectis 8:43 am 13 Aug 10

Ah man, barking f****ng dogs. Dont get me started on that one – personally I’d get the damn dogs and shove them hard up the ‘owners’ backsides. Teeth first.

How would these dog owners like it if we played Cliff Richard and Abba songs constantly day in and day out? It just amazes me at the total lack of respect these people have for their neighbours. And they wonder why every now and then there is a dog poisoning case in the news. – now thats just going too far!

CraigT CraigT 7:43 pm 12 Aug 10

Pandy’s on the money.

“Animal Rights” is hysterical nonsense. They are dumb animals, nothing more. People who confuse animals with humans are quite simply demented.

If selfish people won’t control their animals in a shared environment, those affected will take action by necessity, and fair enough, too.

I’ve never gone so far as to bait a dog, but I recall when I was a kid some guvvie-housed scum moved into our street bringing with them a dog which immediately attacked my sister. It was a typical redneck’s pig-dog, uncontrolled and aggressive and allowed to roam the street at will. Over the next couple of months I stalked it mercilessly. I got a few bites, but whatever I got I repaid tenfold. Eventually the revolting creature learned to stay well clear of our block or the sidewalk leading past its own house. I got it so it would stand at its front door staring out at the street and all the neighbourhood kids it would like to chase and bite, but it was too terrified to come out.
It would have been simply to just cull it, I suppose.

The very last thing I would ever do is ask the ACT government for help. They will take the side of the anti-social dog-owning scum’s “human rights” every time.

6matt9 6matt9 11:11 am 11 Aug 10

Blamemonkey said :

How does one get the dogs bebarked? Is that when they have a mouth full of bees and when the bark they shoot bees at you?

HAHAHAHAHA! I love a good Simpson’s reference. Nice work! : )

Pandy Pandy 7:49 am 11 Aug 10

So what you are saying wickerman is that you need to take the law into your own hands to save your health? Just don’t leave a trail of complaints pointing the finger to you then.

wickerman wickerman 2:00 am 11 Aug 10

shadow boxer said :

I feel for you Wickerman, I have been there and sense your frustration, that said all is not lost. The first thing you need to do is work out what sort of dog owner you neighbour is, if he is one of these, Taken from the excellent resource

“Malicious and/or Recalcitrant Dog Owners

In my experience, better than 45% of those who maintain noisy dogs are reflexively obstinate people who ignore polite requests and pathetic pleas, and will quiet their dogs only if you hound them for an extended period of time. Incredibly, an equal percentage are dig-in-your-heels, never-give-an-inch, hard core, incorrigibles whose perspective parallels that of Charleton Heston: i.e. you can have quiet when you pry it out of their cold, dead hands.

At first blush, it doesn’t seem possible that the rate of recalcitrance could be that high. After all, if you randomly selected ten people on the street and did a psychological work-up on them, you might find that one or two of them are chronically oppositional. But you would never expect to find that 90% of those whom you randomly evaluated, were predisposed to that kind of behavior. Nonetheless, if you take a close look at those who keep chronically barking dogs, the rate of recalcitrance does indeed seem to be that high.

I’m convinced that the extremely large percentage of belligerent people found among those who choose to keep chronically barking dogs is due to the fact that it is a self-selecting population. In other words, there exists such a high rate of hostility among those with barking dogs because keeping a barking dog within earshot of a neighbor’s home is a hostile thing to do. That’s why we find a disproportionately large percentage of hostile people among those who choose to do it.

It should be no surprise, then, that the great majority of the time, when you scratch the surface of a person keeping a barking dog, you will find someone prone to hostility and/or altogether lacking in empathy. So trying to persuade someone to take responsibility for their canine can be a treacherous proposition, and taking steps to force them to do it can be downright dangerous.”

then no amount of reasonable behaviour will work and you will need to accept that your relationship with your neighbour will never recover once you take action. Once you accept this there are options.

TAMS is actually pretty good but I had excellent success with one of these, if the Ultrasonic doesn’t work (which it did for me, not 100% but it stopped the bored yapping) it has an excellent audible alarm which will bring the matter to a head fairly quickly.

As for people who walk dogs without leads because “its not hurting anyone”, dont get me started

I had to move house because of barking dogs. I had complained to TAMS for over 2 years, amounting to 4 written complaints. They issued a couple of orders but within 2 months the dogs were barking the same as they were. They didnt follow up and were basically useless. I was told by one of the employees of TAMS that they were not interested in noise complaints but more serious things like dog attacks.

I suggest to anyone considering lodging a noise complaint with TAMS to further write to their local member and to the opposition and let them know of the torture you are going through. You might get a positive result but dont hold your breath. I would never go through that avenue again as it was the worst 2 years of my life. If your neighbour wont attend to the barking, lodging a complaint with TAMS from my experience is not going to help.

wickerman wickerman 1:12 am 11 Aug 10

Pandy said :

Debarking is NOT illegal. Conditions apply.

Correct Pandy. If the dog owner has been issued with more than one order from ‘Dog Control’ then they are allowed to seek Veterinary intervention.

Antagonist Antagonist 2:00 pm 09 Aug 10

Anatagonist exactly what was the cause of your dogs excessive barking?

Excitement. She barks in the car on the way to a sledding run. She barks while running in a harness. She barks when I play with her in the house or in the yard. She barks when I am preparing her food. She barks when I pick up her lead to take her for a walk. She barks while playing with her sister. She barks while chasing birds out of the yard. She barks while digging in the corner of the yard (a big favourite with all Huskies). She has even been known to bark in her sleep – hopefully dreaming about chasing hysterical animal libbers off my property, LOL. She is simply the polar opposite of her equally happy and contented sister. She just likes to bark excessively.

Did the course perhaps not work because you did not put enough effort into it?

Having trained show dogs and sledding dogs, I can assure you I put all reasonable effort into her training and kept up with it for several weeks after the course was completed. It just did not work for my dog – although has worked wonders for countless other people.

Desexing is like vasectomies it prevents unwanted babies.

Bollocks. Desexing involves major abdominal surgery while a vasectomy is, literally, a ‘walk-in, walk-out’ procedure (the apple and oranges thing). If I apply your reasoning to desexing, it would be fair to say it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure their dogs are not having a naughty with other strange dogs. Therefore desexing is mutilation. Do you see the hypocrisy in your argument?

How do you know your dog is really happy? How do you know it isn’t traumatised by the loss of it’s voice? With your attitude should you even have dogs?

Give it up, sunshine. My dogs are living the good life. Aren’t there some tofu burgers out there that need rescuing?

The Laws regarding dogs and noise in Canberra need to be completely revised. They are totally one sided in favour of any petty spiteful idiot who makes a complaint.

If that were true then why are we hearing so many stories about TaMS being unwilling or unable to do anything about barking dogs? You are making assertions (insertions?) through your bumhole again.

shadow boxer shadow boxer 11:32 am 09 Aug 10

Hi Feathergirl, that’s really bad, my neighbour is just a buffoon and not really dangerous,

Maybe you need to start growing a hedge and call TAMS, spend a fortnight documenting the times and durations of the barking so you have evidence and there is a form to fill in on the internet. In the first instance TAMS will contact the other neighbours to confirm your story and take it from there.

It would be an offence for them to harrass you once a complaint is made but it’s hard if you need to see these people every day.

p1 p1 10:23 am 09 Aug 10

Feathergirl said :

I too feel for you Wickerman. My neighbours dogs bark and bark and bark. He keeps his two large dogs in a courtyard right next to our lounge room wall. When ever anyone visits the first thing they mention is the dogs and how loud they are. They are louder than our TV. Each show we watch has a soundtrack of dogs barking. I have seen the dogs with blood on them from catching kangaroos, his own kids can’t go in the courtyard there is so much poo and rubbish there, he recently went on holiday and I don’t know who was looking after the dogs. I have told the RSPCA, the dogs are still there. I’m afraid if I complain to TAMS the neighbour will become violent or move the dogs into his backyard where they will jump the fence and attack us. What do you do?

Nothing left to do. Read comments by people who think we are unreasonable for hating dogs, and dog owners, who make our lives a little more sucky.

Maybe you should give the dogs some SSSRIs to make them feel better?

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