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Dooring St Traffic Lights

By dtc 21 November 2009 45

The ACT Government has announced new traffic lights at the intersection of Wakefield Avenue and Dooring Street in Dickson at a cost of  $822,000 (adjacent to the ABC’s Canberra Studio), with reports of 74 crashes at the intersection between 2003 and 2007.

I drive past this intersection most days and it is certainly dangerous – the view lines are atrocious.

But can someone tell me why anyone needs to travel down Dooring St? There is nothing there, it’s just houses. Why are people turning right from Wakefield into Dooring St, or staying on Dooring by crossing right over Wakefield (when driving in the direction of Dickson to Civic)?

From what I can tell, 90%+ of the people doing this are just rat running, avoiding Northbourne Ave (or Limestone) by going through the suburbs. Sure there are a few residents, but not many.

Further, we now have 4 sets of traffic lights within about 200m (Macarthur/Wattle; Macarthur/Northbourne; Wakefield/Dooring and Wakefield/Limestone). Traffic already backs because the lights are not in sync, so you end up sitting through 2 sets of green lights because the lights in front of you are still red.

Why haven’t they simply installed either a ‘no right turn’ into Dooring, or a ‘no right turn during peak hours’? Would that have seriously affected anyone, apart from costing the rat runners an extra 2 minutes?

Am I wrong?

What’s Your opinion?

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Dooring St Traffic Lights
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astrojax 9:40 pm 24 Nov 09

they could fund it by putting speed cameras on dooring street, and its surrounds, which is of course a 50 zone – and there is some building going on in dooring street to install about a dozen apartments down from the abc; and in time doubtless many more, and parking will be a safety issue with idiots treating the rat run (not so bad in itself) as a speed maze – which is clearly a problem. well, of course, one could speculate that simply having idiots on the road is a problem, but that seems some days to comprise 70 – 80% of drivers…

these lights will be a godsend for local residents, not to mention other legitimate users of this thoroughfare…

canucksfan 7:36 pm 23 Nov 09

Just another set of traffic lights to annoy commuters. although 74 crashes sounds like a lot how many were just fender benders. When i was at Uni i lived at the illustrious Northgate Gardens on Northborne. I would sit on the balcony with my housemate every afternoon and we would place on how long till the next ‘crash’ northbound approaching the Northborne Ave/Macarthur Ave traffic lights from Civic. There was at least 4 or 5 every week, more if there was rain. Taffic lights don’t solve the problems of fender benders, they annoy drivers and make them try to drive faster between sets of lights causing more incidents. The answer is better public transport so there are less cars on the road in the first place. But as if thats ever going to happen.

ABC129 4:40 pm 23 Nov 09

nexus6 said :

thats stupid abomination of a cycleway in weston creek

Actually they’ve just gotten rid of the green lane of death on Streton Drive. It’s still one lane, but they made the cycle lane into a turning lane.

Apologies for going off topic.

Grail 3:37 pm 23 Nov 09

IMO, block off Moncrieff Street where it currently joins Dooring Street, and figure out ways of encouraging businesses or Govt departments to put offices in Belconnen, Gungahlin, Woden, Tuggeranong.

We wouldn’t have the rat running and demand for “high speed roads” into Civic if there wasn’t a reason for everyone to be heading into Civic in the morning.

youami 3:27 pm 23 Nov 09

Yurgle_the_Yeti said :

Thanks for that… Let me return the favour by adding something for your edification:

Sorry if I sounded arrogant/pompous but working in the traffic/transport industry, I do get frustrated when, at the end of a 6-12 month study involving a team of experts, someone with no background, no understanding of the specific issues etc etc says “oh, that should have been done differently”. No amount of facts/evidence can change their mind (probably because they know it in their heart, not their brain).

I guess understanding of traffic issues in the general population is a bit like religious belief. Remember: “You can’t reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into” – Unknown.

In response to the number of accidents, there is a slightly outdated (2003) report from NRMA showing accidents at intersections around Canberra here:

It seems that 18.5/year puts this intersection up there with some of the nasty ones around the place.

Thanks for the links! Quite informative, both of them. Oh and don’t take offense about my previous posting regarding professionals etc. it was a broadbrush remark. Although I still stand by saying if you look across the ACT there are many many inconsistencies that are contrary to logic and of course standards both locally and nationally. It may just be perhaps maintenance of the road after they have been designed and built, mmmm, but still… Anyway, I note the point on ‘filter turns’ which has been my *biggest* gripe in ACT and I regularly rant about it here. Why can’t they turn off the red-arrows in light traffic like they do in NSW and Vic? I think the 80km/h excuse is just that, an excuse. Intersections not signalised still cross the same road as those that are signalised. Discretion can work at intersections where there is clear visibility and at times where there is light traffic.

Does anyone know how the intersection at Dooring St is going to be constructed? Will there be turning lanes or will the intersection be ‘single direction on green only’ (like State Circle/Canberra Av and Melrose/Hindmarsh)? There is no median at present so some land reclamation will need to take place if new lanes have to be added.

P.S. Love the reference to religion!

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