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Double murder in Downer

By Thumper 12 September 2008 110

[First filed: September 11, 2008 @ 09:59
Second filing: September 11, 2008 @ 15:44]

I’m sure JB is onto this but the SMH is reporting that a man is being questioned this morning after two people were murdered and their bodies left inside a burning Canberra house, police say.

Firecrews were called to a blaze in Raine Place at Downer about 10.30pm yesterday where the bodies of a man and woman were found.

Police arrested a 35-year-old man at 2.15am on Sutton Road.

ED – Holden Caulfield had this to say on the subject:

    ABC radio and online are reporting news of a suspected double murder in Downer last night. A 35-year-old man was apprehended by Police on Sutton Road and is now in custody. He is being questioned about the fire in Raine Place, Downer, which claimed the lives of a man and a woman who were inside the house. No charges have been laid at this point.

    Are there any nearby residents who can add to this story?

And Jennybel75 had this to say:

    The Crimes is reporting on an apparent murder and arson that was perpetrated in Downer last night. The police aprehended an alleged suspect last night on Sutton Road. I’m sure we’ll hear more about the events surrounding this as time goes on.

UPDATED: A trip to Raine Place today will get you mobbed by local media desperate for a local resident to interview.

And the AFP have got their media release online.

    ACT Policing is investigating the alleged murder of two people in a Downer home around 10.30pm yesterday (September 10).

    ACT Fire Brigade attended Raine Place after a report of a fire at the location. An unidentified male and female were located in the premises deceased.

    Police attended the scene and determined the circumstances to be suspicious.

    A male was identified by police as a suspect and was located in his vehicle on Sutton Road in the ACT around 2.15am today (September 11). Sutton Road will remain closed whilst police search the area for evidence.

    The 35-year-old male was arrested and will face the ACT Magistrates Court later today.

    Police are appealing for any witnesses who may have seen suspicious persons or activity in the Downer area to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or via the Crime Stoppers website on

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ANOTHER UPDATE: Unconfirmed gossip is that one of the victims is a hard man in the local biker scene. We’re also hearing that Senator Kate Lundy lives just around the corner from Raine Pl (as did I a few years ago).

FURTHER UPDATE: The ABC has more on where the investigation is up to with the accused facing charges tomorrow.

The tale continues: The CT are informing us that one of the victims was Straun Thomas Bolas, 42. The other is an unidentified woman. The bikie link raised here first is also confirmed with the CT saying he’s ex of the Black Uhlans.

And if things weren’t bad enough we’re now being asked to stay calm!

    The head of the Territory Investigations Group, Detective Superintendent Michael Kilfoyle, said police were investigating whether there had been a ”wider reason” for the killings…

    But he called for calm in the community and assured residents that the city was a safe place to live despite the recent spate of killings.

More from our well placed snouts:

    “the suspect is the son of the older brother, so the nephew [allegedly] did in his uncle”

One for the road: The AFP’s latest media release confirms some background. Also The Australian is all over the story with the news that one Scott Alexander McDougall, 35, of Queanbeyan has been charged and did not apply for bail.

    “The burly 35-year-old appeared in Canberra Magistrates Court, barefoot with a shaved head, wearing white pants and a fleece. He did not apply for bail.

Rooly truly the last update on this thread: New CT star journo “Staff Writers” is trying to make the case for this being part of an Underbelly style gangland war.

What’s Your opinion?

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Double murder in Downer
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cog 4:48 am 28 Jul 09

I have read these posts closely in the last couple of days because I knew Scott between 1980 to about 1986, and his older brother remains a close long life friend of my brother. It also upset my mother a great deal. I am disgusted by 90% of the ignorant, uninformed and callous cowardly comments made by some of you people. You obviously enjoy espousing such shit. Does it make you feel better? Funnier? More worthy? Only God has the number of some of you I guess (so I dare you to make a joke about that you pathetic freaks).

Scott is a human just like you. None of you are better than him, and by some of your comments, you are clearly worse (head up arse and enjoying it factor). None of your bullshit meaningless opinions change the fact what he did was wrong, and I hope his victims rest in peace. Some of the glib, smug, alcoholic jokes made on this topic are unbelievable.

He still deserves a fair trial. Have some faith in the people whose hands this is really in and keep your stupid mouths shut. Pray you, your family, or those close are never involved in something so horrible.

You scumbags on this site sure have a voice, which is fine (consider yourselves lucky) but you out yourselves as ignorant c**ts who have no f**king idea.

Ironic hey

rose1 11:34 pm 09 Feb 09

Hi all! a song has been dedicated to Julie, will let you know more later

rubuyred 12:47 am 24 Nov 08

Hi all

Julie knew people from all walks of life, she could mix with anyone and knew someone in the music industry very well, for at least 13 years,they had been great friends and she meet quite a few famous people through her friend, two of her friends will be writing a song about Julie, so I look forward to that.

love and miss you always Jules xoxox

Summer 2:38 am 30 Sep 08

Hi Donna,

Marilyn’s daughter Julie was a beautiful person with a kind personality and she did light up the room when she entered. My heart goes out to her father, mother, two sisters and only nephew & also to Straun’s family at this devastating time for all of them.

Scott will be appearing in the Canberra court Fri 3rd Oct to be formally charged with the murder of Julie as he has only been charged with the murder of the unidentified female.

I just hope that all that has been published by all on this site sit in the court room as they proceed down the track and hear the horrific crime that has conflicted on two people.

Perhaps Johnyboy from Turner you too can sit in there and listen to the horrific crime.

Its time to take down all these negative posts, name calling & comments on Binnoski.
I honestly believe that you will be more respected by doing so. Yes you are not responsible for people posting things on this site but you do have the power to remove all these posts.

Now that we know Scott has been charged with these murders in respect of the direct families, relatives & close friends of these two who have lost their loved ones it would be out of respect that you take down all the name calling & return this site back to normality.

Only those that knew Julie & Straun well will know the full story & from reading some of posts on here many people have it wrong. There have also been some very kind comments from people.

I too knew Julie well – She was a lovely person.

Sure this is not a site to get on and grieve but as you can understand people do things when they are upset. And when you have lost a loved one you are looking for anything you can find about people who knew Julie and Straun.

The only way to stop all these posts is to remove them and get back to the latest news & make it a more positive site.

Donna33 10:04 pm 29 Sep 08

Scott always wanted to be known as notorius. Well, hes reached a higher level now. And such a shame that a talented, good looking and clever person could end up like this monster he has become. I lived with Scott for 4 years and it makes me sick to think he has killed Marylins beautiful daughter Julie whom I also knew. I really hope he gets punished for his crime.

Ged 1:57 pm 14 Sep 08

From now on I will act implicitly!

Loquaciousness 1:48 pm 14 Sep 08

Granny said :

There will always be room in the musketeers for you, L!

; )



Granny 1:46 pm 14 Sep 08

Loquaciousness said :

Thumper said :

People tend to either love me or hate me

I’ll put myself in the former category.

Is there room in Granny fan club for me too? (Love ya work, Granny!)


There will always be room in the musketeers for you, L!

; )

Aurelius 1:45 pm 14 Sep 08

Ged said :

Somebody said I was one-dimensional.

Actually Ged, I asked if you were. Rather than said you were. Because how Granny could be serious one comment, and flippant the next seemed to confuse you so.

Loquaciousness 1:44 pm 14 Sep 08

Ged said :

Somebody said I was one-dimensional. I thought I’d point out that I had done a few varied things in my life.

Normally, people do that implicitly in the way they act.

Ged said :

If people keep asking questions, then I have to answer!

Who was it that asked for your resume?

Ged said :

Besides, I can’t play a trumpet.

I can. Does it matter?



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