Double Swan Winnage for Flame Of The Week

johnboy 31 October 2011 8

Earlier in the month we awarded Flame Of The Week to the defenders of the alleged Charnwood swan molester.

But now the man himself has decided to set us all straight:

First we had this:

#8 asdf123
9:09 am, 31 Oct 11

funny all your comments makes me laugh because i am the person that did it and it was already dead yea i shouldnt of poked it but that was a bad choice i made n have to live with it you all think you know everything get a live yous are the scum that have nothing better to do then get involfed in other peoples bussnis F*** OFF YOU GRONKS

But then we got some more on the original post.

#54 asdf123
9:17 am, 31 Oct 11

well said :

This young man isnt from a single Mum, he is from a hard working family.
He has a lot of issues and from my understanding they are directly related to the people he associates with. This isnt his first offence and no doubt wont be his last. I also am aware that this young man assualted a 40 year old woman in Belconnen Mall stiking her numerous times in the head.
I think he needs to be jailed.

who is this then im the person your talking about and i make my own choices and its funny that i have never been charged with assult on no woman? i know a 40 yr old woman that tried to lie and say i did but why didnt i get charged the holl thing happend in belconnen mall cameras everywere even if the lady didnt want to charge me i still would of because it would of been on camera she had a fight with my x girlfriend so please tell me y i didnt get charged ummm i wonder why BECAUSE I NEVER F***IN HIT HER so get your facts strate thanks

So congratulations asdf123, you’ve won Flame Of The Week!

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8 Responses to Double Swan Winnage for Flame Of The Week
caf caf 8:37 pm 25 Nov 11

LSWCHP said :

Don’t forget that this bloke’s vote is worth the same as your vote.

Yep – that is, approximately zero.

Voting isn’t how the technocracy pulls the levers of power.

Pork Hunt Pork Hunt 5:09 pm 25 Nov 11

The courts should be able to sentence crims to retrospective abortion, back dated as required…

screaming banshee screaming banshee 10:45 pm 31 Oct 11

I’m just astounded he can spell ‘because’, yet whole and straight elude him.

LSWCHP LSWCHP 10:19 pm 31 Oct 11

Don’t forget that this bloke’s vote is worth the same as your vote. And it’s quite likely that he’ll have more children than any of you as well.

Any Rioters who haven’t seen “Idiocracy” should do so immediately

Spectra Spectra 2:10 pm 31 Oct 11

B+. Very good, but room for improvement. The capitalisation, spelling and grammar are all excellent flame material, as is the rambling stream-of-conciousness construction. However I’d like to see a few more personal attacks and claims of being the real victim in all of this. Also, (as arescarti42 has noted) the punctuation is a little bit too sparse for my liking. Still, a worthy winner. I look forward to big things from this young man in the future.

arescarti42 arescarti42 1:43 pm 31 Oct 11

I think he should get extra bogan points for the use of the words involfed, gronks, and the inability to tell the difference between the words “have” and “of”, but he should probably lose some as well for not using enough CAPITALS and exclamation marks.

PBO PBO 10:52 am 31 Oct 11

My gosh, what an amazingly non-verbose young man we have here.

asdf123, were you were concieved under a giant bum bag whilst your parents wearing tracksuits? Is your star sign ADIDAS? Do you have a job even?

M0les M0les 10:22 am 31 Oct 11

He was doing so well up-to “…a bad choice i made n have to live with it”. If only he stopped there, we wouldn’t have such a fantastic piece of troll-poetry to lambaste!

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