Draft designs for three shopping centre upgrades ready for feedback

Ian Bushnell 25 March 2021 19
Minister for Transport and City Services Chris Steel

Minister for Transport and City Services Chris Steel said the upgrades to the shopping centres are intended to encourage Canberrans to shop locally. Photo: Dominic Giannini.

Facelifts for three Canberra suburban shopping centres are one step closer with draft designs being released for public viewing and a tender out for consultants to produce final plans for the projects.

During the election campaign, Labor promised upgrades for the Campbell, Duffy and Kaleen shops and is now seeking community feedback on the draft designs including pop-up presentations at each shopping centre.

The successful tenderers, to be engaged next month, will also produce cost estimates and construction documentation with work to be completed over the next three months and will include community feedback into the final designs.

Minister for Transport and City Services Chris Steel said the government wanted to know what it’s got right, what should be prioritised and how it can make the local shops somewhere residents want to be.

He said the focus for feedback will broadly be on accessibility including footpaths, car parking and crossing locations.

“In addition, improving spaces for gathering and enjoying the public space whether that be with new seating and landscaping, or lighting,” he said.

Mr Steel said that in Duffy the Government was particularly interested in hearing from children and families about the existing play space beside the shopping centre and what improvements can be made to make it an enjoyable area to play.

He said the upgrades were intended to encourage Canberrans to shop locally, in turn providing improved financial outcomes for businesses and stronger community connections by bringing people together at their local centre.

“We recognise that including community feedback into projects like these ensures the best outcome for those that are regular visitors to the local shops,” Mr Steel said.

“I encourage the community to head to YourSay, take a look at the designs and provide feedback either electronically or in person at one of the pop-ups planned at the local shops.”

Mr Steel said that the design phase of the project had already created about six new jobs and many more were expected once construction started.

Pop-ups will take place at Blamey Place, Campbell shops on 1 May 2021 from 10 – noon; Duffy on 17 April from 2 – 4 pm; and Kaleen South at Gwydir Square also on 17 April, from 10 – noon.

In the 2020-21 budget, the government also invested in detail design for improvements to Pialligo, including formalised car parking, new footpaths along Beltana Road and traffic improvements including a new left-in, left-out intersection with Beltana Road, Kallaroo Road and Pialligo Avenue.

This work will commence in the coming months and will include further consultation with residents and businesses.

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19 Responses to Draft designs for three shopping centre upgrades ready for feedback
mattm mattm 1:07 am 03 Apr 21

Local shops? They’re all unkempt wastelands. The ACT Government could carry our municipal services to save themselves. Canberra is starting to look like Detroit or Baltimore. Just mow the grass first, and then, when we can find the shops, then we can think about making them look second world.

Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 3:54 pm 31 Mar 21

Some local shopping centres are not well used by locals. I find those in inner suburbs more used, and as a result they are more lively, have cafes, etc. The ones in more outer suburbs often seem deserted in comparison. It's up to the locals to make their local shopping centre viable, by using it, and not just getting in their car and driving to the mall instead. I get the feeling that's what happens in some suburbs more; they bypass the local shops and drive to the mall. Leave your car at home and walk/cycle to your local shops and make them viable and a more lively place. That's what happens more in inner suburban shopping centres, and why they still exist.

Tony Luckhurst Tony Luckhurst 3:07 pm 28 Mar 21

What about the Giralang shops?

Kathy Franklin Kathy Franklin 2:45 pm 28 Mar 21

Come and see our Giralang shops, building site, apartments. 😡

Steve Ulr Steve Ulr 12:29 pm 28 Mar 21

Planned...like kambah had been planned for a decade now. Good luck.

    Jeff Smith Jeff Smith 1:46 pm 31 Mar 21

    Steve Ulr So correct Steve, One of the reasons Chris Steele gave for the ridiculous re-routing of Kambah buses through Weston Creek two years ago, was he said that Kambah Woolworths would be closed for the renovations and this would allow Kambah residents to shop at Cooleman Court. That has proved to be yet another piece of false info for Kambah bus commuters and residents.

    Steve Ulr Steve Ulr 2:35 pm 31 Mar 21

    Jeff Smith ahhh, I wasn’t aware of this. But, they replaced the pavers....

Mon N Matt Mon N Matt 12:15 pm 28 Mar 21

This government is a joke, what about the Giralang shops😡

    Alan Sargeant Alan Sargeant 10:26 pm 28 Mar 21

    Monika N Matt The problem for Giralang shops is the proximity to the Kaleen Centre. The suburb is too small for for general business to be viable and is likely to go the way of shops in Aranda, Macquarie, Latham - all of which faced significant problems and now are essentially shut.

    Mon N Matt Mon N Matt 12:29 am 29 Mar 21

    Alan Sargeant The shops in Latham and Aranda are actually functional again in some capacity. Macquarie shops closed due to the proximity to Bellconnen mall. With the introduction of the suburb of Lawson and the lack of shops in McKellar, Giralang is more than capable of supporting a shopping centre. This is also been shown in the numerous surveys have been carried out. It is definitely a government blunder, plain and simple😡

    Martin McMaster Martin McMaster 1:16 pm 30 Mar 21

    Monika N Matt Macquarie shops are fully occupied. Do you mean like an IGA?

    Alan Sargeant Alan Sargeant 11:32 pm 30 Mar 21

    There is no supermarket in Macquarie.

    Alan Sargeant Alan Sargeant 11:34 pm 30 Mar 21

    Monika N Matt I understood but was not certain that the McKellar shops had gone and people in Lawson are unlikely to go past the Kaleen Jewell Centre to smaller shops in Giralang. Tell me more about the surveys and the type of shops that would be viable in a Giralang shopping centre.

    Mon N Matt Mon N Matt 5:02 am 31 Mar 21

    Martin McMaster 🤣 Even better was not aware 👌🏼

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 6:58 am 31 Mar 21

    Monika N Matt how’s it a government blunder. Developer had a supermarket (Woolworths) all signed up, but the Supabarn group spent years and years taking the developer to court claiming competition concerns. Only to then sell most of their stores including Kaleen to Coles. After that sales Woolworths pulled out of Giralang and no other supermarket wants in.

    Without a supermarket a new build shops is not viable. I note some people have posted of centre’s that survive without a supermarket, difference they are existing centres that would have much cheaper rent as the buildings are well and truely paid off.

    So other than setting up their own supermarket what exactly is the government meant to do in Giralang?

    Mon N Matt Mon N Matt 8:06 am 31 Mar 21

    Alan Sargeant Of course it’s the government‘s fault. The debacle with superbarn is a recent issue, the shops have been sitting there for 17 years. The government is in charge of zoning and has control over development etc. Government could have also stepped in during The court Proceedings, or at least provided some assistance to the relevant party that was trying to provide a solution. Of course it is a government issue. Every local member during the last election was using the shops as part of their policy to try and win over the community, mind you nothing has happened. Please explain to me why you don’t think it is a government issue🤔 sounds like you don’t even live in the area🤔

    Alan Sargeant Alan Sargeant 8:34 am 31 Mar 21

    Monika N Matt I live in Kaleen and am a long (50+ years) term resident in Canberra (practically all of that time in Belconnen). Other than to blame the government - the ACT electoral system essentially means that we live in a one party state (ALP left/greens) so the usual means of holding a government to account (voting them out of office) won't work what are you actually suggesting to get a viable shopping centre without direct government support?

    Mon N Matt Mon N Matt 12:12 pm 31 Mar 21

    Alan Sargeant Sorry mate the comment was directed to the other guy🤙🏼

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 7:36 pm 31 Mar 21

    Monika N Matt no. Some history.

    Old shops closed 2004.

    New shops with Woolworths signed announced in 2008.

    Supabarn and others take them to court preventing construction to start. Developer wins, Supabarn and others appeal.

    Government uses call in powers in 2011 to approve development negating appeal.

    2014 Supabarn and others take matter to high where court decides ACT Court of appeal must hear appeal of the case.

    2015 case goes to Court of appeal.

    2015 Supabarn sells most stores including Kaleen to Coles.

    2016 Woolworths pulls out of Giralang shop development. Main reason given was they were consolidating refurbishment of existing stores over building new due to drop in market share.

    Since then believe the issue has been resolved legally but developer doesn’t have a anchor tenant.

    As far as I can see the Government has done all that it can legally do including using call in powers at one point to give approval. Main issue is protracted legal battle, Supabarn selling Kaleen supermarket to Coles, Woolworths pulling out and no one else interested.

    And unlike Coombs the store size is not an issue.

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