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Drippers banned

By johnboy - 28 November 2006 34

You would think an intelligent Government would be worried more about how much water you use, and less about exactly what you do with it. Home brewers, for example, can use vast amounts of water in their sheds, laundrys and kitchens, but fly entirely under the radar in the current scheme.

The Canberra Times informs us that our Government is not of the intelligent sort. Despite current water restrictions doing little good they’re going to try and squeeze the conscientious citizens a little harder with stage three restrictions which ban even water efficient drip irrigation systems.

Because in Stanhopia, it needs to be written down if you’re going to be allowed to do it.

The best thing is that even if we manage to dramatically slash water use they’ll then have to just dump water in the river to maintain the environmental flows.

Enjoy the hand watering!

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34 Responses to
Drippers banned
Ralph 2:16 pm 28 Nov 06

Anybody know who should I write to in the government to express my opposition to banning drip irrigation?

Never mind about this. Once we reach stage 3 I think people can start applying for a carve-out, oops, exemption. It seems these get handed out pretty liberally.

Ari 2:13 pm 28 Nov 06

Here’s ActewAGL’s page on water conservation in the garden.

It advises installing drip irrigation as the ideal way to water Canberra’s clay soils since the rate of water penetration is so slow.

Intead, we will be forced to splash around large amounts of water that the soil can’t properly absorb in one hit.

Woody, here’s the ACT Govt email feedback page, for what it’s worth. I’ve already sent them some advice.

Maelinar 2:09 pm 28 Nov 06

Woody, my advice would be to save your ink, or print out your letter, shred it, and use it to either compost your garden or for environment for your chooks.

Either way, this Government isn’t going to read your letter.

The most appropriate course of action is to apply for an irrigators licence so that you can take your garden produce down to the Jammo markets, which they can’t really deny on the basis of it’s a commerical enterprise.

With any luck, and enquiries in the right direction, you may also be able to get a grant to do it as well.

(check out the small business grants – aimed at assisting people who are starting businesses, a great source of initial capital)

(also check out irrigation/farming concessions and tax breaks on account of you’re a struggler and we need to give you a hand)

Woody Mann-Caruso 1:57 pm 28 Nov 06

Anybody know who should I write to in the government to express my opposition to banning drip irrigation? It’s ridiculous to suggest that me standing around with a hose for hours a week is anywhere near as efficient as using computer-timed drippers for a fraction of that time.

barking toad 1:40 pm 28 Nov 06

Wasn’t aimed at Ari.

Just highlighting the sheer stupidity of banning drippers but allowing people to stand with a hose running for 2 x 3 hours every second day.

Which I think was also Ari’s point.

James-T-Kirk 1:33 pm 28 Nov 06


Ari was simply highliting a basic human reaction to having draconian measures applied – To push the limit.

He is obvuiously frustrated by the Government’s inability to remember what policy decisions it made last week (Probably because those who made them no longer work there).

But what I still want to know, is why the Government are pushing to *increase* the population (and associated resource utilisation), as opposed to limiting population growth.

Reminds me, I read a thread somewhere about building a Nuclear power plant, a de-salination plant, and running a *long* pipeline. What say we propose the legislative assembly offices as the location of such a plant? Why should it be built out in S.A?

barking toad 1:00 pm 28 Nov 06

So, instead of turning on the drippers for a couple of hours once a week it will save more water if I stand with a hose for 6 hours every second day.


Jazz 12:58 pm 28 Nov 06

i agree ari. its bloody stupid.

Ari 12:36 pm 28 Nov 06

Fuck ’em – I’ve spent hundreds of dollars installing efficient drip irrigation.

If I can’t use that then I’ll make it my mission in life to spend three hours every second evening spraying around as much water as possible by hand.

And I’m going to send a bill to Stanhope for the cost of the irrigation system.

gaelhope 12:36 pm 28 Nov 06

Maybe we just eliminate the drips 🙂

Thumper 12:21 pm 28 Nov 06

I hardly use any water. I’ve had about 5 mature trees die, my front lawn is dead, my back lawn is as crunchy as a Vietcong caught in a napalm attack.

And now I can’t even install drippers?

How about the government actually do something constructive about water, not just continue to slap restrictions on us.

We pay our taxes so that the government can provide basic infrastructure. They are failing to do this.

Not only are they failing to do this, they have shown no inclination whatever to address the situation, outside of restrictions upon restrictions.

Lazy, incompetent governance.

Jazz 12:16 pm 28 Nov 06

what a load of crap. i take the time and effort to install drip irrigation systems (conscienciously following ACTEW advice) and now they tell me i cant use it? Whats the bet if i now go to the added expense of retrofitting a grey water system to my property (which i wanted to do anyway) that i wont be able to use that either as not enough water will be put back through the system.

why am i paying rates and water charges when its then dictated what i can and cant do?

LurkerGal 11:50 am 28 Nov 06

Just let everything die and then spraypaint it green.

Works for me!

Swaggie 11:29 am 28 Nov 06

Has there ever been anything so unwieldy as this ‘odds and evens’ system – just water your plants by hand on Sunday and Wednesday between 7pm and 8pm would be too simple would it?

James-T-Kirk 11:26 am 28 Nov 06

And in totaly unrelated news…

The Govmit will continue their policy on opening new areas for housing estates, especially in Canberras north, while at the same time in-filling what few green areas we used to have.

All in the name of gathering revenue from sales.

Not that this has *anything* to do with saving water… no, we would *never* be seen to limit population growth to reduce water usage…

Gosh, that may be as bad as permitting people to use dripper systems.

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