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Driving Tests

buz1986 16 April 2010 43

At 9am this morning, my girlfriend had her driving exam, she turned up at Dickson and off she went…

Here is a list of things she did wrong:

    — she did 70km/h on northbourne ave – instructor told her to slow down cos she was 10km’s over the limit,
    — stalled the car 3 times,
    — rolled backwards about 2 meters on a hill start,
    — didnt indicate when she was parallell parking (well attemtping to!),
    — turned right when the instructor told her to turn left twice,
    — didnt indicate on 3 intersections,
    — reved the engine to the point that when she returned to dickson, the clutch smelt like she had just returned from summer nats!

And a few other things that she knows she did wrong.

instructors feedback:

    — it’s not a race, dont speed.
    — learn your left and rights,
    — practise parking more.

Shes a bad driver, she knows it, she said under no circumstances should she have passed…….. but he passed her… WTF?

On her ‘review sheet’ there was 1 negative, everything else was perfect.

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43 Responses to Driving Tests
Ceej1973 4:54 am 22 Apr 10

From what I have seen, Driving Instructors try and milk as much $$$ from learner drivers as they possibly can. Either a) his business is doing pretty good for him not to find a reason for her to return, or b) he was so scared and couldnt find an easy way of telling her not to ever get behind the steering wheel of his office ever again ! I reckon the later!

ScrappyKat 4:06 pm 19 Apr 10

My driving test was first off the ranks in the morning, took about 10 minutes and my mother was concerned that I had failed.

After going through the Ainslie traffic lights at the fire station, 3 times and getting them green, the instructor gave up and said to drive back. No test on a 3 point turn, and I had to pretend there were cars around for a paralell park.

Passed first tiem. Back then it was 3 months of learning and then you got your license. Why is it that these days, kids are learning for 6 months and still cant pass?

fabforty 6:15 pm 18 Apr 10

Back in the dark ages, when I took my test, all I was required to do was drive the local copper out to the servo for a packet of smokes.

Ahhh....the good old days !

cleo 8:26 pm 17 Apr 10

I always thought that it was a good idea to have a few driving lessons from an instructor before you get your licence, as I had advised my daughters, as far as implying that female drivers aren't equal to male, well their not, their better, has less accidents, not likely to speed, and don't come up with femals can't reverse park, Iv'e never had a problem.

R. Slicker 7:44 pm 17 Apr 10

It took me 3 goes before I passed my driving test in 1986. Back then police officers conducted the tests. The second test was done by a cop with a huge belly which completely blocked my view to the left. On the third go I had a young guy from the Rescue Squad dressed in white overalls with a sleeper in his left ear. I actually thought I did worse the third time around, but I passed and went from learner's permit to full licence (no P plates back then). My mother taught me how to drive in her old Datsun 120Y. After I flunked the second test the big cop told me to have a couple of lessons with a driving school. I did and viola! I passed. Yes, I thought it was a bit odd, too.

toriness 7:05 pm 17 Apr 10

[quote comment="256053"]Great- so now do the honourable thing and buy her a set of frangipani stickers as a congratulatory present.[/quote]


Rawhide Kid No 2 2:09 pm 17 Apr 10

[quote comment="255967"]

Many of our 'senior' drivers, have never sat or passed any tests at all. Not even theory.

Just rocked up to the cop shop and filled in the forms.


No true. We had to then drive them to the local shop so they could buy their pies and sandwiches for lunch. And that was up a big hill through one cross road then back to the Police Station.

trevar 12:02 pm 17 Apr 10

[quote comment="255966"]...if there are rouge assessors out there they need to know.[/quote]

I know it's been pointed out already, but I just love the idea of these rouge assessors! Are they as bad as vert ones?

Hells_Bells74 8:11 am 17 Apr 10

10 points to The cat did it.. I reckon you nailed it!

steveu 8:04 am 17 Apr 10

Sounds like your girlfriend is very attractive, well done mate.

Shame these guys can be influenced so easily.

Wanon 1:21 am 17 Apr 10

Sounds like she's one of the better Canberra drivers...

merlin bodega 10:56 pm 16 Apr 10

Do not get in to the car with this person behind the wheel.

The cat did it 10:45 pm 16 Apr 10

Great- so now do the honourable thing and buy her a set of frangipani stickers as a congratulatory present.

bd84 9:30 pm 16 Apr 10

[quote comment="255974"]I'm sorry bd84, but WTF is a 'rouge assessor'? Too much makeup maybe?

Yeah, yeah, I get the's a 'rogue assessor'.[/quote]

lol yes, getting the right word and spelling do occasionally suffer when using an iPhone to type on here. as does spotting it before pushing the post button when the font is tiny.

Thumper 6:42 pm 16 Apr 10

I'm with CK on this one. If it sounds unbelievable, it most probably is.

I still say away from P platers though...

buz1986 6:34 pm 16 Apr 10

she wore normal clothing, nothing revealing - she actually joked with me that she should have before she left for the test.

the driving instructor was apparently exremely obese and hardly fit into her little barina.

she is 17.

i didnt teach her to drive. have never been in the car with her. her mum and grandma have been teaching her to drive for the last 6 months.

i told her that i think she needed more practice and she said she agreed but her mum had booked the test so she better take it and the riving instrctor can point out what she is doing wrong.

i guess that didnt happen...

here is another 2 twists to the saga.

when they were almost back at dickson, she asked - did i need to do a parallel park? - then the instructor was like oh yeah, just do one over there... so he wasnt actually going to ask her to do one...

and here is the disturbing part and maybe why she passed... every time she was in 1st and 2nd gear, her hand rubbed up against his leg cos he was so fat... she said it was really disturbing cos he smiled at her and said some comment along the lines of 'thats ok, i dont mind, just focus on driving'..

anyway... i wasnt trying to wage war, i just think that its stupid what people get passed for when good drivers get failed for the slightest thing. (i passed 1st go - so its not like sour grapes or anything)

thanks for commenting guys

shiny flu 5:35 pm 16 Apr 10

I made one slight cock-up on my test which was maybe 5/6 years ago now- it was peak hour and since I know you're not meant to accelerate fast, I spent 6 minutes at a stop sign crossing Limestone Ave. Now when the test was done the instructor said that she could fail me for that one single mistake, but I then said that to have actually driven across Limestone I would have had to rev the engine quite high and accelerate disproportionally in accordance to the distance I needed to cover (the 10 or so metres). Of course this is where staying within the rules and common sense don't mix.

Anyway, you know what she said once we were back in Dickson? "Well I guess you're right- but you should really accelerate faster and drive more aggressively and since this is such a nice car [my mum's 3 series] I'll let it pass."

Hells_Bells74 4:05 pm 16 Apr 10

Actually, my ex hubby was 19/20 when he went for his too and pretty much same thing, but he was taught by Gary too, so he wasn't half bad anyhow. I guess it wasn't just a female thing back then.

Hells_Bells74 3:59 pm 16 Apr 10

I take it she was mature age (ie. anyone older than 18)?

They are pretty good on them, I was quick off the mark at 17 to get mine, but a fair few of my friends waited till about 19 and they were pretty much told they were only passing because of their age and that they were female and considered to get the idea without killing anyone. They weren't heaps good, but as rightfully thought, they caught on as they went.

But they were tough on me at 17 (lucky I had Gary Mikalef for a teacher [sp?]), I was jealous of course.. haha not really!

Inappropriate 3:22 pm 16 Apr 10

Did she wear a mini skirt and low-cut blouse for the test?

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