Drug prohibition when the stuff just boils out of the ground

johnboy 8 May 2009 42

The fungii are definitely on the move at the moment in all their weird and wonderful variety.

While walking the Kelpie Of Few Accomplishments yesterday I came across a large outcropping of these magnificent buggers.

(No, I’m not going to tell you where.)

Personally I take this sort of colouring as a clear message: “If you eat me I am going to mess you up”

But others seem to like being messed up in the manner of these mushrooms.

Which got me thinking about all the people in our society who think all things are within the command of the laws which they will have written.

Plenty of them read here.

The ones who think that all things which scare or disturb them can be banned, or controlled. If just enough laws are passed and enough “examples” are set (meaning lives needlessly ruined).

And yet, and yet. Even if you passed all the laws and locked up all those who failed to comply (in facilities where the inmates still manage to get hold of drugs despite all the bars and locks and searches), even if you managed all that.

These things would still keep boiling out of the ground.

(Also, before anyone runs out and gobbles up mushrooms, if you don’t already know what you’re doing it is extremely dangerous and you can kill yourself. Not recommended)

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42 Responses to Drug prohibition when the stuff just boils out of the ground
staria staria 1:13 pm 14 May 09

We’ve got mushrooms growing in our backyard – just went to have a look and take pics (and remove them using gloves) and it looks like I had a couple had mottled brown tops with white gills, one had the cap tightly closed around the stalk (so I couldn’t see the gills) and a couple had mottled brown tops with light brown gills… but they could have just been older versions of the white gilled ones. I’m guessing this means I have some nice poisonous ones… great :o(

Anyone know how to permanently get rid of them? They seem to come up this time every year.

shauno shauno 1:43 pm 09 May 09

We spent a nice afternoon gathering about 40 goldern tops near Balina in the early 90s with interesting results after making them into a tea. But they dont look like those there much smaller ive seen them around Canberra as well. Up in Balina they can be seen growing mainly around cow dung. They dont taste very good but the effect is basically the same as LSD.

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