Eagle attack over Lake George!

johnboy 9 November 2010 16

Eagle attack on hang glider [Photo courtesy of K-blog]

If you thought hang gliding was dangerous you need to check out the added perils of eagles over Lake George.

Thankfully eagle and glider were unharmed.

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16 Responses to Eagle attack over Lake George!
UrbanAdventure.org UrbanAdventure.org 4:35 pm 09 Nov 10

Ohh, that is one very cool photo. I once saw a doco about a hang glider pilot who had a sort of T post added o tthe top of his glider and eventually was able to coherce an American eagle to land on it mid air, resulting in them both gliding as one. It was spectacular to see the eagle and glider soaring through the air as one unit, with the eagle’s wings still spread out. I must search yoocewbe for that.

Limp Jimmy Limp Jimmy 9:45 am 09 Nov 10

@Deref, it’s easy enough to get yourself a hang gliding license, one week + $1500. Most people can do the course (true!), no need for special skills, strength OR nerve.

Here’s a short vid of hang gliding around Canberra: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WYo2HWYSRw

Email nic AT c o r i n b a n k dot com if you want more info about learning to fly. Canberra is one of the best cities in the world to hang glide!


beep beep 12:12 am 09 Nov 10

So much cooler than NRL.

grunge_hippy grunge_hippy 6:52 pm 08 Nov 10

I saw these guys on saturday on my way to sydney. one looked liked he was going to land on the highway at one stage, but then shot off in another direction. very distracting while going 110kms!

Deref Deref 6:46 pm 08 Nov 10

😀 Wonderful! I’ve flown a glider in a thermal with an eagle soaring with me off my starboard wing, but I’ll tell ya – I’d be nervous in a hang glider.

Mr Gillespie Mr Gillespie 6:00 pm 08 Nov 10

Today is not the day to go hang-gliding, with all the storms, Lifting Index and CAPE!

bloodnut bloodnut 2:46 pm 08 Nov 10


Postalgeek Postalgeek 2:45 pm 08 Nov 10

Like dolphins playing in the bow wave of a ship

M0les M0les 2:09 pm 08 Nov 10


Someone is now fully entitled to wear this T-Shirt: http://www.threadless.com/product/2440/AWESOMENESS

Waiting For Godot Waiting For Godot 12:35 pm 08 Nov 10

Take it to the limit!

New Yeah New Yeah 12:19 pm 08 Nov 10

No wonder the eagle swooped, there are no cable ties on that glider.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 12:08 pm 08 Nov 10

Where eagles dare!

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 12:07 pm 08 Nov 10

I keep telling people about this scientist who has developed remote control animals that will be used to fuel his quest for world domination.


Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 11:32 am 08 Nov 10


p1 p1 11:21 am 08 Nov 10

Very, very cool.

Rangi Rangi 11:08 am 08 Nov 10

that is so cool

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