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Early indications are….

By Henderj66 - 18 March 2010 54

I have recently relocated to the ACT and currently living on the North-side and I was hoping that Canberrans can advise me on a very strange motoring phenomenon that seems exclusive to the ACT.

Having driven around and commuted in  many of the world’s largest cities, most of which are no where near as planned and as easy to get around as Canberra, I have been worried by a design fault that seems to be at epidemic proportions with ACT registered motor vehicles.  In other countries, the ‘indicator’ on any vehicle, does what it says on the tin, it allows other road users to be aware that the driver ‘intends’ to change lanes, turn left or right etc.  This has been a mainstay of production for many many years.

Imagine my concern, when driving around Canberra, that the ‘indicator’ does not mean the driver ‘intends’ to manoeuvre, but will move out, across, cut up or generally disregard any other user of the road at that time.  If you are in the path of one of these soon to be recalled vehicles, and you do not get out of the way, preventing an accident, you are then berated by the ‘indicator’ and usually introduced to some rather agricultural language.

Can anyone help me understand this alarming situation and suggest how I cope next time I am in the way of someone who needs to manoeuvre, immediately, at all costs….(repeat to fade….)

[Ed] Welcome to Canberra

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54 Responses to
Early indications are….
Ian 11:16 pm 18 Mar 10

I’m sure there are plenty of cars sold here that must have had the indicators and headlights as optional extras which the owners didn’t want. Alternatively some people seem to think it wastes petrol to use their lights and indicators.

troll-sniffer 10:53 pm 18 Mar 10

Perhaps you’re one of these people that see someone indicate and then move up into the gap that they want to move into. Happens all the time, and Canberra drivers are well known for say phukya and moving across anyway, causing the ah sole who could have let them in to slam on their brakes and berate the signalling driver.

I never have a problem with cars not indicating except occasionally at corners and roundabouts, I guess because I leave lots of room between me and the car in front and if someone wants to slide in there, indicator or no indicator, it doesn’t affect me if they do.

My money is on the OP here being a bit of a tailgater.

Genie 9:34 pm 18 Mar 10

WAIT A MINUTE ? You’ve seen people indicating ? And here I thought they were an optional extra on cars these days.

bd84 9:31 pm 18 Mar 10

The only way to drive in Canberra is to assume that every other driver on the road is a complete moron and to try and anticipate the unindicated lane change, the force past “merge” or the “optional” give way (as examples).

It’s how I avoided the idiot in the Corolla who tried to change lanes into the front of my car when I was driving to work this morning. Sounding horn to alert the driver I was there (and to prompt head check) just prompted him to continue changing lanes anyway? He’s lucky I saw him coming and I am quick on the breaks.

You get used to it.

cleo 9:13 pm 18 Mar 10

Yes I’ve noticed that a lot of Canberrans don’t indicate, but their not the only one’s, Malaysia, rarely indicated when I lived there.

JC 8:35 pm 18 Mar 10

You know what, having driven in Canberra for the past 20 years, indicators is one thing I would say Canberran’s generally do well.

In Sydney for example, sure they use them, but in the big smoke they call them havedoneactors because they generally use them after the fact not before.

canberra bureaucrat 8:29 pm 18 Mar 10

merge before they do

inlymbo 8:15 pm 18 Mar 10

I so want to have an opportunity to use the term ‘agricultural language’.

p1 8:14 pm 18 Mar 10

Just beware if you see a lycra clad cyclist indicating…

Sammy 8:07 pm 18 Mar 10

Yawn, same old, same old. Canberra drivers don’t use it as an ‘indicator’, they use it as a ‘confirmator’. It’s to confirm what you’ve just done.

matt31221 8:04 pm 18 Mar 10

Give it back within reason in the safety of your locked, moving car with a finger or a verbal blow up and be done with it there and then I say. Otherwise it may simmer in your head, ruin your day and cause you to vent by writing a riot article like yours!

I am certainly going to be flamed by the conservatives for that comment.

Hazza 7:58 pm 18 Mar 10

It’s like driving around in a shelterd workshop isnt’t it.

Wraith 7:49 pm 18 Mar 10

And now que the fights, here we go this should be funny.

screaming banshee 7:32 pm 18 Mar 10

The indicator is there to tell you (or indicate to you) that you are in the other drivers way, its an honest mistake.

Think of it as brain training for driving, it keeps you on your toes.

Totally agree with you, I’ve been here 1.5 years now and Canberra drivers seem to have a huge sense of entitlement and how dare you use their roads on which they should be able to speed and generally drive poorly on.

There are a few good drivers amongst the crowd however I am yet to traverse the length of the Parkes Way roadworks at Russel without having someone roar past at 80kph. ITS A 40KPH ZONE YOU MORONS.

mcs 7:10 pm 18 Mar 10

All I can say is welcome to Canberra. Although, I don’t really think its any worse here then what you see anywhere else, its still very annoying none the less!

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