Pandy 30 March 2008 61

So who were the fools who by using candles to light up their hour, produced more greenhouse gasses than if they used low energy light globes for the same level of lighting?

And will the government really turn off their lights up on the hill for good? Don’t think so.

I for one kept all of my lights on as per normal.

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61 Responses to EarthHour
sepi sepi 8:51 pm 31 Mar 08

It is wierd how people who oppose Earth Hour can add up every smidge of energy each candle may have used up, but then they don’t actually take any notice of the vast amounts of energy they waste every day.

Kramer Kramer 7:24 pm 31 Mar 08

BTW – while we are being all green and environmentally aware… Magnet Mart is currently giving away grey water recycling hose (on behalf of the ACT govt).

astrojax astrojax 6:56 pm 31 Mar 08

sina, simply laziness – erf quicker than earth and i figure in context it is obvious what i mean…

taco, you can’t say “The event may have a stated point,” and then go on to say it is ‘pointless’ – only one or the other can hold true. as i stated, if you believe the point was not met, then the event may be an abject failure, ineffective, vapid, nugatory or abortive – but not ‘pointless’. and you miss entirely the point of my post #2, the symbolism has nothing to do with causing anything to happen directly from the event itself – this is why it is ‘symbolic’ and not ‘catalytic’.

the ‘point’ is not to just look like you are trying, rather it is to stimulate the social conscience and have more people: a) understand some of the issues involved in mitigating the effects of man-made climate change and b) be open to behavioural change instigated through policies and market practices which effect such mitigation through behaviours.

and from your comment, you didn’t ‘oppose’ the event, simply, you ‘demurred’… hope this clears things up : )

taco taco 6:19 pm 31 Mar 08

Astrojax – I my opposition comes in not participating in the “event”, and in partaking in debates such as this. I would not try to actively prevent the “more enlightened” of you from doing as you please. That is what I do.

The event may have a stated point, but fails to meet the point that is advertised of “saving the earth” by reducing carbon emissions for 1 hour, thus is pointless.
The point which you then claim to say that it really is – a symbolic gesture, is again pointless as all it does is send a message that the actions that you take don’t really matter if they make a difference, it just has to look like you are trying.

el el 6:16 pm 31 Mar 08

I have never ever, except for the wife, paid for it.


Sina Sina 5:55 pm 31 Mar 08

Well I suppose you have to factor in the energy it takes to make the candles in the first place, plus matches to light them!

Pandy Pandy 5:11 pm 31 Mar 08

Yes. For the same amount of lux.

Bludger Bludger 5:09 pm 31 Mar 08

I don’t really believe that lighting a few candles produces more greenhouse gases than using lights. Who came up with this? Is this true?

Pandy Pandy 4:55 pm 31 Mar 08


I have never ever, except for the wife, paid for it.

Bludger Bludger 4:51 pm 31 Mar 08

I’d just like to say that I was completely bored after 5 mins of earth hour and missed the raiders game (we turned everything off incl the heater) but still did it and felt very good afterwards!

Sina Sina 4:50 pm 31 Mar 08

Astro, honest question, why do you keep referring to it as “erf hour”???

damnintellectuals damnintellectuals 3:58 pm 31 Mar 08

Pandy said :


Geez you don’t score if you are portly, even when you drive a Merc!!!!

Fyshwick doesn’t count as scoring, Pandy.

astrojax astrojax 3:40 pm 31 Mar 08

i trust the fuel for the fire was a barrel of lovely saudi oil and a faggot of wood from a carbon-sink rainforest, toad.

and taco, why are you opposed to erf hour? even the heaving pile of muck-raking toad is [almost] civil enough to allow the more enlightened of us to carry on saving his planet. what, exactly, do you do, in oposition to this?

…and it isn’t ‘pointless’. it may, to you, be futile, ineffective, vapid, nugatroy or abortive, but it certainly has a stated point, which i outlined in #2 above… if you’re going to cast aspersions, have at least some logical semantic basis for them.

Mr Waffle Mr Waffle 2:03 pm 31 Mar 08

Why don’t all the Government buildings turn all their lights off after hours anyway.

I don’t know about the Feds, but ACT Gov office buildings have lights that auto-off during afterhours/weekends. Blame cleaners or people working overtime if you see the lights on in one of those buildings…

Sina Sina 12:54 pm 31 Mar 08

“What about “Switch to CFL or LED lighting day” “Install a solar panel week”? That’d have a meaningful and lasting effect.”

Yeah, but then all these sanctimonious wankers would have to actually, y’know, DO SOMETHING!!

taco taco 12:00 pm 31 Mar 08

I am all for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, even if I’m not convinced that global warming is 100% man-made, I don’t doubt that we are accelerating the change, and I like pollution free air (which luckily Canberra generally has plenty of).

That said, I am opposed to Earth Hour. It’s a pointless exercise that causes more environmental damage than it saves – manufacturing candles, burning them, people driving to events, printing flyers, running the website etc

What about “Switch to CFL or LED lighting day” “Install a solar panel week”? That’d have a meaningful and lasting effect.

barking toad barking toad 11:59 am 31 Mar 08

Earth hour is a sanctimonious wank for those seeking an extra load of feel good smugness. But, if that’s what floats your boat, then go ahead.

But please don’t moralise at me about symbolic gestures to raise awareness about global warming (or climate change when it’s cooling). Or tell me your symbolic gesture actually does anything for the environment.

I turned lights ON, then lit a fire.

Ava Ava 11:26 am 31 Mar 08

I turned off my lights, however my plasma screen tv had no problems illuminating my room while watching the AFL. Probably heated it too! Good ol symbolic gestures!

astrojax astrojax 11:25 am 31 Mar 08

great point, crikey. always wondered at that. tho my work’s lights switch themselves off at 6pm, always a nice sign to get out like i shoulda an hour ago!

and i saw that wwf figure, too, thump. from what i saw wandering ainslie/dicskon, must have had 100% participation in tuggeranong and gunghalin (clearly not in red hill, eh pandy?)… then again, don’t they say 82.45% of stats are made up on the spot?

Crikey Crikey 11:15 am 31 Mar 08

I did nothing different.

Why don’t all the Government buildings turn all their lights off after hours anyway.

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