Pandy 30 March 2008 61

So who were the fools who by using candles to light up their hour, produced more greenhouse gasses than if they used low energy light globes for the same level of lighting?

And will the government really turn off their lights up on the hill for good? Don’t think so.

I for one kept all of my lights on as per normal.

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Duke Duke 10:54 am 30 Mar 08

Nice attitude Pandy. Earth Hour is a completely token gesture I agree, but nothing wrong with doing your bit for the environment every now and then, regardless of your feelings on climate change.

astrojax astrojax 11:00 am 30 Mar 08

i rekkun you’ll find that those who participated in erf hour endured a reduced level of lighting, so i’m not sure it is appropriate to label them ‘fools’ or to suggest they increaded their ghg emissions.

the point of erf hour was not to save the planet in a single hour – it was avowed symbolism. just as the PM standing up in parrliament and apologosing to australia’s indigenous population for past government errors and crimes does nothing in itself to alleviate the current plight of indigenous australians, erf hour is not going to have a measurable effect on ghg emissions.

but, the symbolism of the event is intended to have people who either participate or are at least aware of the event become more conscious of the role they play in the cycle. just as today we read of a growth in emissions from the transport sector – yes, your car and mine included – the point is to get people stopping, to think of their own actions, not just rail at a truck spewing clouds of exhaust fumes and pointing their finger at them, rather, to think about the broader issues and the role they can participate through in achieving tangible results. it is issue-raising in in the social consciousness, which will deliver a greater acceptance in future policies that affect both ghg emissions and my social behaviours.

hands up how many people think about their water usage differently now, to say, ten or twenty years ago? who would have even twinged at watching someone hose down a concrete drive for twenty minutes twenty years ago and who now might even take the initiative to go speak to the hoser and seek the cessation of their water wastage? social consciousness is a powerful thing and it is instantiated through symbols, among other means…

as it happens, i chose to switch off all non-essential powered devices and went for a walk in the brisk evening air with the hound and better half. so my own emissions in that hour were reduced and were kept below usual levels for the remainder of the evening.

i should ask, why do you need to keep ‘all’ of your lights on, pandy? surely you could lower your service costs – and so find a financial benefit – in limiting the lights you actually have on at a given time?

Pandy Pandy 11:09 am 30 Mar 08

As I said: per normal. I am rich enough to keep on all of my lights when it suits me. I seek to be comfortable in my middle ages with what my mortgage paid off.

Oh I was also using the dryer to get rid of the lint and hair of my trousers.

What shitted me is all those fools who used candles.

Duke Duke 11:28 am 30 Mar 08

I think you meant living in the dark ages, not middle ages Pandy – based on your comments it doesn’t appear you’ve quite made that evolutionary leap just yet.

But well done on being wealthy and paying off your morgage, now in your dotage you can practice being a little less grizzled.

boomacat boomacat 11:33 am 30 Mar 08

Pandy you will be glad to know that I turned all my lights off and did not use candles either (sat in dark).

I agree it is simply a gesture, but gestures can be important.

Pandy Pandy 11:34 am 30 Mar 08

Ahh tell that to the burghers of Red Hill, O’Malley and Forrest.

Good on ya for being deluded Duke. I gotta get in my merc right now and held off for a latte at Manuka

CanberraResident CanberraResident 11:40 am 30 Mar 08

Beeswax candles are fine … apparently.

Pandy: so then, you’re thinking of nobody but yourself in retirement. Do you have grandkids?

Duke Duke 11:45 am 30 Mar 08

Ahhh beautiful Canberra day out there, might head outside and give the driveway a good hosing!

el el 11:58 am 30 Mar 08

Bloody nice day for a drive, too 😀

ant ant 12:04 pm 30 Mar 08

There’s a dark valley between Queanbeyan and Bungendore… well it used to be dark. Then the previous gov’t decided (inexplicably) that the marginal electorate would Vote Liberal if they decided to build the new defence HQ out there. So they did. It’s still being built, and every night, looks like this:

When was that photo taken? Last night!

Lights blazing every night, lines of street lights from teh King’s Highway and right around it, and no one is there.

Environmentally, having it out there is a shocker. Most people who work there will live in Canberra, according to Defence’s planning. 400-odd people driving out and back every day.

astrojax astrojax 12:29 pm 30 Mar 08

see pandy, that is the attitude the symbolism of erf hour is trying to extinguish – “i’m so rich i don’t have to give a fark what anyone else thinks”… well fark off to your own little planet then, dollarboy, or else have some respect for the society that allowed you to accrue that comfort.

it isn’t about you being able, monetarily, to afford to consume power services that generate huge plumes of ghg’s – it’s about us, as a society including you, being able to minimise the ghg’s we pump into the atmosphere and fark up the planet for your grandkids.

and when it is pointed out you missed the point, you blithely turn away and smirk. noice.

i’d have thought you would have a hummer, no?

el el 12:40 pm 30 Mar 08
Aeek Aeek 1:04 pm 30 Mar 08

If I’d remembered I’d have turned of my fluros and made do with the light of the TV and computer.

ant ant 1:54 pm 30 Mar 08

Aeek said :

If I’d remembered I’d have turned of my fluros and made do with the light of the TV and computer.

That’s what I usually do, actually. Only need a light on if I’m doing other stuff.

imhotep imhotep 2:10 pm 30 Mar 08

Pandy; ‘What shitted me is all those fools who used candles’

He’s just trolling I’m sure, but;

What shitts me is all those who are arrogant enough to think that the state of the planet doesn’t affect them, like the OP.

EVERYONE knows that earth hour is just symbolic, a communal gesture of concern. If you don’t want to do it, fine, but I wouldn’t brag about it.

Pandy Pandy 2:12 pm 30 Mar 08

Why not? Hate it being shoved down my throat like you feel gooders. And the thing with the candles is right.

When the govco turns of the lights on every national institution EVERY nite, then I’ll take notice.

eh_steve eh_steve 3:00 pm 30 Mar 08

ant said :

When was that photo taken? Last night!

Erm, was there a storm last night in Braidwood?

imhotep imhotep 3:03 pm 30 Mar 08

Pandy; ‘When the govco turns of the lights on every national institution EVERY nite, then I’ll take notice.’

Yeah, great attitude that. It’s like saying when every driver on the road stops being a d*ckhead, I’ll stop being a d*ickhead.


Pandy Pandy 3:12 pm 30 Mar 08

Got to go outside and hose down the back patio and place another load in to the dryer.

imhotep imhotep 3:39 pm 30 Mar 08

What a rebel you are

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