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Eastman sacks lawyers, inquiry stalls

By Barcham - 22 April 2013 40

Convicted killer David Eastman has sacked his lawyers and demanded the head of the inquiry into his case stand aside reports ABC News.

Eastman is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Australian Federal Police assistant commissioner Colin Winchester in 1989.

Justice Kevin Duggan in leading the inquiry into the infamous case, and has refused to step aside.

Eastman appeared at today’s hearing by video link from jail to tell the inquiry that he would be representing himself.

Almost immediately he clashed with Justice Duggan who had to repeatedly ask him not to interrupt.

Eastman was concerned Justice Duggan’s questioning of his former barrister John Harris about his availability for the case, if circumstances changed, would trespass on his right to privacy.

Eastman also told the inquiry he was concerned about a perception of bias from Justice Duggan.

His concern is that a key member of the team assisting Justice Duggan also worked on the Miles Inquiry into his case in 2005.

That inquiry dealt with Eastman’s fitness to plead at his original trial.

“I am entitled to apply to the Supreme Court for a writ of prohibition,” he said, after accusing Justice Duggan of failing to respond appropriately and asking him to stand down.

“You have continued to sit for three months without ruling on this issue.”

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40 Responses to
Eastman sacks lawyers, inquiry stalls
Diggety 8:29 am 15 May 13
dixyland 4:32 pm 26 Apr 13

He’s just the gift that keeps on giving.

IrishPete 8:19 pm 25 Apr 13
IrishPete 8:18 pm 25 Apr 13

LSWCHP said :

thatsnotme said :

LSWCHP said :

As I’ve never spent any time in the Big House, I don’t know what “bronzing up” is. I could guess, but can you elaborate?

I wasn’t sure what this meant either, so decided to Google it. I’m not sure that I’m better off knowing the answer – but at least it wasn’t a Google image search…

Ah Jeez…euurrgh…not what I thought. I wish I hadn’t asked. 🙁

Given the stories about his behaviour I’m baffled why this guy wasn’t flogged repeatedly while out on the street. Yeah, he might be large and aggro, but there are other large and potentially aggro people out there as well. If he tried to biff me I’d just biff him back repeatedly until he went on his way. Perhaps like most bullies he only picked on those smaller and physically more vulnerable than himself.

Is he large?

Anyway, the dislike of Colin Winchester arose because of a fight (with a neighbour). So clearly standing up to him made no difference.


IrishPete 8:15 pm 25 Apr 13

EvanJames said :

His murder conviction meant that literally hundreds of charges against him were never heard. On the other hand, it also meant he stopped committing the actions that caused those charges.

And why? Why were numerous charges dropped? Didn’t those victims deserve their day in court too? This is actually really common, and really sick The DPP only pursue the murder charge, and if convicted the child-raping murderer gets to pretend he’s “just another lifer” for his whole time in prison, because nothing in his record says he’s also a child sexual offender.


Deref 8:06 am 23 Apr 13

poptop said :

Mr Eastman is a very unwell man and an incredibly difficult and irritating person to deal with.

I agree that I am personally happier he is not at liberty in Canberra, but I am not at all certain he is guilty of the crime. That is troubling.

That sums up my feelings too.

He’s a very sick man and, while it’s convenient to have him out of circulation, I’m not convinced of his guilt.

This scenario plays itself out every time he goes back to court. It achieves nothing, either for him or for justice, and costs a fortune, There has to be a better way, though damned if I know what it might be.

poptop 3:22 am 23 Apr 13

Eastman is thoroughly unlikable and effectively impossible to work with, yet he still gets retrials and inquiries. That, together with all the doubts about his guilt at the time of conviction [much to do with his friend who used Eastman’s car to go rabbit shooting, etc] and the other concerns with the investigations Winchester was apparently involved (and some other quite robust arguments he was apparently involved in), in all raise some significant questions.

If he had NO grounds for all the appeals and inquiries, I doubt the Courts would be allowing yet another one to proceed. There are far more personable convicted criminals out there and better things to do with the time and money.

Lookout Smithers 3:08 am 23 Apr 13

johnboy said :

He’s certainly an arsehole in my opinion.

whether he’s guilty or not I’m less certain of.

Impressing me again JB, you see things clear enough. An asshole, I don’t him, part of an investigation that didn’t fully investigate everything or compared apples with apples? I agree, Im less certain of his guilt. I am certain though that we as a nation have come a long way in our sense of fashion since then. We need to commend ourselves here.

Lookout Smithers 2:59 am 23 Apr 13

Dilandach said :

So in the brief 30 seconds of searching and reading, this guy got booted from the PS because he was unhinged / had a temper issue. So in his mind that equaled to the world going out of its way to get him… then his temper going off on a trivial issue which then ended up with the guy getting arrested which then in his mind added police to his list of those out to keep him down. Then killing the AFP guy because he was one of them?

So in summary this guy is a bit smarter than your average meathead but not much more, can’t take ownership of his own mistakes. Its always someone else. Then to make it a pain for all those involved, stall stall stall at all costs and at every step of the way.

So i’d be right to say that this guy is just an asshole?

Its actually only fair if you know him personally. Even then its not really that fair. Even without a Mental health diagnosis. I think its fair to say two things. Firstly, calling someone an asshole if you dont actually know them says more about you than anyone. And secondly and on a different issue, there will never be a public servant as interesting as David Eastman. We should thank him for that alone, and also his service to us. Indeed.

Lookout Smithers 2:54 am 23 Apr 13

EvanJames said :

His favourite tactic during his many court cases prior to that for killing Winchester: getting the magistrates to disqualify themselves for various reasons. He’s worked his way through the legal firms of Canberra too, sacking every lawyer who represents him. Racks up time, racks up costs

Im quite happy to pay for it if a miscarriage of justice has been made. In any case, sacking a lawyer doesn’t affect any outcome apart from the delay. Its easy to be distracted by lots of noise he makes, but the real issue is in how the case was dealt with. Remember its a very different time that it happened.

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