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Eat meat to get massive says ANU

By johnboy 15 June 2011 25

The Australian National University is touting research by Dr Stefan Broer, head of the molecular nutrition group in the ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, showing that mice getting lots of protein end up being bigger mice.

“So we focused on mice that could not transport amino acids from the intestine into the cells of the body and therefore could not properly process proteins.

“One of the first things we noticed was that the animals were quite a bit smaller in size than normal mice, which suggests that eating more protein can increase our body size and possibly our sporting potential in the long term.

I reckon this explains why the Qarmatians never made the big time.

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Eat meat to get massive says ANU
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rbw 9:31 pm 16 Jun 11

BearBuns said :

RBW, at the risk of being labelled crass, your farts could quite possibly be used as a weapon of mass destruction. Dear Lord, no wonder you run fast.

why do you think I fart? I actually fart very little. When you eat a lot of fiber things go through you in less < 24 hours as nature designed. Not enough time for carbohydrates to ferment and proteins to putrefy. A lot of meat eaters don't like to eat fruit and I don't blame them. Meat takes a long time to digest and with no fiber does not go through that fast. Fruit digests almost immediately. if it gets stuck behind a mass of meat of course the fruit is going to ferment and cause gas.

BearBuns 8:32 pm 16 Jun 11

RBW, at the risk of being labelled crass, your farts could quite possibly be used as a weapon of mass destruction. Dear Lord, no wonder you run fast.

2604 10:46 pm 15 Jun 11


rbw 8:24 pm 15 Jun 11

breda said :

rbw said:
“Grains are particularly damaging for health if they are used as a bulk of your carbohydrate source. Soy is also very damaging to the thyroid and energy function.”

Right. That would explain why Japan has such a high life expectancy. Your rambling post typifies the combination of narcissism and nutterism that typifies people who embrace weird dietary fads.

I think you misunderstood, which is ok, because I was not overly clear enough. When I said “bulk of carbohydrate source” this is largely only damaging due to lack of variety and also if rice is heavily processed and GM (as is current in western countries a lot). Non-GMO brown rice is one of the cleanest grain foods on the planet. Hence why asians have longevity on a basic diet. Asian countries have deteriorated in some respects due to overuse of salt (soy sauce) and introduction of many western diet. There are some issues with overeating grains — mainly due to the ‘stickiness’ factor in the gut which does prevent absorption of other key nutrients. A diet rich in fiber will ensure things are pushed through. Eating grains and not a lot of fiber will cause problems. The long-lived asians you speak of ate mainly organic food, high in rice, high in leafy green vegetables, high in fruit (tropics has lots) low in meat, low in dairy. Very and extremely close to the diet I am advocating. I simply don’t eat as much rich and cook less of my vegetables and I supplement more protein (although i did say a key protein source of my was the brown rice protein powder). I’m not all that different.

Anyway I would prefer to argue facts and concepts and not put people down like you did to me. I sincerely hope you consider being nicer to people.

LSWCHP 8:16 pm 15 Jun 11

Look, I churned laboriously throught that that long, long post by rbw and was gonna quite it in its entirety in order to make a comment, but decided that the essence of it, and all required comment was contained in four simple words.

“I sprout my nuts”.

Enough said.

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