10 August 2021

Climate activists arrested after protest action at Parliament House and the Lodge

| Lottie Twyford
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A woman kneels next to a burning pram

A pram was lit on fire in the forecourt outside Parliament House this morning. Photo: Extinction Rebellion.

Eight Extinction Rebellion activists have been arrested after protests this morning outside Parliament House and the Lodge.

A small group of Extinction Rebellion members gathered at Parliament House where they spray-painted the words “no time climate duty of care” on a concrete wall and set fire to a pram glued to the forecourt fountain.

People had also glued themselves to the forecourt.

Graffiti at Parliament House

Extinction Rebellion protested at Parliament House. Photo: Extinction Rebellion.

It’s alleged they also attempted to spray paint the same phrase on the pillars of the facade of the building itself, but were stopped by police before they could complete it.

The graffiti at Parliament House has since been covered by white sheeting and hosed down.

'Duty of Care' graffiti at entrance to The Lodge.

The Lodge was also graffitied with the words “Duty of Care”. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

A protest also occurred at the Prime Minister’s Canberra residence. Red spray paint was again used to write “duty of care” on the outer wall of the Lodge and flares were set off.

The actions of the Extinction Rebellion Protestors came in the wake of the release of the landmark United Nations report which warned of the dire consequences facing Australia from climate change.

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Police responded to reports of protest activity at Parliament House at 8:50 am and 9:20 am at the Lodge.

Five people – three men and two women – were arrested at Parliament House, and three men were arrested at The Lodge. All have since been taken to the ACT Watch House.

Staff covering up graffiti with paper at Australian Parliament House.

The graffiti at Australian Parliament House has since been boarded up. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

AFP Search and Rescue personnel attended to assist in removing the people who had glued themselves to the ground.

Police expect to lay charges, including a Commonwealth charge under the Public Order (Protection of Persons and Property) Act 1971 in relation to alleged property damage, as well as breach of bail conditions.

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In a statement released by Extinction Rebellion, 59-year-old activist Lesley Mosbey claimed the group are not the extremists, the Federal Government is.

Mosbey was fined $200 last week for defacing public property at the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

Another activist, Violet Coco, set a pram on fire to symbolise her “burnt dreams” of bringing a child into a world where the Government remained “beholden to the fossil fuel lobby”.

This morning’s activities follow a week of protest actions from the group’s ACT branch, including disrupting morning traffic on Barry Drive and the Kings Avenue bridge during evening rush hour. They also occupied the foyer of the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment where several people threw red paint, glued themselves to the floor and covered themselves in tomato sauce.

Ten protesters were arrested in Canberra following the disruptions last week.

The group is demanding Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley drop an appeal against a recent landmark judgment delivered by the Federal Court which determined that the environment minister owes a duty of care to young Australians to protect them from future physical injury caused by climate change.

Eight children took action through a class action case on behalf of all Australian teenagers and children against Ms Ley to prevent her from approving the Whitehaven coal mine extension project.

Police ask that anyone who has information that can assist police regarding planned protest activity is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or via the Crime Stoppers ACT website. Information can be provided anonymously.

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If we could only harness umbrage, from both extremes.

Yes indeed, whatwik

It is 48.8C today in Italy today. These temperatures are headed our way according to The IPCC report. These brave protestors are alerting us to the urgency of the situation. They have said they do not want to be the last generation. I think it is time for us to face climate change together and constructively, using the energy and enthusiasm of these protestors.

There have been numerous occasions in the last 100 years where temperatures in parts of Italy have hit higher than 40°C.

You have no proof that the temperatures there today are caused by man made climate change.

Pick the person who has not spent time in the outback? Heat … and flies!

Sorry, johndm, if you are expecting me to join a bunch of ratbags who have no respect for the rule of law, well it ain’t gonna happen. While I am disgusted with the mealy mouthed lip service that ScoMo pays to action on combatting climate change, and I fully support peaceful protest, I do not support vandalism in the name of anything. We still live in a democracy and the best protest is at the ballot boxes. Already conservative groups like the NFF are onboard and those unruly school kids who protested around the country will be old enough to have their say.

HiddenDragon7:14 pm 11 Aug 21

Aside from being an oh-so-satisfying way of letting off large amounts of righteous steam, counter-productive episodes like these presumably also serve as a version of Australian Survivor for would-be Greens candidates.

But at least no horses were (allegedly) punched.

When I first saw the picture pram on fire, I immediately thought that Karens pram has gone up in flames because of brake issues.
Faulty brakes can cause fires.

Capital Retro5:48 pm 11 Aug 21

So can EV batteries and chargers.

So can oil wells and coal mines, CapitalRetro – so what?

Capital Retro8:59 pm 12 Aug 21

Oil wells and coal mines don’t carry people like prams and EVs, that’s what.

Admire them for not going further. In five years we are going to look back on stuff like this and think of how quaint it is.

These ER nutters could be employed by the coal industry to discredit the cause.

I was thinking something similar, Acton. They are obviously not going to change the mind of the hard right climate deniers. By engaging in acts of vandalism, it gives the moderates, who are slowly (perhaps grudgingly) coming to understand and accept the science of climate change, reason to delay their complete conversion. A delay the planet cannot afford.

Capital Retro7:58 am 11 Aug 21

Perhaps a well meaning but hopelessly misguided group of ratbags who should have been demonstrating outside the Chinese Embassy about 500 metres away.

China is singlehandedly creating the bulk of the world’s pollution, not Australia.

Like you said, CapitalRetro, don’t let the facts get in the way of the narrative … Australians are still amongst the highest per capita emitters of CO2 emissions, at double the rate of China. Is your next gambit going to be a rerun of how to use rice from ‘Cooking the Planet with Alan & Peta’

The problem is the planet doesn’t care about per capita emissions, the only thing that matters is total emissions.

So unless we have workable global agreements that balance both the costs and benefits across the world with an aim to lower total global emissions, nothing we do would make a difference.

That’s where our government’s efforts should be directed but at present it seems like they (and voters) have other things on their mind.

Chewy, we are going to respectfully agree to disagree on this one. However, IMHO Charlie Pickering (https://junkee.com/weekly-alan-jones-climate-change/205586) makes more sense than Alan Jones, on the subject of our (and other small percentage emitters’) contribution to the whole problem. Even the longest journey begins with a single step.

Capital Retro4:00 pm 11 Aug 21

Thank you chewy14 for getting this debate into perspective. Grumpymark turns a blind eye to China’s status as a “developing country” and the concessions the (unelected) UN give them to emit and pollute. They are still commissioning new coal fired electricity generators too. Australia’s position is insignificant.

Linking a Junkee article about Charlie Pickering? Really?

That’s the exact kind of emotionally based virtue signalling that ensures that appropriate action will never be taken.

Alan Jones is no worse than that or indeed no worse than these Extinction Rebellion imbeciles who claim that humans will be wiped off the planet unless we go back to the stone age tomorrow.

Of course we shouldn’t “do nothing” but neither should we engage in actions which have no discernible benefit to changing the course of climate change, just because it makes some people feel good.

Total emissions is all that matters. Evidence based plans at a global level to address total emissions in all countries is all that will work.

Personally I think market solutions would be the easiest way to drive that change but our government is going the opposite way.

And then when you consider the global politics and ulterior motives of some countries, I don’t have much confidence.

Gee Chewy, I thought Charlie put the “collective action” theory quite well. Obviously you disagree which is your right. Cheers.

As I said in another post in this thread, the hard right climate deniers are never going to be convinced. Thank you for your contribution.

Obviously, CapitalRetro, the hard right deniers post was my response to you.

Capital Retro9:49 am 12 Aug 21

Be careful with the use of that word “denier”, GrumpyMark.

So unless you’ve had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment, re climate change, since you posted your rock scientist revelation I think I’ve used ‘climate change denier’ in perfect context
Extract from the Macquarie Dictionary:
“climate change denier
noun ? climate sceptic.

Also, climate denier. –climate change denial, noun”

These are brave protestors. Let us all work together to provide a safe climate for our children. Let us listen to the science as we do when combatting Covid. Climate change disturbances will be much worse than Covid. Nitpicking the minor disturbances of idealistic protestors will not help develop the solutions arising from the climate emergency. When will the government listen to the scientists? One young man thinks he might belong to the last generation. He may well be right if the government refuses to listen.

Frank Spencer5:50 am 11 Aug 21

Brave? Nope. Idiotic I think.

The only scientists who “believe” in this bunkum are the ones pocketing millions from government handouts – including BoM, who changed historical temperature records to fit the climate change agenda.

Capital Retro7:59 am 11 Aug 21

Don’t let facts derail the narrative.

I’m with you on this CapitalRetro – I’d like to see jwinston’s facts to support his argument

Capital Retro,
That’s meant to be a joke right?

“Research” is not attempting to selectively choose evidence that supports your argument.

The idea that the BOM has engaged in some wide scale conspiracy to hide data rather than recognising that the monitoring equipment of 100years ago was nowhere near as accurate as modern sensors is ridiculous. They have completed thorough audits of the data and removed some points that clearly suffered from anomalies that didn’t match up with other data of surrounding areas.

And none of this really makes a difference to the wider science around climate change. It’s real and uts happening. The only thing to debate is how best to deal with it.

Capital Retro10:03 pm 12 Aug 21

The BOM selectively ignored the high temperature shown in that link so it’s OK for them, is it? “Thorough audits” are just a tool to cover their intentions and you have been sucked in.

Well there we have it – the absolute definitive evidence that climate change isn’t real. All because one day 110 years ago was really, really hot…… wow why have clever people wasted so much energy doing research when a simple spot observation tells us everything we need to know…..

If only there was a facepalm emoji on here…. but I guess for some, the difference between a spot observation and the concept of averages is a bit of a stretch hey?

Capital Retro8:43 am 13 Aug 21

The voice from the fantasy world of emojis again.

Funny how the climate alarmists are banging on about “Italy’s hottest day ever” on this same thread. That’s acceptable, apparently

Jane Cozcowzki6:11 pm 10 Aug 21

Starting fires, using aerosols, spreading paint that will require harsh chemicals to remove. . . Are they sure they are fighting FOR the environment?? Pollution is pollution no matter what the cause.

I’m wondering if the policewoman in the picture is pointing out to the protester that he has misspelt “Duty” and made him correct it (a la ‘Life of Brian’)?

How about some “Duty of Care” towards Parliament House and the Lodge. XR protestors should instead get a job, save some money, then invest those savings into renewable energy companies.

Are all 77 year old people expected to work? I hope Nobody will keep working for the good of the community when they are 77? We need to work together, as this man has all his life, to assist future generations.

Johndm, graffiti, pram burning, letting off flares, glueing hands to surfaces, are the actions of clowns.

Burning a pram to protest climate change.

Yeah, that really makes sense.

If the government’s policies make muppets like that feel they are unable to breed, then at last the government is doing something right.

What a disrespectful comment! I know many young people who have voiced these concerns. The government has a duty of care for young people, as we all do. Teachers have told me that all their young children know about climate change and are worried about it. Let’s all work together to assist, and take constructive actions to lower emissions and reduce climate change while there is still time.

My comment was way less disrespectful than their actions.

And I bet their comments about the people in power us exceedingly disrespectful.

They burnt a pram!

Apart from the obvious point of needlessly lighting a fire to protest climate change, did they consider the effects of burning the plastics and other synthetics on the environment?

Or is it Ok for them to do it because they are special?

Their actions contribute to climate change.

Here is a suggestion for them. Australia is acknowledged to be one of the highest emitters of global warming gasses on a per capita basis.

I agree we should be changing that (like many people I’m not opposed to their base message, just their childish methods).

An obvious path would be to prevent all immigration to this country. I’m not saying target any source country. I’m saying from all countries. Why would we be encouraging more people to come to here and increase their per capita emissions?

So where are their anti-immigration protests?
Or are they not really serious about their goals?
I’m waiting to see.

See my previous reply to your other response. Climate change is bunkum.

I admire you for acknowledging your disrespect to the young woman. I dislike the use and burning of plastics and try to minimise them. I also admire you for addressing our main concern, climate change, as the current IPCC report highlights: “inevitable, irreversible, and irrevocably cased by humans”. The report does present solutions, but I am not sure that restricting immigration was one of them; it is a world issue, we can not use a ring of steel to protect us.

Capital Retro8:55 am 11 Aug 21

Well informed and balanced comment, Spiral.

My apologies johndm. I often make the mistake of attributing a higher level of literacy to people than I should, so sorry for the confusion.

My point is that Australia is often claimed to be the highest per capita contributor of global warming gasses.

Thus anyone moving here is likely to cause more harm than they would if they remained where they were, or went to another country.

Of course we should be reducing our emissions but a dramatic reduction will take time to achieve.

Until we have reduced our per capita emissions to a satisfactory level, then having more people here will do more harm than if they were somewhere else.

What is controversial about that concept? Adding a million more people to the the highest per capita emitter will be more harmful than those million being in a lower emitting area.

If climate change is really such the looming disaster that these people claim, then it is obvious we should be restricting immigration. Especially as it is a relatively easy win. It’s not as though we have to do something really expensive or difficult. We just have to not let people move here. Of course it does cause issues, but solvable ones.

I would expect the these protestors have already thought of this idea and support it, after all they are apparently very dedicated to their cause.

Perhaps you could contact them and get back to us on their policies regarding this.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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