Eight-storey development at Mawson shopping centre in ACT Government plan

Lachlan Roberts 14 June 2019 53

The old Mawson shopping precinct. File photo.

A second supermarket and an eight-storey development will move into the local Mawson shopping centre as the ACT Government outlines its plans to rejuvenate and revive the centre.

The ACT Government’s territory plan variation 345 will allow new construction opportunities and rejuvenation of buildings within the centre and also rezones several areas including land along Athllon Drive between Woden and Mawson for high density residential and urban open space.

The variation puts key recommendations of the Mawson master plan into action, which will guide the centre’s development over the next two decades, with hopes the changes will improve the centre’s commercial viability by increasing foot traffic and shop patronage.

Despite the plan retaining the two storey height limit within the central area to retain sun access to the public courtyards, it proposes the development of four and six storeys to the east of Heard Street and six storeys to the west of Mawson Place.

It also allows for development up to eight storeys near the southeastern corner of the intersection of Athllon Drive and Mawson Drive as a marker development for the centre, as recommended by the approved master plan.

A draft of the plan was released for public comment for four months in 2017, with the ACT Government receiving a total of 21 written submissions.

Local residents wrote 12 submissions, as well as four submissions from local businesses, three submissions from community groups and one submission from a company with an interest in the centre.

ACT Minister for Planning and Land Management Mick Gentleman said one of the main points the community stressed on was the retention of the surface car parking areas. He said that there was concern additional development will impact on parking.

Mr Gentleman said those fears will be allayed as the new plan will retain and capitalise on the plenty of available parking at the centre and believed Mawson residents will enjoy a more lively and accessible shopping centre.

“There are opportunities for moderately increased density in the centre and we have worked with the local community to identify suitable sites for higher-density development along Athlon Drive,” Mr Gentleman said.

“This redevelopment will be important for the ongoing viability of the centre. It’s also a great opportunity for business owners within the centre to rejuvenate their buildings.

“Mawson is close to a main public transport route and plenty of available parking and the new plan will retain and capitalise on these qualities.”

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53 Responses to Eight-storey development at Mawson shopping centre in ACT Government plan
Darren Broadbent Darren Broadbent 7:18 pm 16 Jun 19

Cause ACT government just want GEOCON build more apartments

Colette Robinson Colette Robinson 9:06 am 17 Jun 19

What Southlands needs is proper restroom facilities that don’t stink of urine and have faeces all over the floor. Some sort of hand cleaner product and hand dryers would be nice too.

    Dennis Forbes Dennis Forbes 5:23 am 18 Jun 19

    Colette Robinson charge a small fee as in Europe where someone sits there guards and cleans, very simplest fixed. Toilets are spotless

    Cheryl Higgins Cheryl Higgins 4:34 pm 19 Jun 19

    Yes they definitely need to be improved

Imchan Raman Imchan Raman 5:08 pm 17 Jun 19

Claudia Angelique Dude I used to play around that fountain all the time as a kid cos mum and dad owned our restaurant in Mawson for most of my early childhood

Jeanette Hodgess Jeanette Hodgess 5:23 pm 17 Jun 19

I used to love newyears night in brisbane where the fountain in King george poeple would put food coloring and detergent. lots and lots of colored bubbles.

Tegan Martin Tegan Martin 6:57 pm 17 Jun 19

Mawson is still full of Canberras worst drivers. What will it matter when everyone with a halfway decent car can't park there!

Eric Katic Eric Katic 12:37 pm 18 Jun 19

Hopefully there isn’t a Mawson Residence Association

Rachel Muscarella Rachel Muscarella 1:53 pm 18 Jun 19

Parking is already terrible. They mention that they will capitalise on parking space, how exactly?

Someonesmother Someonesmother 12:00 am 21 Jun 19

Can someone sack Mick Gentleman please? He is approving developments that do not fit with the area they are planned for. You cannot park in Mawson now so where the hell are all these towering, concrete bedroom dwellers going to park? Oh right in the parking areas for shoppers. yet another shopping centre I will avoid as it will be impossible to get a park anywhere near the shops. People with disablilites are bever ever considered when they approve these crap flyby night developments.

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