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Deborah Avery, Sex Party for the Senate, Candidate Questionnaire, Election ’13

By Barcham - 21 August 2013 69


Sex Party Candidate Deborah Avery has sent in her answers answers to the questions you asked, and Robbie Swan gave us the answers to some you didn’t.

Candidates, the readers of RiotACT are your voters and they have questions for you! If you’d like to answer those questions and prove you care what your voters think then email us at

You can find the questions here.

1. What are your views on euthanasia?

People should be able to die when they want to and not when the state tells them they can die. Your Life – Your Choice. Your Death – Your Choice.

2. Do you support a High Speed Rail Link between Sydney/Canberra/Melbourne?

Yes. Long overdue. Four hours to Sydney on a train means you can almost drive there and back in the same time. Why don’t they start a horse and buggy service from the Jolimont Centre and at least you get to smell the countryside. With a good horse it would only be a couple of hours longer.

3. Are you comfortable with the distribution of wealth in modern day Australia?

Of course not. You only need to walk around the lane ways behind Garema Place or check out the bushes behind the Canberra Theatre to see that there are plenty of people sleeping rough each night. Labor took away pensions for single mothers and made life tough for widows. Abbott hasn’t addressed this. There are thousands of mainly baby boomer women who have nothing to retire on. They all live the life of Riley up there on Capital Hill and couldn’t give a S*** about poor people. They just keep paying themselves more. Politician’s wages are the best gauge as to how the wealth gap is widening.

4. Recent polling (Auspoll) shows housing affordability to be a critical issue for a majority of Australians, with 84% of respondents saying it was important to them or their families, putting housing affordability ahead of issues such as education, border security, the NBN and NDIS.

The same poll also revealed that 84% of respondents also believe that Australia is not performing well on housing affordability.

Australian Governments are failing badly on this issue of critical importance to Australians.
What would you do to improve housing affordability?

Build more and cheaper houses! That’s obvious. But where does the money come from? We don’t know. We don’t pretend to know and can’t possibly know without access to government facts and figures.

5. To me the NBN seems like a great idea, can you tell me why you think it’s ace/a dumb idea.

Well it’s not unlike a fast and affordable rail link. It’s something we need to carry us into the 21st century and beyond. It also has the capacity to reform voting in elections which is still a corrupt system under the preferential voting system we have. The AEC still will not accept candidate nominations for elections via email – only by fax or by hand. They will not accept candidate deposits by electronic funds transfer or Bpay… only by bank cheque or cash. Most people under 25 have never heard of a bank cheque and only criminals and dope dealers carry around the large sums of cash that parties need to stump up at election time. The reason they are fearful of the technology is that it’s not reliable enough. NBN should change that.

6. Do you think cyclists should be registered?!

Yes, and restauranteurs, Young Liberals and bush walkers. They’re all a worry.

7. What is your position on gay marriage?

Missionary. With soft pillows. We support equal rights in all areas of society for all people. Equal equals democracy. Our Queensland Senate team is the first openly all gay Senate ticket ever, for the Senate.

8. Would you be willing to cross the floor on matters of strong personal conscience or of significant concern for your electorate?

Yes. We are the only party that allows people to join if they are members of another party (I’m a member of another party too). So crossing the floor and voting with another party on a matter of conscience is built into our party structure.

9. What are your views on the NSA collecting private information of Australian citizens and corporations, of the Australian government’s participation in similar programmes, and of the apparent silence of Australian politicians on the matter?

F** them!!!! No data retention of any kind. If a politician says ‘If you’re not doing anything wrong, you’ve got nothing to hide’ we say ‘if you’re not doing anything wrong why should you have your data retained!’

10. We hear so much negativity about the opposition when election time rolls around– what three things do you consider to be positive about any of your opponents and why?

Zed’s hair. Kate Lundy’s brain. Simon Sheik’s soul.

Bonus question?

Hang on…there’s no place here to put something that the parties want to say. Can we have just once space at the beginning or end to say something we want to say as well as what you want us to say. Fair’s fair. We take the time to fill this in, surely we can have one answer without a question.
Thank you.

The Sex Party wants to see cracker night brought back. Many families and community groups loved the traditional cracker night and it was only John Hargreave’s cat that caused fireworks to be banned from the ACT. Between the police and emergency services it should not be too hard to allow permitted bonfires and licensed fireworks again without any real problems developing. It’s a right of passage for many kids and the one opportunity they get to see a big blaze up front and personal. They love it.

Wowserish politicians have banned fireworks and the suburban bonfire because someone might get hurt and a few dogs go apeshit. Big deal. That’s no reason to ban it for everyone. The wow factor is being taken out of life for many people now because of political correctness.

And while we’re on it. Bring back the plastic bags in supermarkets! I know 20 people who have 20 of those 15 cent indestructible Coles and Woolies brand bags in the back of their car and they are multiplying. Coles and Woolies are making a fortune on these bags at our expense. Supermarkets should be made to pay for an environmental bag that breaks down within a few weeks to made available, at their cost, in all ACT supermarkets. This experiment has not worked and there are more indestructible bags in the environment now than ever.

Robbie Swan
Registered Officer
Australian Sex Party

What’s Your opinion?

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69 Responses to
Deborah Avery, Sex Party for the Senate, Candidate Questionnaire, Election ’13
bundah 5:39 pm 21 Aug 13

What is your position on gay marriage? Missionary. With soft pillows

Well that could be rather awkward at the ceremony..

watto23 4:49 pm 21 Aug 13

Yeah i do like a lot of their thoughts on many things. I’m over fireworks though, but do agree there is too much political correctness going on. The way things are going being a white able bodied male is going to be a disadvantage. By all means give everyone equal opportunity, but sometimes i feel systems like quotas just fudge the numbers to make politicians feel good.

I still think though calling themselves the sex party grabs attention but probably deters voters to a degree also.

It also seems like everyone but the libs think the NBN is a good idea!

pepmeup 3:44 pm 21 Aug 13

with the state/ fed gov overlap I guess its a matter of raising the profile of a few policies so the major parties take them seriously at later elections.

beejay76 3:30 pm 21 Aug 13

“Yes. We are the only party that allows people to join if they are members of another party (I’m a member of another party too).”

I can’t help thinking that if the Sex Party is the only party that allows it, how is it you’re a member of two parties? Presumably the other party of which you’re a member allows it, too, else you would have been expelled. Unless you haven’t disclosed (except they may have found out by now). Perhaps if you’re an existing member you can have other affiliations, but not new members? Damn! I’ll have to Google it now. I’m intrigued.

pink little birdie 3:21 pm 21 Aug 13

seems to be mixing up federal and territory government juristrictions (unless she intends to overrule ACT Government laws from the senate).
Maybe she’d make a good local pollie

Ltdttm 2:59 pm 21 Aug 13

all sounds pretty good, but how can you make changes in these policy areas with only one voice? I cant see many other little parties getting in.

Freewheeling 1:57 pm 21 Aug 13

I’m against the plastic bag ban, if the money raised by selling bags for 10-15c was all collected and used for initiatives like clean up Australia Day I would be more for it. But instead we have the big two charging us money and pocketing the profit. I also think the lack of single use bags slows things down at the registers. this is ok for the big two who just put in bays of robots to serve us, but for small shops this is just another problem.

and “Cracker Night was a real big deal when I was a little kid” John Williamson

so put me down for a vote, unless anyone else answers the questionnaire any better than you did

BimboGeek 1:42 pm 21 Aug 13

So all the humans have been hiding in the sex party all along! I thought their policies were quite sensible and was planning to preference them reasonably high but Damn! What a witty and well informed candidate!

wildturkeycanoe 12:52 pm 21 Aug 13

I am swayed by the fireworks on a local level, I love bonfires. If only these folks were partnered with the shooters party I’d be sold.

johnboy 12:14 pm 21 Aug 13

Every time I pay 10c for a bag I think of Mr Gillespie and smile.

p1 12:05 pm 21 Aug 13

I am torn. I like fireworks, but am pretty happy forgoing the occasional plastic bag when I might want it, in the knowledge that all the other muppets are not wasting one per mars bar (plus, I get a lot of joy knowing the pain the ban causes a few vocal members of this website).

harvyk1 12:04 pm 21 Aug 13

+1 on the bonus question, in all the “environmentalism” around getting rid of plastic bags, they forgot one of the tenants of recycling which is re-use!

I always buy the plastic bags for the simple purpose that they get re-used around our house like crazy. They be packed into suit cases to keep clothes safe when we go away, we use them as rubbish bags when we go for picnics, we put wet nappies into them prior to throwing them into the bin.

Perhaps what they should do is make single use bags (such as the scented garbage bags) illegal and keep the checkout plastic bags. At least the checkout plastic bags get used for multiple purposes first.

Ben_Dover 11:58 am 21 Aug 13

She gets my vote!!!

pepmeup 10:21 am 21 Aug 13

Bring back the bang! Finally a worthwhile place to put my protest vote. Also I have about 10,000 of those 15c Coles bags, how is that environmental?

joingler 10:14 am 21 Aug 13

Very impressive. She gave straight answers to everything except perhaps number 4. Can’t say I agree with everything she said but at the end of the day I’d rather disagree with someone than have them be a fence sitter

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