Election Wrap – 10 October

johnboy 10 October 2008 6

Argy Bargy:

There are reports of some sort of unpleasantness on the campaign trail coming in. Here’s what our reader whistle had to say:

    My sister-in-law tells me of a stand-up shouting match between Stanhope and a Greens candidate at a packed press conference today at the CIT Reid campus. Apparently there were lots of TV cameras there. Seems like it’s pointy end of the campaign trail. Personally I would not want to be the Green candidate in that match up, Jon gives better than he takes usually.

The ABC has this on the trouble:

    Mr Stanhope was less amused when Greens candidate Meredith Hunter showed up to give him a copy of their education policy.

    “Thank you Meredith, I think that shows in full force the disrespect and the discourtesy that the Greens show to the community,” he said.

Respect and courtesy eh?

Here’s two different views. Firstly the WIN news version:

And then the ABC take:

Power station:

The ABC brings word that ActewAGL is still full steam ahead for a Tuggeranong power station despite Liberal promises to move it further away from houses.

Minority Government:

In CityNews Michael Moore is deathly feared of a Green balance of power. He doesn’t think they’d hold Labor to account.


The CT’s glimpsed some sort of Liberal transport policy. More buses, wider roads, no light rail. According to the ABC John Hargreaves reckons it’s car centric and lacking in vision.

Also in the Canberra Times are doubts from the ACT branch of the AMA about the Liberals’ strange health policy making process.

The ABC reports that the Liberals have a plan for policing (we have yet to see it made available to the public). Labor don’t like it.


Jon Stanhope has been telling CityNews that he really isn’t arrogant. He’s just strong and decisive. No seriously.


Norvan Vogt wants the ACT Government to do more with the ANU to bring solar power manufacturing to this town.


The ABC has a bit on Liberal attack ads in “a Canberra newspaper” savaging the Greens for fiscal irresponsibility. Which is a good laugh for anyone who’s been following Liberal policy making through this election. Or Labor for that matter.

The CT is having a look at the fear of a Green planet from both major parties.


Frank Pangallo suggests that he’s a safer protest vote than the Greens.

Addressing climate change Frank is promising to double glaze and insulate homes of the less well off.

On education Frank offers still smaller class sizes.

Frank’s also against the CSIRO GMO corn trial.

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6 Responses to Election Wrap – 10 October
s125 s125 2:43 pm 11 Oct 08

D-Man, photos can be deceiving…from what I’ve heard on the grapevine it actually happened the other way around and ‘pony tail’ as you put him, was approached by Jon after the press conference. It’s always hard to tell from a photo but apparently that is the way it happened.

D-Man D-Man 10:35 am 11 Oct 08

The photo in the Crimes today looks like Stanhope is walking off and Pony Tail has followed him. Not that I would suggest the Crimes would make anything up, that’d be unprecedented.

astrojax astrojax 5:32 pm 10 Oct 08

from what i understand, tom squared, and it isn’t necessarily much[!], the act gov’t is engaged in developing civic west as a sort of high-tech corridor where academia and clever tech business can meet in a mutually productive environment. so i doubt norvan’s pledge is to actually do anything ‘to’ anu, rather than negotiate ‘with’ them to propagate this outcome…

tom-tom tom-tom 3:06 pm 10 Oct 08

i know norvan reads this so i’m hoping he can clarify this but i was under the impression that the ANU is a federal responsibilty not an ACT one, meaning that the legalities of norvans idea are spectacularly complex and posssibly unworkable; if you’re reading norvan could you explain how you would get around this?

i quite like the idea though.

johnboy johnboy 10:44 am 10 Oct 08

Yes I found that interesting. Especially with Mr. Stanhope saying such interference puts us on the slippery slope all the way to Wollongong.

Then again he did take the planning away from Simon, eventually.

whistle whistle 10:38 am 10 Oct 08

It’s funny how Jon Stanhope says it will be “political interference” if Zed uses the Ministerial call-in powers to cancel the Power Station at the current location within a kilometre of houses (and just a few metres from a disability care home), but it is not interference if his Ministers use their call-in powers to approve projects and bypass planning laws!

Labor have used the call-in powers a number of times. And they have not ruled out using in the call-in for this big daddy.

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