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Election Wrap – 17 October

By johnboy 17 October 2008 62

Right to Life:

Yesterday RiotACT contacted Right to Life offering to run their ad in the Canberra Times for free in order to inform our readers as to which candidates have been judged to have the best anti-abortion credentials.

We still await a reply from them. However we found a copy of the ad in the pub last night so I can inform you that the Right to Life endorsed candidates are:

    James Sizer (CAP)
    Steve Doszpot (Liberal)
    Jane Tullis (CAP)
    Andrea Tokaji (Liberal)
    Richard Mulcahy (Canberra Party)
    Tony Farrell (Independent)
    Frank Pangallo (Pangallo Independents)
    Phil Thompson (Pangallo Independents)

Make of that what you will.


The Canberra Times has polling showing Zed’s popularity has slid with the big Z preferred as Chief Minister by 36% (down 4) compared to Stanhope on 43% (up one).

It’s nearly over:

The ABC has a quick recap of the leader’s radio debate and some handy hints for voting.


A lot of you have the hump with Zed’s phone bank message to you last night. Listening to Zed on 666 this morning he thinks it’s great and the complainers need to harden up.

Reports from the field indicate Zed is now SMS spamming in a weird attempt to make friends. The spam directs voters to the somewhat misleadingly named (Thanks to Skidbladnir for the tip)


Katy Gallagher reckons there are missing millions in the Liberal health budget.

Simon Corbell is concerned that the Liberals appear to be promising to slash anti-terror resources.

Andrew Barr is lamenting the future of education should the public be foolish enough to vote Liberal.

Jon Stanhope is promising to “encourage” Fibre-to-Home broadband in new developments.

Katy Gallagher thinks micro-credit for ACT women is a good idea. Ten micro credit loans a year… wow.

The Canberra Times is very impressed by the leaderly way Jon Stanhope addressed the Press Club yesterday.

Jon Stanhope says he will realise the long cherished dream of turning Canberra into “the solar capital of Australia”.

The following snippet ran in Crikey today:

    “In a rare move, Federal MP Bob McMullan has personally intervened in the ACT election, writing to Ginninderra residents to ask them to give their first preference to Chris Bourke. Bourke, a dentist and successful small businessman from an indigenous background, is the sort of real-world candidate desperately needed by Labor, which is becoming so in-bred it’s in danger of developing a Hapsburg chin. But because he is factionally non-aligned, he faces an uphill task against hacks like Adina Cirson, whose background consists only of union and ministerial staffing work, but who have the resources of the factions behind them to generate publicity and exploit the resources of government. McMullan is also non-aligned, as is Chief Minister Jon Stanhope.”

Motorists Party:

One Nation on Wheels has promised the Canberra Times that they’ll be “taking a hard line” on Laura Norder with compulsory prison sentences for everything down to assault and any conviction for illict drug use.


Shane Rattenbury has been complaining to the ABC that every party’s pretending to be green.

Shane’s also told the ABC that he’s still open to forming Government with the Liberals if they put the right package on the table.

The Green hive mind has issued a statement promising a brave new world if only we voters get behind them.


James Sizer reckons CAP’s the alternative.

Owen Saddler has sent in some pictures of what he alleges are a sign thief, as well as what he claims is this election’s smallest flyer.

Field Notes:

Darren Churchill says:

    As the elected member for GINNINDERRA I will:
  • balance economic policy with social and environmental considerations. Good economic management is about getting the balance right. It’s a “triple bottom line;”
  • bring a “balance of responsibility” to the Assembly
  • vote with my conscience on all issues;
  • act to implement neighbourhood consultation groups;
  • maintain the traditional Democrats principle of supporting legislation that is fair and equitable and seek to amend and make fairer that which is not (sensible negotiation);
  • support social spending programmes for affordable housing and quality public transport
  • ensure that whichever party forms the government, they are held accountable for their actions;
  • support industries that create jobs and are kind to the environment,
  • encourage sensible use and management of urban water;
  • encourage and support environmentally sustainable practices in renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Keep the Bastards Honest!

Darren Churchill
President, ACT Democrats
Candidate for Ginninderra
0412 196 473

What’s Your opinion?

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62 Responses to
Election Wrap – 17 October
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deezagood 2:58 pm 17 Oct 08

We’re fairly new to Canberra.

deezagood 2:58 pm 17 Oct 08

I didn’t try Isabella plains – didn’t know they existed!

deezagood 2:57 pm 17 Oct 08

Yes – it is the Costello connection that deeply troubles me. I have this vision for Canberra where we lead the way regarding sustainability and put in place initiatives for the rest of Australia to follow. Make sustainability our focus and a key factor in all new development, government buildings, government vehicles etc. Setthe example and lead the way. Every single home having water tanks, solar panels and insulation would be an excellent, excellent start. Never gonna happen though.

PickedANickname 2:55 pm 17 Oct 08

Isabella Plains will take children walk ins and they are bulk billed.

The Lanyon DR has done that for my son too.

Did you child have a fever? Or just miserable?

jimbocool 2:52 pm 17 Oct 08

Deezagood – ActewAGL is a joint venture between Actew and AGL. AGL is a publicly listed company, but ACTEW is wholly owned by the ACT Government – the shareholders are the Chief Minister and Treasurer on behalf of all of us. As was demonstrated in the Rhodium scandal (another ACT company), neither of the shareholders actually bother exercising their roles or responsibilities. So yes, they are in bed together, but it shouldn’t stop them exercising their rights as owners to get ActewAGL to do the things they want – changing the board and the CEO would be an excellent start.

deezagood 2:50 pm 17 Oct 08


justbands 2:47 pm 17 Oct 08

> Justbands – I need the name of your clinic! Southside? We were at Wanniasa … but of course that clinic is now closed and nowehere seems to be taking new patients

I go to Fisher Family Practice. I’m not fussy about which Doctor I see (they are all fine).

D-Man 2:45 pm 17 Oct 08

justbands said :

Fair enough. Sometimes I think I’m the only person in Canberra who’s only had good experiences with our health system. Once I couldn’t get a same day appointment with my GP, so booked in for the following morning…that’s as bad as it’s ever been for me.

Nope, same for me. The health crisis im always hearing about must duck out for a smoko every time i need a doctor. Last week I went to a doctor at woden without an appointment and walked out with my prescription less than 30 minutes later.

deezagood 2:45 pm 17 Oct 08

Justbands – I need the name of your clinic! Southside? We were at Wanniasa … but of course that clinic is now closed and nowehere seems to be taking new patients.

justbands 2:43 pm 17 Oct 08

Fair enough. Sometimes I think I’m the only person in Canberra who’s only had good experiences with our health system. Once I couldn’t get a same day appointment with my GP, so booked in for the following morning…that’s as bad as it’s ever been for me.

deezagood 2:43 pm 17 Oct 08

D-man, I don’t feel that we are exactly spoiled for choice… but I know who I won’t be voting for!

deezagood 2:41 pm 17 Oct 08

Justbands – it wasn’t an ’emergency’. That I should have to use the already exhausted ER service is exactly what is wrong with Canberra’s healthcare.

justbands 2:38 pm 17 Oct 08

That terrible, it really is. Next time though…small child with wheezing & a chest infection? Take her to Canberra Hospital, mention the word “asthma” & get immediate care.

D-Man 2:37 pm 17 Oct 08

deezagood said :

Stanhope is all powerful and has used this to his full advantage. He needs a lesson.

So who will you be voting for then?

deezagood 2:34 pm 17 Oct 08

My little girl woke up this morning with a shocking chest infection and wheezing. I tried to get her into a doctor and couldn’t – not a single appointment available anywhere on the southside (I tried numerous clinics). So – we had to wait for hours at the Phillip walk in clinic, with my very sick little person coughing and wheezing. That is unacceptable; how can people accept that this is good healthcare? Everywhere else that I have lived it was possible to make same-day appointments (especially with a sick child) at the clinic of your choosing. I can’t fathom that Canberrans accept this.

Stanhope has lied, blatantly, regarding the power station fiasco. His lies are well documented. He has run roughshod over communities and failed to engage them – early – in the decision-making process (a hallmark of good consultation) on a range of issues. That is what makes community groups so irrate – the sense of utter powerlessness.

Canberra will never have good environmental policies whilst ACTewAGL is in-bed with the Labor government. Any advances made in making the ACT more sustainable (solar panels for all, water tanks for all, insulation for all) will ultimately significantly reduce ACTew’s profits, so why on earth would the Labor government embrace these initiatives? They have had eight years to do the things they said they would – eight years.

Stanhope is all powerful and has used this to his full advantage. He needs a lesson.

astrojax 2:12 pm 17 Oct 08

For a christian he is a very nasty vindictive man.

for a christian, this would be about par for the course, no? but then, you just don’t expect the spanish inquisition, do you…

separation of state and church has a solid foundation.

housebound 2:10 pm 17 Oct 08

You’ve got to take out school closures votes – all 65 of them (or so I was told). That would leave the Greens voting more with Labor once that single-issue is taken out.

Oddly enough, opposing school closures would usually have been on Labor’s side, but who said this was a Labor Party anymore? I’ll vote Labor when there is one.

Deadmandrinking 1:50 pm 17 Oct 08

I think that was probably the liberals being in opposition factor…which means their going to automatically vote against labor a lot of the time. The numbers would probably be opposite if the liberals had been in government then.

Of course the greens are traditionally going to be closer to labor than liberal…but there’s still enough differences to keep labor in check.

Woody Mann-Caruso 1:46 pm 17 Oct 08

Points out, even.

Woody Mann-Caruso 1:46 pm 17 Oct 08

An interesting tidbit in the City News (yes, I’m bored):

Dianne Anderson asks voters not to vote for the Greens because they “have shown themselves to be more aligned to Labor than Liberal policies.” Immediately above is a letter from Deb Foskey who pointing out that over three years as the lone crossbench MLA she voted with Labor 101 times and with the Liberals 116 times, voting 13 times alone (whatever that means – a “you can all get stuffed” vote?)

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