Elton John Canberra doesn’t deserve you!

jill 2 December 2007 23

Went to Elton John last night second row back thinking my experience would be the same wonderful experience I had had the last 4 times I saw him. This rant is not about the rain. Basically some people who went had no clue how to behave at a concert that had a star act, during the songs, they shouted loudly “do you wanna another bear” mid song, they walked across the front stage area mid song (hello who does that??) and my favorite, 3 bogans jumped up and screamed facing the crowd through ballads wiggling their muffin tops. If you have ever been to a venue in Melbourne or Sydney you will know this does not happen because it f**** the experience for others (so security control it) and not just those who paid $680 to have a good view – for others as well. How embarrassing Elton probably thought he had landed in the middle of a B & S ball. Not suggesting people shouldn’t have fun but grow up Canberra if you want great acts here. The surge forward at the front that was 10 deep and blocked the view is a reflection on the joke of security – never happens at any other venue unless the concert is set up that way.

Oh and to the National Capital Authority who stated loud and clear the act started at 8PM shame on you – by 7.50pm Elton had performed 4 songs. I feel sorry for people who have only seen Elton in this way it was not a patch on other concerts although Elton was as usual a perfect performer – lucky he had sunnies on so we couldn’t see the eyes rolling!

[Ed. we also had the following through from paperboy ..]
As they say, the show must go on, and according to today’s (Sat) Canberra Times 8,000 fans endured torrential rain, thunder and lightning for Elton John’s three hour show at Stage 88 last night.

The Times talks of ‘rivers of mud’ flowing through the plastic seats and the audience made up of ‘a sea of sodden plastic ponchos huddled together’.

And from all accounts, it was a wonderful show, with Sir Elton including little references to the rain and Canberra in the lyrics of some of his songs.

I wasn’t there, but there are plenty who were (some paying up to $300 for the privilege) … So, what did you think?

[Ed. and this from Sands..]
I was suprised yesterday afternoon to discover that I hadn’t heard that Sir Elton John would be playing that evening on our very own humble Stage 88. I was even more surprised to log on to the Canberra Times this morning to find that they haven’t covered it (at least not online).

I saw hundreds of people walking over to the park and was hoping someone could comment on the concert, the rain and the whole evening in general.

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23 Responses to Elton John Canberra doesn’t deserve you!
VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 4:00 pm 03 Dec 07

Ivanna marry a hot lesbo…?

Danman Danman 3:36 pm 03 Dec 07

My oldies went – they were in cattle class seating and they got drenched but still loved it……

Danman Danman 3:35 pm 03 Dec 07

Ivanna getlayed

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:15 pm 03 Dec 07


Ivanna take all your money?

Plenty of those on the web: http://www.exoticlady.net/

Thumper Thumper 1:48 pm 03 Dec 07


Could that be Ivanna Humpalot?

snowchook snowchook 1:33 pm 03 Dec 07

I went to elton on fri nite- it was my first elton experience- it was fantastic, however i was very dissapointed that he started early, as we had to travel from Snowy Mountains and got there at 8:10pm to find out he had already played 5 of the best songs! The rain was terrential and the crowd was brave- we loved it and revelled in the rain!
I also happend to meet a great girl there, whilst sitting in the rain- “Ivanna” unfortunately her and her friend left early and coz of the rain, didint get a chance to exchange details- IF ANYONE KNOWS OF A YOUNG LADY “IVANNA” who was at elton john- please ask her to contact Anthony – antfarmproductions@gmail.com
I was with 2 friends and we sat togther in the rain! You are also going to Rage against machine concert and we are too- would love to catch up in sydney town!

Thumper Thumper 12:33 pm 03 Dec 07

Ironic. Canberra where it never rains, gets a massive downpour on this very night.

oh, I’d better get back to building my ark, especially after double the average rainfall for November…

sjp sjp 12:23 pm 03 Dec 07

You’re right about the rain Jill – I think once everyone was satched, it was like the security just gave up and told everyone to go for it. I was in the el-cheapo section where I stayed, but I would have been severely P.O.d if I had have paid for expensive seats, then had my view blocked by stooges coming in from the cheapy area.

sjp sjp 12:20 pm 03 Dec 07

You’re right justbands – they do breed like rabits. That baby bonus has a lot to answer for as well…

However, I have lived in various states and cities in Australia and for some strange reason there seems to be a higher concentration of bogans here in Canberra?? I’ve always put it down to the fact that we are surrounded by regional NSW.

jill jill 12:15 pm 03 Dec 07

SJP I too made the point that I have seen Elton in Sydney without the screaming pissed teenagers jumping up in row one after they had run down to claim seats that were left vacant in front of my expensive seats! Couldn’t care that someone used the seats but bad to have drunk bogan screaming idiots! NCA got it wrong, for the price they could have worked with the promoter to cover the area and made sure the security actually was security.I had someone in front of me at the top of his voice instructing his friends where to stand by the stage in the middle of the song for a photo. I think the rain provided a chance for people to behave like they were at the big day out?? I feel sorry for people who haven’t had the experience out of town as they really missed out on how great it can be.

justbands justbands 11:56 am 03 Dec 07

The point it….bogans are not restricted to the confines of the ACT. Bogans are EVERYWHERE. Sad but true.

Did you see him in Sydney or Melbourne on this tour, or previously? Bogans breed like rabbits you know.

sjp sjp 11:51 am 03 Dec 07

Not true justbands. I have seen Elton in both Melbourne and Sydney, both sans bogans.
I didn’t mind the rain, what I did mind was the pack of twenty-something tarts in front of me who got pissed and didn’t shut up the whole fkn time, even during songs.

justbands justbands 11:12 am 03 Dec 07

It’s not Canberra..it’s the star they were seeing. Follow him to Melbourne or Sydney & there’ll be bogans there too.

toriness toriness 10:40 am 03 Dec 07

i didn’t go to elton, but on the bus on my way to foreshore saturday arvo, i couldn’t help but help a bogan woman comment loudly about how it had poured on the friday night concert and how it meant that ‘god hates the gays’. outrageous!

i would have said something to her – except that she was a scary crazy bogan and i like my face the way it is.

aa aa 9:42 am 03 Dec 07

I went to the concert and had platinum tickets. They were like $340 each. I would have thought that if you were charging that much, the least you could do is put a cover over. They had scheduled thunderstorms for that night for a week. It’s not like they didn’t know abou it.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 10:47 pm 02 Dec 07

Sounds like a right royal gayfest, jemmy.

jemmy jemmy 7:55 pm 02 Dec 07

Ha ha, oh my goodness, when I read this I thought you meant they were shouting “Do you want another bear” at Elton. Very off-colour and cruel, but strangely funny. Whew, seems the Canberra bogans aren’t as bad as that.

If you don’t know what this means, refer to the Cube posting.

Mr Waffle Mr Waffle 6:45 pm 02 Dec 07

Red Bear Vodka mixers, a (very) small step up from passion pop.

As for the show itself, my parents went, they said it was absolutely fantastic. They’d taken along rain jackets etc but said they saw people completely not dressed for the occasion- shorts and t-shirts, cocktail dresses…

lemaChet lemaChet 2:31 pm 02 Dec 07

there’s a type of premix drink that’s a bear of some sort i beleive

greatbigfeet greatbigfeet 2:02 pm 02 Dec 07

…..” they shouted loudly “do you wanna another bear” mid song”…..

There were bears there? Wow, had they escaped from the zoo or something? And why would people want another one?

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