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GnT 22 November 2007 5

To make it easier for you to find out more about the candidates you will actually be voting for, here is a list of all the candidates standing in the ACT electorates and those in nearby NSW, as well as those standing for the Senate for the ACT. All the email interviews that have been published so far are linked, so you can see who has responded and if you like their answers.

Fraser (northside)
Jim Arnold (Citizens Electoral Council of Australia)
Darren Churchill (Australian Democrats)
Meredith Hunter (Green)
Farida Iqbal (Socialist Alliance)
Bob McMullan (Labor)
Kerry Taranto (Independent)
Troy Williams (Liberal)

Canberra (southside)
Amanda Bresnan (Green)
Natalie Colbert (Liberal)
Annette Ellis (Labor)
John Holder (Citizens Electoral Council of Australia)

Eden-Monaro (NSW)
Matthew Chivers (Christian Democratic Party)
Peter Harris (Family First)
Keith Hughes (Green)
Mike Kelly (Labor)
Gary Nairn (Liberal)
Tim Quilty (Liberty and Democracy Party)
Acacia Rose (Independent)

Hume (NSW)
Tim Clark (Green)
Lindsay Cosgrove (Citizens Electoral Council of Australia)
David Grant (Labor)
Geoff Peet (Christian Democratic Party)
Alby Schultz (Liberal)
Cathy Trent (Family First)

Senate (ACT)
Norvan Vogt (Australian Democrats)
Anthony David (Australian Democrats)
Michael Fullam-Stone (Climate Change Coalition)
Andrew Gee (Climate Change Coalition)
Elena Kirschbaum (Green)
Kerrie Tucker (Green)
Kate Lundy (Labor)
Peter Conway (Labor)
Gary Humphries (Liberal)
Jacqui Myers (Liberal)
Lisa Milat (Liberty and Democracy Party)
Chris Textor (Liberty and Democracy Party)
Michael Denborough (Nuclear Disarmament Party of Australia)
Erica Denborough (Nuclear Disarmament Party of Australia)
Emma Davidson (What Women Want)
Shannon Morris (What Women Want)

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5 Responses to Email Interviews – categorised for your convenience
Jazz Jazz 12:14 pm 20 Nov 07


Sammy Sammy 12:04 pm 20 Nov 07

Hey GnT, how about editing the article and adding brackets around the party names? ie. “Tim Clark Green” becomes “Tim Clark (Green)”. It’ll make it much easier to read.

Sammy Sammy 12:03 pm 20 Nov 07

Yeah, nice one TAD. I tried to find this exact information on the AEC website earlier today, and I couldn’t find it.

GnT GnT 11:44 am 20 Nov 07

Thanks for that, that’s really helpful.

But remember, the only way to make sure your vote is going where you want it to is to VOTE BELOW THE LINE!!!!

TAD TAD 11:36 am 20 Nov 07

For those interested, this link details the preferences for each above the line senate vote (ACT).

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