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Enslave Tibet! Sheepy the awkward protester at the Canberra torch relay. *Video*

TheHunters 30 April 2008 52

Sheepy of the hunters takes on the Chinese rent-a-crowd at the Beijing torch relay in Canberra! Armed with a camera and an “Enslave Tibet” sign, Sheepy sets out on a solo mission to express his undying love for the motherland, CHINA!

[ED – Anyone who has no idea what this video is about have a look at this comment here in the Torch relay thread by TroyWilliams. The video’s poster, TheHunters, even goes so far as quote Troy & the-RiotACT to describe their Chaser style prank. Well Done TheHunter, Sheepy, et al!]

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52 Responses to Enslave Tibet! Sheepy the awkward protester at the Canberra torch relay. *Video*
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ant ant 4:15 pm 30 Apr 08

Tap said:

tap said :

belief that Rudd’s ultimate goal is to lead his country to a republic. Da da daaa! … Personally I believe his ultimate goal is to genetically engineer a pigeon rat.

I am not quite sure I understand this, but still find it bloody funny.

Thumper Thumper 4:05 pm 30 Apr 08

Perhaps he just is one of australias greatest leaders

Jumping the gun a bit aren’t we 😉

Thus far Rudd had been all about symolism, lots of words with little actual acyion. Republicanism is really nothing more than symbolism, albeit, symbolism in a big way.

I’d also say that I can’t see how becoming a republic would make any difference. Your analogy to sport is a good point but I think you’ll find that this (sport) is deeply ingrained in the pysche these days.

I also wonder why people think we have an inferiority complex. I certainly don’t, and no-one I know does.

I have no doubt that it will happen, however, when I have no idea.

tap tap 3:44 pm 30 Apr 08

Ok but why do you think that Rudd wants to have his name down in history as one of australias greatest leaders, or something akin to it? Perhaps he just is one of australias greatest leaders? What makes you think he is out for fame? anymoreso than any other politician anyway.

More to the point… i guess… No wait, not more to the point at all. More to what you want to speak about: Why I think a republic would be a good thing. Lots of reasons really but the main ones (off the top of my head) are that I really would like to have a president as opposed to a king or queen. Im seriously against people being born into position, its outdated and makes me sick. Number 2 Perhaps if we were our own country it would be a step towards lessening australias inferiority complex which drives us, among other things, to spend way to much time, effort, pride and especially money into sport. It may very well help us to grow up as a nation. What about you? (not to hijack this post about the enslave tibet guy…)

Thumper Thumper 3:16 pm 30 Apr 08

No conspiracy here. I just think Rudd wants to have him name down in history as one the greatest of Australia leaders, or at least something akin to it, and this is certainly a way for him to get that sort of status.

More to the point, tell me why a republic will be a good thing?

tap tap 3:10 pm 30 Apr 08

And the second half Thumper, why its a bad thing? Is the fact that labor policy is the (i wont use the word ultimate…)goal of the labor leader some kind of a secret conspiracy? Whats your point?

The way you worded it made it sound like Rudd was either after the republic for some secret conspiratorial reason, or that he is only doing it for self serving purposes. I would like to know why you think either of those.

and stray… im just happy you’re thinking of burritos.

Thumper Thumper 2:57 pm 30 Apr 08

Personally I believe his ultimate goal is to genetically engineer a pigeon rat

Tap, great, maybe that is his goal.

I’m happy you believe this.

As for asking why?

Let’s see. 2020 summit was unrepresentative swill (thanks P Keating for that remark)who amazingly gave us a 99%+ voted for a republic.

Rudd then triumphantly parades this in front of the press as being the voice of Australia.

In the meantime he has promoted a new GG, this time one who is a staunch republican.

And why change what is not broken.

And it’s my opinion.

stray stray 2:47 pm 30 Apr 08

‘politburo’ – mmm, makes me think of burritos…nom nom

tap tap 2:28 pm 30 Apr 08

Thumper: Why do you believe that? If you are right, why is it a bad thing? Not the 2020 unrepresentative blah blah blah we’ve already covered that but you’re belief that Rudd’s ultimate goal is to lead his country to a republic. Da da daaa!

Personally I believe his ultimate goal is to genetically engineer a pigeon rat.

Thumper Thumper 1:50 pm 30 Apr 08

I believe that this is Rudd’s ultimate goal.

He wants to be known as the man who changed Australia into a republic.

That the 2020 unrepresentative swill all voted for a republic, bar one was not surprising.

Crikey Crikey 12:26 pm 30 Apr 08

If Rudd and Stanhope get their way we will become the People’s Republic of Australia – just look at the 2020 summit.

We already have a ‘politburo’ (aka 2020 summit) where 1,000 undemocratically specially appointed people came together to ruber-stamp the Rudd Government’s manifesto.

CanberraGreen CanberraGreen 10:39 am 30 Apr 08

It’s interesting that in the People’s Republic of the ACT where Chairman Jon goes on, and on, and on about human rights he has rolled over so meekly a guy’s right to quietly ‘protest’ without causing too much trouble. Maybe we are in China?

ant ant 10:15 am 30 Apr 08

Did anything more happen? I like the premise, it was a great idea, but just seemed to meander off into pointlessness… other than further showing the behaviour of the pro-chinese ruffians. ABC TV and radio seem to be the only media (other than there) that’ve really tried to tell that story.

And no, we have no “right to free speech” here in Australia. We actually have many legislated laws that limit speech. There’s anti-vilification laws, and of course our amazing defamation laws. And I’m pretty sure truth still isn’t an absolute defence ie what you say can be true, and still held to be defamatory.

smokey4 smokey4 9:59 am 30 Apr 08

Shows the power of the positive statement.

Much better than the pro Chinese guy shouting “No Free Tibet!” as he was arrested and escorted away. Gave exactly the opposite message to what he was trying to achieve and no doubt he will be recycled for body parts on return to China in one of those large black buses the Chinese use.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:22 am 30 Apr 08

@RuffNReady & DMD: There is no “Freedom of Speech” enshrined in the Australian Constitution, nor is it explicitly mentioned in any legislation.

We -do- have an implied right to freedom of communication on political matters which has been seen to exist by the High Court of Australia on at least two occasions, also recognised that comment on public affairs and discussion relating to politics (as in concerning social relationships and structures concerned with authority or power) are indivisible.

This is only an implied right so potentially huge in scope, but is not guaranteed to apply to all circumstances everywhere.
If the policeman takes your protest sign, getting him to respect the non-written parts of the Constitution at the time will prove difficult unless you also have a QC-on-a-leash nearby.

BeyondThought BeyondThought 7:15 am 30 Apr 08

Well done TheHunters, RA and others.

Troy for Mayor!!! Err, Chief Minister. RA Should sponsor him in the Council Elections as the Riot-Act candidate. If the bushfire peoples can have their own party, can’t wel

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 11:51 pm 29 Apr 08

I’ve heard freedom of speech is not actually in the constitution.

RuffnReady RuffnReady 11:46 pm 29 Apr 08

Why did the cop take his sign? I thought we had freedom of speech.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 11:42 pm 29 Apr 08

I saw that d*ckhead. I chuckled to myself, then shook my head for humanity.

el el 11:21 pm 29 Apr 08

Agreed. 5 minutes too long.

ant ant 11:03 pm 29 Apr 08

Well, it started off well, but after the cop pinched his sign, and all you could hear was overplayed commercial music, I got rather bored with it. And turned it off (bandwidth costs money you know).

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