European Wasps Revisitied

Skidbladnir 14 January 2008 68

European wasp nest attached to roof awning

In the thread “European Wasp nest removal?”, only a few of us believed European Wasps liked to live in houses.
We gave the following advice:
1) Destroy by Flame: using either WD40, lighter fluid, or using well-aimed cans of burning Mortein for self defence.
2) The Aliens Alternative (Step 1: Acquire an orbital platform with tactical nuclear capability, Step 2: Nuke!, Step 3: Clean up any fallout)
3) Use Harsh Chemicals: find a professional in the yellow pages, and get them destroyed.

The ABC have put out an article (hello to any ABC employees), suggesting:
1) using any household-grade insect spray has been labelled “suicidal” as literally thousands of wasps will emerge from the nest and try to kill you.
2) apparently ‘most’ of this years nests have been found in wall cavities of homes.

The ABC also say to contact a professional first in all cases.
Damn communist pansies.

According to this Australian Museum Online Factsheet, in the space of a single summer, one nest would normally have 3000 workers and multiple queens, dissolve in autumn rains, leaving the workers and drones to be killed off in the cold, while the queens would hibernate.
But due to the Australian climate, we get large supernests, occasionally resulting in nests with 100,000 or more workers, which grow over multiple seasons.

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68 Responses to European Wasps Revisitied
Sands Sands 10:25 am 27 Jan 08

I went outside last night to hang out some washing and saw around 50 baby spiders all over a shirt I had laid out on the clothes horse 20 minutes earlier.

So after brushing hopefully all of them off the clothes and putting another load on (with boiling water!) I went back out to do some spraying. That was the beginning of the fun stuff.

When I started spraying all sorts of things came out of the woodwork. Cutting it short, I ended up with a dozen unknown spiders running around, cockroaches, 2 red backs, one MASSIVE black spider which could have been the male (I’ve heard they don’t have a red stripe?) and then a couple of wasp nests. I’m not sure how to cut and paste a picture of one but if someone can tell me how, I’ll post one. I’d like to know if anyone can identify what kind of nest it is.

I had a look back at the old wasp thread but not sure this warrants the ACT Environment getting involved. Does anyone know of a good fumigator or pest controller? I used canberra pests or something last year and they seemed ok. But I’d like something a bit more hardcore this time if my property is prone to the nests of all these lovely families.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:32 pm 15 Jan 08

Is their a Pied Piper of Canberra who can lead them away?

farout farout 1:49 pm 15 Jan 08

Or you could make yourself a wasp trap, but be sure to use a largish bottle – big enough for 3000 wasps.

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 1:41 pm 15 Jan 08


homemade napalm is not for the uninitiated.

Extremely dangerous stuff.”


Thumper Thumper 1:32 pm 15 Jan 08

In England they use Max Bygraves records to scare them away.

may I suggest Australian Idol’s greatest hits?

Oh that’s right, there isn’t any!

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 1:29 pm 15 Jan 08

Re: Rolf Harrising the bastards:

The european wasps are foreigners, so they’ll find him charming and educational.
No cultural cringe, no desire to run away.

Thumper Thumper 1:14 pm 15 Jan 08

Maybe if you played old Rolf Harris records at the nest they will get the idea and move on?

Thumper Thumper 1:12 pm 15 Jan 08


homemade napalm is not for the uninitiated.

Extremely dangerous stuff.

S4anta S4anta 1:01 pm 15 Jan 08

Elf boy,
the citronella candle is not intended to provide heat/fire/death. Just an ‘aramotheraptic environment’ (for want of better words) that the little b’stards will find intolerable and move on. lighting the citronella wont annoy them unless you happen to bump it with an overinflated melon, for example. Buy the outdoor ones that have a functional radius of a few squares metres to alleviate the need to have the thing in extreme proximity the the nest of death.

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 11:35 am 15 Jan 08

“Chuck Norris doesn’t use wasp spray, he just roundhouse kicks the f***ing nest into space where they burn up on re-entry.”


Given the real danger involved, it seems sensible to withdraw my advice about burning them WD40. Instead, make up a bath of homemade napalm by dissolving styrofoam into a container of petrol until you have a sticky, viscous mess. Gently paint this onto the outside of the nest. A surprising amount will stick on, depending on how much styrofoam you dissolved into the petrol. Light it and run. The styrofoam will ensure the lit mixture sticks to the nest, and slows the burning of the petrol so the mixture remains lit for some time (10-15 mins, typically). During this time all of the oxygen will be sucked out of the nest, and replaced with black, acrid smoke. The burning will completely incinerate all living matter within the general vicinity, and will structurally destroy the nest. Once the burning stops, leave the smelly, smoking misture to cool, then scrape into the rubbish. (Put it in a sealed plastic bag, we have to consider the environment, you know).

Mælinar Mælinar 11:17 am 15 Jan 08

Ahh the old light a citronella candle directly under the nest trick.

1. Not running fast enough (post lighting candle)
2. Balancing enough tables on top of each other to get the candle to the location you want it

1. Fire = unpleasant living conditions = move to neighbours property
2. Once lit, the candle is the object of hatred, not the fleeing person.
3. At a rough guess, it costs nothing near $13-$15 a can, unless you start a fire.

S4anta S4anta 11:00 am 15 Jan 08

talking to the good folks down here in tassie, they seem to think that if you do notice one of these puppies whilst there are only a small number (i.e. less than five or six bvisible, therefore >20) lighting a citronella candle directly under the nest tends to force them to move on.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 10:16 am 15 Jan 08

@Thumper: I was wondering how long it would take fomr someone to notice that. 🙂

hingo_VRCalaisV6 hingo_VRCalaisV6 9:29 am 15 Jan 08

Chuck Norris likes long walks on the beach, Barry White music, Harlequin romance novels, songbirds, rainbows, and quiet time with his lady just before he roundhouse kicks her in the face.

Thumper Thumper 9:24 am 15 Jan 08

Chuck Norris cannot die.

The grim reaper is too scared to come for him.

S4anta S4anta 9:19 am 15 Jan 08

Entamology pr0n
If you haven’t got the guts to deal with this yourself, try these blokes:

European Wasp and Insect Identification Hotline
XCS Consulting
Phone: 02 61621914

shanefos shanefos 8:59 am 15 Jan 08

“Alternatively we could invite Corey Delaney and 500 of this mates over for the party of his life and encourage him to bash at the piñata!!”

Pandy, I live for your comments!

hingo_VRCalaisV6 hingo_VRCalaisV6 8:42 am 15 Jan 08

Chuck Norris doesn’t use wasp spray, he just roundhouse kicks the fucking nest into space where they burn up on re-entry.

Pandy Pandy 8:03 am 15 Jan 08

I suggest we rig-up a robotic arm creepy crawler device available from Jaycar, that we can strap on one of those 4L spary death packs from Bunnings.

We could then remotely blast the buggers from a safe distance: Earth orbit.

Alternatively we could invite Corey Delaney and 500 of this mates over for the party of his life and encourage him to bash at the piñata!!

tybreaker tybreaker 8:02 am 15 Jan 08

Haven’t you heard of the Seinfeld solution? Just play Seinfeld to them on repeat and wait for them to start attacking each other.

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