Explosive Huts just off Mugga Lane?

Ez101 13 April 2009 7

For years now, i’ve noticed brick huts scattered throughout the bushland just off Mugga Lane.

They can be sighted from the road, there are about 4 of them and written above the doors it says ‘EXPLOSIVES’.

I know there is a fireworks depot out there but these don’t seem to be a part of this facility.

Does anyone know the history of these huts? I would be very curious to find out.


[ED – photos anyone?]

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7 Responses to Explosive Huts just off Mugga Lane?
MelonHead MelonHead 6:11 pm 14 Apr 09

Just another comment on P1’s excellent bit of mapping. Where it says “Old Labor Club” in Civic, I would suggest the many many years as the Canberra Workers’ Club would take precedence over a few years as a Labor Club outpost.

What say the masses?

Disposable Disposable 5:21 pm 14 Apr 09

I love your maps p1. I have been wondering for a while now what the Evil and Less Evil locations refer to?

GardeningGirl GardeningGirl 11:05 am 14 Apr 09

I’d always assumed it was to do with the quarry. (Don’t you just love the endless departmental name changes.)

p1 p1 9:38 am 14 Apr 09
old canberran old canberran 1:59 pm 13 Apr 09

Back about 30 or 40 years ago the then Department of Works was responsible for road construction and maintenance, the road base and other road material was obtained from the Mugga Quarry. That department changed its name several times and one of which was the Department of Housing and Construction, aka the sign at the explosives store. I have no doubt the explosives were used in the quarry and it was safer to have 3 small stores rather than one large one especially in view of the fact that about 4 families used to live in Mugga Lane.

grunge_hippy grunge_hippy 8:32 am 13 Apr 09

i always assummed they were for the quarry. I used to drive past them everyday, and considering the close proximity to the road and the lack of a real fence to keep people out, they are harmless these days. I also recall the door being bashed in.

Danman Danman 8:28 am 13 Apr 09

A single solitary picture here

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