Fancy a job as a Chugger?

Barcham 8 April 2013 15

Privi Marketting are looking for more chuggers!

Privi Marketing is Australia’s face to face fundraising agency of choice – for clients, associates, fundraisers, managers and the wider community.

Face to face fundraising? I wondered what they actually called it.

A chugger is a charity mugger for those nop hip with the lingo.

Rioter Notdingers sent us in this little job posting, with the suggestion I go apply for a job undercover and get the scoop.

As much fun as a stealth mission into the heart of charity mugging sounds (and it does actually sound fun), I think my age, scruffiness, and lack of perfect teeth might prevent me being successful in that plan.

If you’ve ever wondered how they sell this kind of job to people, have a look.


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15 Responses to Fancy a job as a Chugger?
ausbradr ausbradr 2:09 pm 19 Oct 13

Just a heads up, I spotted this on Seek today;

They’re going to be infesting Canberra Centre and Westfield Belconnen over November/December

FrankieBT FrankieBT 1:50 pm 16 Sep 13

Good news storys. The rain has push them under covers today. One person from Cancer Council ACT was very polite and when I say I have no time for his storys then he wishes me good day and leave me alone.

Balthazar Balthazar 1:03 pm 16 Sep 13

They annoy the hell out of me but I’ve learnt to totally blank them. I don’t acknowledge their existence in any way, shape or form. I don’t look at them, I don’t so No, I don’t say anything and don’t shake their proffered hand, which is just a trap to detain you.

I also do this with beggars needing money to get a bus ticket for a doctor’s appointment.

Canberroid Canberroid 11:37 am 16 Sep 13

I need to dodge the chuggers in Garema place on a regular basis. I wonder if they realise that chances are most people passing them in work attire have been approached dozens of times, may already donate to charities of their choice, and are not interested in wasting time hearing the speel again.

I now walk down London Circuit instead.

peitab peitab 11:25 am 16 Sep 13

I can’t stand chuggers because they clearly target people. I’ll often observe them leave the men unharrassed as they walk by, and only approach women for donations. If charities can afford to do such obvious profiling to solicit donations, then they clearly don’t need my money.

That, and the fact that chuggers are the scum of the earth…

FrankieBT FrankieBT 9:45 am 16 Sep 13

I sing “NOOOOOO!” to them very loud. They maybe laugh or maybe are very fright. Both ways make me laugh and they leave me away. Best they learn from legacy badge people. Very friend and always smile and say hallo but no pressures.

ausbradr ausbradr 9:56 pm 15 Sep 13

Knowing RiotACT is the local news site of the ‘berra, I thought I’d come here and have a look at whether this was a common problem or not, as they’re shitting me off about as much as those Northbourne window washers!!!

I’ve lived here a few months, and I have to say I am f*cking sick and tired of these vermin trying to push direct debit forms under my nose. As it turns out it looks like Garema is a hotbed for this said vermin! I like to make one off donations in cash, none of this direct debit recurring payment nonsense! I’ve even spotted one heading towards me, and took off like Usain Bolt the other day (of which a couple of ladies sitting by the side pissed themselves).

I echo EvanJames about the Salvos. There’s an excellent older gent who has his donation bucket in Canberra, he gets all my shrapnel. His method of passively running his charity is the best, and least offensive.

watto23 watto23 9:28 am 09 Apr 13

Chuggers ideally need to buy a ticket to asia and compete with the locals in the markets.

BimboGeek BimboGeek 12:34 am 09 Apr 13

Oh please say I can do it! My resume is perfect and I’m pretty freakin bored lately! Plus apparently I can earn $1200 per week and sleep in every day which is about what I’m used to!

schmeah schmeah 5:01 pm 08 Apr 13

My favourite was the Greenpeace chugger. No, no not the one I’ve complained about earlier who chased me through Garema Court telling me that riding my bike, growing my own vegetables and composting wasn’t enough to save the planet but the other one who approached me at about 30 weeks pregnant saying ‘don’t you want your baby to inherit a healthy planet’.

dpm dpm 3:33 pm 08 Apr 13

I loved this bit from the Chugger job ad:
“…we can give you the platform and support to achieve your goals whether you want a future like no other or just want to cash up.”

Good to know where your charity dollars go when you give them your bank details! Hahaha!

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 2:54 pm 08 Apr 13

Almost as appealing as the Simon Sheik job ad as report on the front page of the Oz this morning.

EvanJames EvanJames 2:49 pm 08 Apr 13

Yuck, cringe. I loathe chuggers and everything they represent. I like the salvos’ approach with a card table and a wooden box. I give them money on principle… don’t agree with everything they do, but their way of collecting should be supported!

NoImRight NoImRight 2:29 pm 08 Apr 13

I enjoyed Salute of the Chugger

c_c™ c_c™ 2:21 pm 08 Apr 13

There’s a few different types of chuggers I’ve determined.

There’s those who actually know what they’re selling and who they represent, like the Greenpeace ones with black unwashed feet on Northbourne in the true enviro-activist tradition. Unfortunately, they don’t know when ‘no’ means ‘no’. They won’t leave it alone, so I once interrogated one of them about the CSIRO crop destruction. They at first denied it was them, then said it was but they don’t do that stuff anymore, then said what does it matter it was the right thing to do. Ha!

Then there’s the ones who don’t give a stuff and admit as much. Like the Amnesty collectors who admitted they’d been bussed in from Sydney all expenses paid and were having a working holiday. Funny thing is they don’t pressure people, I don’t think they cared at all.

Then there’s the ones who who should really be used car salesman and are in it for commission. They don’t know what they’re selling, use generic tactics and lines and typically run after you with their hand out trying to shake your hand. They don’t take no for an answer, I’ve seen them run along side people in Garema Place, and on a couple of occasions they tried it on me, were only defeated by my claim to be a member of an organisation entirely the opposite of theirs.

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