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Fashion Police 1 – Suits and Sandals?

By bunnycoat - 4 February 2008 62

What is it with Canberra women? However hot or cold the weather you see women in ‘serious’ trouser suits and their toes peeking out of sandals. This seems to be a Canberra thing – I have never seen it elsewhere.

What’s Your opinion?

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62 Responses to
Fashion Police 1 – Suits and Sandals?
howdy 10:23 am 04 Feb 08

You know what would look good? Boots over skinny leg work pants…

neanderthalsis 10:20 am 04 Feb 08

Howdy, if you wear good quality wool socks and proper leather shoes you don’t get hot, smelly feet.

Thumper 10:19 am 04 Feb 08

The British look is East ender bimbos with bleached blonde hair with caked on makeup, and fluffy fake fur collars.


howdy 10:19 am 04 Feb 08

Goody goody yum yum : )

bunnycoat 10:17 am 04 Feb 08

the British look!

howdy 10:13 am 04 Feb 08

Ha ha guys HAVE to wear formal work shoes. Hot smelly feet. ha ha : P

Unless you go socks with sandals, of course! : P

bunnycoat 10:03 am 04 Feb 08

on blokes over 12? especially puled up neatly to the knees

Thumper 10:00 am 04 Feb 08

Not as bad as shorts, socks, and sandles…

bunnycoat 9:58 am 04 Feb 08

It’s the sandals with suits as office wear I have a problem with……

neanderthalsis 9:56 am 04 Feb 08

Sorry for the poor grammar in my previous post, I tend to froth at the mouth and can’t type properly when on a rant.

neanderthalsis 9:55 am 04 Feb 08

Thongs belong exclusively to the domain of the beach or the backyard barbeque. They are NOT, I say again NOT, a fashionable even if they have funky flowers on them, or if your in Charnwood, a matching pair. Thongs should not be worn in public under any circumstances. They make the wearer shamble like a neolithic troglodyte and have the awesome power to make someone who might otherwise be attractive look like a tramp.

And to those wearing thongs in the rain or the middle of a Canberra winter – I hope you get Trench Foot or Frostbite…

hingo 9:48 am 04 Feb 08

Quick, call the fashion police!

niftydog 9:45 am 04 Feb 08

Wow… I was only thinking this an hour ago as I drove to work. Who wears thongs in the rain, I ask you?

farout 9:45 am 04 Feb 08

Sydney CBD is crawling with ‘suited’ ladies wearing rubber thongs to walk to work. Granted, they change into formal shoes when they get to work, but they deserve a fashion police ticket for wearing while flip-flops with a formal black dress-suit.

howdy 9:40 am 04 Feb 08

That’s cause we enjoy good feet ventilation and know how to avoid smelly sweaty feet. Unlike the smelly sweaty socks and shoes women in other cities… pongo!

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