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Fears Gungahlin’s traffic chaos will be repeated in Molonglo

By Ian Bushnell 28 March 2018 66

The Cotter Road is one of only two ways out of Molonglo and the community council fears congestion will only get worse as the district fills. File photo.

There are growing concerns that Gungahlin’s infamous traffic tangles will be replicated in the new district of Molonglo, which will eventually contain 45,000 to 50,000 people and not have any major employment.

Weston Creek Community Council has outlined the concerns in its 2018-19 Budget submission, which also warns about infrastructure delays and calls on the Government to bring forward plans for the Molonglo Group Centre and the bridge across the Molonglo River.

Chair Tom Anderson said that with the ACT Government not planning any employment at the Molonglo Group Centre, jobs will be limited to retail and commercial businesses.

“So what will happen is that it will become a dormitory district, the same as Gungahlin, with almost everyone leaving to go to work at the same time,” Mr Anderson said.

He said that at present there were only two ways out of Molonglo – Coppins Crossing and Cotter Road – and the bridge across the Molonglo River at Coppins Crossing was not earmarked for another four years.

“They’ve already started on Whitlam, and more and more traffic flows that way, and they’ve all got to go across Coppins Crossing. Heaven forbids when the Molonglo floods and that’s closed with the numbers of people there,” Mr Anderson said.

There are calls for more services and facilities before Molonglo’s population builds. File photo.

Despite the duplication of Cotter Road, congestion was still a problem and it was only going to get worse as Molonglo’s population grows.

“You’ll have the equivalent of what’s in Gungahlin leaving for work, and you can see all the issues with traffic there.That’s the same sort of thing that’s going to happen in Molonglo,” Mr Anderson said.

Mr Anderson said the Group Centre was also four years away when the population is expected to reach the Government’s target of 15,000.

“My concern is that when we hit that target figure then they’ll work on getting it built whereas my view is that when you get to that number it should already be built,” he said.

He said the Coombs shops were still not open as rumours swirled about its future, while the Denman Prospect shops were months away and there had not been any development application for the proposed mixed development and supermarket in Wright.

A gym and coffee shop has opened in Coombs. “It’s the first place where you can buy something in Molonglo,” Mr Anderson said.

The Council also wants the Government to bring forward plans for years 7 to 10 in the K to 10 school planned for Denman Prospect and start development of the sports fields proposed for the eastern edge of the Stromlo Forest Park.

It also wants new community and health centres in the Weston Group Centre, with Weston Creek marking its 50th anniversary this year.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you share the same concerns as the Council? Let us know by commenting below.

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49 Responses to
Fears Gungahlin’s traffic chaos will be repeated in Molonglo
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Wing Nut 4:36 pm 02 Apr 18

What puzzles and angers the residents of Gungahlin is the range of issues should not be at the levels they are. Gungahlin’s a largely green field site but a yet past and present planning failures is leaving many residents absolutely fed up.

John Limbrow 2:21 pm 30 Mar 18

This is why I wake up at 10am Baz Jennings

Gil Maher 1:54 pm 30 Mar 18

Gees Louise, it might take 20-30 min to get home! Catch the bus.

Drew Reis 1:00 pm 30 Mar 18

Pierre-François Loos 1:37 am 30 Mar 18

get a bike

Babs Mabbs 9:53 pm 29 Mar 18

Does anyone wonder what happened to the wildlife who lived there before it was cleared?

Angela Hunter 8:20 pm 29 Mar 18

When will employers embrace working from home or tele-working sites. The old concept of everyone traveling to the same place everyday has been redundant since technology took over our jobs.

Failing that, a European model of parking on the outskirts of the CBD with free...yes FREE buses into the city, makes so much more sense.

Trev Astle 5:26 pm 29 Mar 18

Not a problem if you are retired as you can choose when to be on the road. ie not when mothers are collecting kids from school nor in peak hour traffic. Retirement is great!!!

Mac John 1:04 pm 29 Mar 18

Again the Barr led ACT Government has failed. Too interested in giving nearly two million to the Tradies club through land deals that indirectly benefitted the CFMEU and the ALP from donations.

Josh Ginpil 11:15 am 29 Mar 18

I don’t think this is a case of “fear” rather one of the current reality

Justin Sevi 9:39 am 29 Mar 18

No money in building roads.. still waiting for Horse park to connect to Majura..10 years plus now and still not a backhoe in sight.. meanwhile the road gets more congested, potholed and patched up. Labour waiting for another election ?

Liz Jasso 7:39 am 29 Mar 18

What do you mean "plagued Gungahlin"... use present tense please... residents of Gungahlin have been suffering for years and years... just take a look at every exit and entry point at peak hour... FFS! Thankfully my man and I have retired and can avoid the parking lot syndrome on major roads... but we're also completely fed up with endless roadworks, building works and dust... we're outta here! Shame on you ACT Govt!

Richard Navakas 6:39 am 29 Mar 18

They seem to have planned by putting up parking fees along with fines 40% .

Stan Vizovitis 12:22 am 29 Mar 18

Of cause it will be they only planned for the money!

Malcolm Peden 11:16 pm 28 Mar 18

Build a light Rail to & from and watch the people use it .

Michael Robinson 11:04 pm 28 Mar 18

If you build it they will come 👊

Melissa Woolf 10:59 pm 28 Mar 18

Time for a tram out that way...

Richard Navakas 10:52 pm 28 Mar 18

Another $1 billion tram will sort the problem out

Gary Wight 10:49 pm 28 Mar 18

‘Plagued’ (past tense)... we continue to live that dream

    Troy Duggan 8:01 pm 29 Mar 18

    I call it the "Gungahlin Insurgency" as it is a concerted, coordinated encirclement of the inhabitants to prevent the free access of locals in and out of the 'tram terrorism zone'

    Gary Wight 4:50 am 30 Mar 18

    Funneling the populace into (more) efficient and environmentally (more) sustainable modes of transport is a bad thing? The way we’ve designed towns and cities til now has been a complete disaster so maybe things need to be done differently?

    Gary Wight 4:56 am 30 Mar 18

    Brett Griffiths ‘the rest of Canberra’ pay for all sorts of things. If we adopted the argument that the south shouldn’t be paying for infrastructure in the north (I.e. it’s unfair that ‘my’ rates/taxes are funding things that don’t benefit me or my area), then people should complain when a new road, hospital, school etc is built somewhere else. Happy that some may not have wanted the tram, but any argument around it being unfair that non-northerners have helped pay for it (but it only benefits Gungahlin) is a very flawed argument (which many argued during the election and continue to argue). Hopefully the next line is in the south and us Yankees up north can help pay for it 😉

Alan Campbell 10:41 pm 28 Mar 18

It’s planned for 2 routes east, the Cotter across onto Tuggers Pkwy or Adelaide, a 2nd onto Tuggers below the Arboretum, then 2 north, one to Coulter/William Hovell and one to Bindubi at WH. Seems to be a non story.

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