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Federal Budget ’05

By johnboy - 11 May 2005 70

Well the 2005 Budget has arrived and as usual made for one of the worst days of my life.

I can’t really go into details but due to a failure of leadership on my part and two failures of foresight (also on my part) things didn’t go as well as I had hoped. There’s a good chance I’ll be judged on it in my application for the position I’m going for, to add to the joy. A long, nasty day with another one quite like it to come. The back held up OK this time. I think the crappy garden furniture Treasury provide might have contributed to last years troubles, this year I paid more attention to posture and now it’s just a dull ache instead of being totally rooted.

An outrageously bloggy (and self indulgent) post I know but quite a lot of you have been asking about it.

As for the budget? It’s an interesting experiment. If it works the country will be the better for it, and if it doesn’t we won’t be much worse off.

Costello’s forced laughter in the lockup is something that has to be heard to be believed.

Light Note: Ten minutes into the lockup the treasury boffins had detected a mobile phone signal. They ran around accusing media of having this phone. The running around and accusing went on for a good 40 minutes until a phone went “ring ring” and one of Costello’s staffers pulled out his phone and answered it.

What’s Your opinion?

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70 Responses to
Federal Budget ’05
LurkerGal 10:59 am 11 May 05

First: I think David H should be PM. Speshly re the disabled. You are spot on.

Second: It is good the Govt is encouraging women to stay in abusive relationships. I mean, we ask for it, right? We deserve it. If we weren’t so horrible they wouldn’t abuse us! And it’s healthy for our kids to see, so that they also know that women deserve it. And if the kids cop abuse as well, so much the better! I mean, THEY deserve it!

So we should just buy another apron and close our damned mouths!

LurkerGal 10:53 am 11 May 05

Yes Random. Shame on you for feeling good about contributing to society through income tax and “shave for a cure”. Who the hell do you think you are?????

For the record, I don’t mind paying taxes either – it means I have a job and a good income!

Anonymous 10:50 am 11 May 05

Your attitude makes me wish it had been a back, sac and crack. Poorly performed.

RandomGit 10:43 am 11 May 05

Once the new AFP building opens up, thats my solution to paid parking gone 🙁

I like graded taxation, puts my mind at ease that as my means increase so does my contribution. I like being part of a community rather than an island. Especially given that I don’t give a cent to charity.

But then, I did get my head shaved and legs waxed for charity recently. Me and my collegues raised 2,600 all up. If you passed by Babars on the day, I was the guy who got both the shave AND the leg wax.

Hurt so good >:)

bonfire 10:36 am 11 May 05

RandomGit i hear you. From dole queue in teh 80’s to high income earner is a mighty leap. I have little sympathy for lazy fucks. I have lost for teh less fortunate, but also believe tough love and incentive will help people to help themselves.

I dislike graded taxation. I would like to see a sole tax rate say 20% for all income levels. Especially mine…

I was pretty surprised at the amount I’ll be getting back. Of course comrade nohope will probably introduce some feeble revenue grab again. we had paid parking last year, what about paid walking next year.

LurkerGal 10:30 am 11 May 05

Hang in there JB. Thinkin’ of you.

RandomGit 10:25 am 11 May 05

Having come from poverty to the dole queue and up to professional career and the contact I have had with all those involved as a result, I have little sympathy for those on welfare getting an extra kick to find a job. Except single mothers. Raising a kid is one hell of a job.

Thumper 10:20 am 11 May 05

Yep, there appears to be an assumption that people will get divorced, not may get divorced.

And I’m happy about the crackdown on dole recipients as long as there remains a genuine safety net for those genuinely out of work.

Ralph 10:13 am 11 May 05

It depends on the ideology Thumper. Some people would say that higher income earners make a greater contribtion to the economy, pay more tax (some of which gets redistributed to the poor) and hence deserve greater tax relief. I don’t necessarily agree with this, but I suspect the annointed ones on Capital Hill do.

I’m not happy about the crackdown on some welfare recipients. And apparently women who divorce or leave their husbands will not qualify for sole parents assistance – they will go straight onto the dole. But hey, the Government is throwing money at ‘family conselling’ so it will all be peachy.

atnas 10:11 am 11 May 05

I am with the Git. I am very happy at the mo. God bless him, and his protecting his party voters ways

RandomGit 10:06 am 11 May 05

The threshhold increases come just as I am about to pass the 63k mark. I could fair dinkum blow the guy.

Thumper 10:04 am 11 May 05

I’m a bit disappointed that the tax system wasn’t given a bit more reform in that the divide between working rich and working poor will now be huge.

I would have rathered seen a reverse sliding scale so that lower income earners get bigger breaks whilst high income earners get no breaks.

After all, those with money do have a responsibility to those less fortunate.

Told you I had some left tendencies.

Canberra_unsung_hero 9:33 am 11 May 05


David Heidelberg 9:09 am 11 May 05

I think that if it doesn’t work, we’re headed for much higher interest rates.

I’m pleased that the government is targeting those vile disabled people though. After all they’ve got it so good now, living in sub standard accommodation, being serviced by inept, underfunded organisations.

About time they really got what was coming to them!

Jazz 8:53 am 11 May 05

JB, do you have a link to some of the specifics yet?

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