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Federal Election today

JD114 24 November 2007 98

I read in a paper somewhere recently that Australians are going to have a federal election this Saturday. Has anyone else this rumour and can it be substantiated?

If it’s true then a canny analyst would have to assume with a healthy economy and summer on the way the current government will be a shoo-in. I mean, with things going so well across the board, who would change the status quo? (And no I don’t mean look for another album)

[Ed. dont forget to vote]

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98 Responses to Federal Election today
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Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 5:48 pm 24 Nov 07

See you in hell JWH. Australia has spoken. We live in a society, not economy. We care about the environment, not your business crony mates. Work to live, not live to work. And Frank and Fearless advice in Government went with the introduction of Performance Pay.

See you later you glory hunting gnome….

Luke Luke 4:38 pm 24 Nov 07

Nemo – I think anybody who can’t figure out how to write numbers in boxes without a how to vote card, shouldn’t be allowed to vote in the first place… But then, they wouldn’t be Liberal voters if they weren’t happy to swallow whatever is shoved down their throat…

wonsworld wonsworld 4:26 pm 24 Nov 07

I am not sure what “Wall To Wall Labor” will do for us. I don’t know if I like that idea yet. What I KNOW I don’t like is the WALL TO WALL plastic sheeting that advertised the fact all over the polling place.

I am seriously talking metres of the stuff wrapped along most of the fencing, completely around an ancillary building, trees etc. How much of this crap is being used Australia wide? Howard Environmental Policy in action

On a lighter note, in the small building next door, a wedding was taking place. I can just picture the door attendant asking “Bride or Groom?” and the perplexed person standing there, complete with how to vote forms in his hand, wondering what kind of election they were running this time…

sepi sepi 4:20 pm 24 Nov 07

“It is the government’s express intention that children only be detained as a last resort.”

That’s from the immigration factsheet on children in detention. It doesn’t say there are n’t any there.

It’s just a meaningless statement – a bit like john howard’s climate change idea – he’d like to reduce emissions, but only if it doesn’t cost any money.

sepi sepi 4:17 pm 24 Nov 07

Well I voted late, and no liberal voters in sight.
No queueing either.

I’m not convinced there are no kids in detention – I heard a radio national story about them on Tuesday.

And they should definitely shut down Nauru – it costs 1700.00 a day per prisoner. 90% of whom are then given visas anyway, eventually. Imagine how much free dental they could spend that money on.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 4:07 pm 24 Nov 07

I heard from the greens guy and the labor guy that the libs were copping a fair bit of shit at my polling place. Poor guy. I wanted to be nice to him, but I was repelled by his t-shirt.

Hopefully this is a sign for tonight.

Pandy Pandy 3:37 pm 24 Nov 07

I said to the Labor guy I was not happy becasue of the cuts that Labor will make to the PS. He said “Howard cut 30,000 PS jobs in 1996”. I replied “So I should feel better with your unknown cuts?” there was general laughter from the Greens guy back to that.

BenMac BenMac 2:58 pm 24 Nov 07

Of the people standing in line when I voted at Macgregor this morning, I would estimate 75% had a Liberal how to vote card.
Then again, it could just be that the labor party attracts people who dont get out of bed before noon.

I’d say that’s because McMullan is a certainty, so the Labor Part needn’t worry.

Nemo Nemo 2:09 pm 24 Nov 07

Sepi – There haven’t been any kids in detention for years. They moved towards residential housing projects for women and children several years ago.

The mandatory detention policy was actually brought in by Labor (Gerry Hand 1992) and has had bipartisan support.

Nemo Nemo 1:55 pm 24 Nov 07

Of the people standing in line when I voted at Macgregor this morning, I would estimate 75% had a Liberal how to vote card.
Then again, it could just be that the labor party attracts people who dont get out of bed before noon.

Primal Primal 1:27 pm 24 Nov 07

The highlight of my trip to the polling booth was without doubt the egg, bacon and onion roll with barbecue and tomato sauce that I rewarded myself with on the way out.

I love democracy. Particularly with two sauces.

You You 12:46 pm 24 Nov 07

I’m going to wear my Nineteen Eighty Four “Miniluv” t-shirt when i go to vote. It represents the way the Liberals operate quite well.

hk0reduck hk0reduck 12:44 pm 24 Nov 07

Went down and had a bit of a vote.

The fortune cookies are pretty sweet.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 12:24 pm 24 Nov 07

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Rudd that much. But he’s the lesser of two evils. If he signs the Kyoto Protocol, rolls back Workchoices and closes down the Nauru detention centre, I’ll be happy.

Plus, he’ll be influenced at least a little by the only man in this country whom really should be Prime Minister – Bob Brown.

*continues to rant angrily in true left-wing reactionary fashion until he roars with disappointment and utter contempt for a stupid society and burns down Parliament House*

MelonHead MelonHead 11:47 am 24 Nov 07

I saw a person get busted for wearing a Kevin07 shirt in a polling place. This person was asked to cover it up. Or leave. Fortunately the very nice ( and highly practical and realist ) AEC staffer handed the wearer a plastic shopping bag and said that this would suffice as a cover up.

mmmm…. sounds like a Chaser skit. But it did happen.

cranky cranky 11:35 am 24 Nov 07

Just waiting for a raft of byelections as re-elected (to opposition) former Liberal ministers decide their family/health/other reason mean they can no longer serve the country that they have so professionally degraded and discredited.

Good riddance.

Adza Adza 11:16 am 24 Nov 07

Not too interested in throwing a party to welcome another lot of #!@$#@% into Parliament House.

All I’ll say is you’re right Sepi, it’s not going so well for everyone.

Spectra Spectra 10:23 am 24 Nov 07

Don’t worry sepi, the kids (and adults) in detention don’t get to vote, so it won’t affect the rest of us. Hasn’t this government taught you anything? It’s all about what’s in it for you!
Here’s hoping that whoever wins does their very best for the country. That’s all I’m game to hope for at this stage.
My election party is all good to go – anyone else throwing one?

sepi sepi 10:00 am 24 Nov 07

Things are not going so well for anyone on a low income who needs dental care.

Or for the kids in detention, who devfelop an extra mental disorder for every 6 months they are locked up.

Not everyone is happy with the status quo.

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