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Federal Election today

JD114 24 November 2007 98

I read in a paper somewhere recently that Australians are going to have a federal election this Saturday. Has anyone else this rumour and can it be substantiated?

If it’s true then a canny analyst would have to assume with a healthy economy and summer on the way the current government will be a shoo-in. I mean, with things going so well across the board, who would change the status quo? (And no I don’t mean look for another album)

[Ed. dont forget to vote]

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98 Responses to Federal Election today
JD114 JD114 2:46 pm 27 Nov 07


By dint of declaring Gillard to be an idiot without any basis of fgact you have actually proclaimed to the world that you are a cretin and if anyone is the idiot, it must be you. It really is a pathetic indictment of the type of people who come on to this forum to have baseless statements such as yours trumpeted as though they were somehow facts.

On the contrary to your assertion, Julia Gillard has proven to be a steady rational and thoughtful spokesperson for fairer industrial relations, and there is no suggestion that in doing so she has in any way qualified as an idiot. If halfwitted reactionary types such as yourself realised that having a different viewpoint and ideology to yourself doesn’t make a person an idiot, then your statements would have at least a grain of credibility in the discussion, which they certainly don’t have now.

BigDave BigDave 2:28 pm 27 Nov 07

nyssa, you were the one who brought up the whole “women” subject, not me. Not once did I mention it, or really care for that matter. So who’s the one being ridiculous? I just refered to Gillard as an idiot, which is precisely what she is.
As for “scare” tactics, let’s see how many of you are still smiling about this fantastic, new government in a couple of years time. I can’t wait to be the first to say I told you so…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:49 am 27 Nov 07


What electorate were they standing in??? 🙂

caf caf 11:44 am 27 Nov 07

The schadenfreude at all the wailing and gnashing of teeth is delicious. mmmmm…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:26 am 27 Nov 07

I wonder if he’s taking a boogie board?

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:37 am 27 Nov 07

I wish I could take a week off to Bali on starting a new job… 🙂

Thumper Thumper 8:47 am 27 Nov 07

Well, the preppy boy is PM elect so let’s see what he comes up with.

sepi sepi 8:12 am 27 Nov 07

It’s got nothing to do with Julia being a woman – yet she looks like a man in drag.

Make up your mind.

Thumper Thumper 8:11 am 27 Nov 07

Folks, it’s LABOR, not Labour….

nyssa76 nyssa76 8:00 am 27 Nov 07

Yes BigDave, you keep telling yourself that.

Your statement wasn’t well thought out and it was ridiculous.

As for being a ‘feminist’ – if that’s what gets you to sleep at night, so be it.

You’re ‘scare’ tactics are nothing more than a case of sour grapes.

BigDave BigDave 10:58 pm 26 Nov 07

Thanks for your comments nyssa. Spoken like a true feminist if ever I heard one.
It’s got nothing to do with Gillard being a woman. In fact she could be a man in drag for all I care, and that might not be too far from the truth judging by the look of her.
The fact of the matter is she’s grossly incapable of managing this country. But then again, so’s Rudd and Labor.
This whole scenario is strikingly similar to Britain’s 1997 election. A little known Labour (!)politician named Tony Blair (maybe you’ve heard of him), a young and smug family man swept into power. The public were all smiles and full of joy saying it was time for a change. Sound familiar?? Ten years on, Blair has gone, Britain is a bloody shambles and the people rue the day Labour ever got in.

You’ve been warned…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:42 pm 26 Nov 07

Because he was getting kickbacks????

sepi sepi 1:10 pm 26 Nov 07

So why was it decided soley by the minister and not tendered in the normal way?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:57 am 26 Nov 07

“Actually the super hornets decision is sound. I will say no more on the matter other than to assert that it is not as bizarre as it may seem.”

Fully agreed, and the sooner people stopped listening to anti-Supper Hornet lobbiers like Peter Criss and Carlo Kopp, the better.

Snahons_scv6_berlina Snahons_scv6_berlina 11:37 am 26 Nov 07

You all crack me up.. You can whinge and whine and sulk all you like… The proof will be in finite policy detail and the “core” vs “non-core” promises.

Cameron Cameron 11:17 am 26 Nov 07

BigDave didn’t call Gillard being in charge a joke because she’s a woman, he called it a joke because she’s a woman.

Yes, people voted for change – but to quote BigDave: “Oh Yeah? A change from what? An excellent economy? Low unemployment? A prosperous country?”

If you think the PM and government policy has less to do with the strength of the economy than the hard working people of the nation, well, I guess I just find that amusing.

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:40 am 26 Nov 07

Yes BigDave, because women should be in the kitchen and not working.

What a Neanderthal statement.

People voted for a change. Suck it up and move on.

Our economy is good because of all the ‘little people’ who work their arses off day in and day out.

John Howard wasn’t a miracle worker. He just knew how to exploit the obvious to his own advantage.

BigDave BigDave 12:43 am 26 Nov 07

Today, I have lost complete faith in Australians. Stupid, stupid people…

BigDave BigDave 12:40 am 26 Nov 07

I think what frightens me most about this whole debacle is the fact that that idiot Gillard will be in charge of the country when nancy boy goes on his holidays. What a joke!
And the funny part? Watching those halfwits outside Parliament House last night, beaming and gushing, “It’s time for a change. Yay!!”
Oh yeah? A change from what? An excellent economy? Low unemployment? A prosperous country? I’m sorry, I don’t understand that logic at all. So they want a change for the worse??

Mælinar Mælinar 1:58 pm 25 Nov 07

Actually the super hornets decision is sound. I will say no more on the matter other than to assert that it is not as bizarre as it may seem.

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