Feed in tariff squabbling and PR pigeonholes

johnboy 28 June 2012 1

The Liberals have taken to pre-announcing their estimates questions. Which indicates they’re not that interested in the answers.

Yesterday they were trying to present the feed in tariff scheme (homeowners paid over the odds to make electricity on their roofs with solar panels by the rest of the non-homeowning community) as “a second carbon tax”.

ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja said today that ACT Labor is effectively introducing a ‘second carbon tax’ through its solar feed in tariff, which would add another $225 to Canberrans’ electricity bills. Mr Seselja said Canberrans will already be slugged with a whopping $273 extra on their electricity bills as of next week largely because of the carbon tax, and it is unsustainable for ACT Labor to almost double this increase.

Simon Corbell will have the opportunity in Estimates today to say how much the solar feed in scheme will cost.

“Because of ACT Labor’s tokenistic and inequitable solar feed in tariff, Canberrans will effectively have to pay twice for the carbon tax,” Mr Seselja said.

“Canberrans are already facing a disproportionate 17 per cent increase to their electricity bills because of the carbon tax Katy Gallagher supports, and I urge ACT Labor not to slug residents even further.

So far a pointless “what would Mr Rabbit do” thought bubble.

I’d have given it a miss only Simon Corbell decided to put out a media release of his own:

“The opposition leader is showing that he is stuck in the past and is using figures that were simply estimates three years ago, and now chooses to ignore the facts, which are that the cost of solar PV panels has dropped significantly by about 80% since this time.

“The figure cited by the opposition leader is based on price estimate in 2009 and if the entire 240MW of generation capacity is installed, which is not the case.

“Currently the feed-in tariff only sees a cost of 50c per week, per household for the benefits of renewable energy in Canberra.

Lies, damn lies, statistics. Not particularly notable.

Except for this thing the Labor media advisors have started putting in their emails and which appears in this media release:


It’s going to be a long run to the election in October.

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One Response to Feed in tariff squabbling and PR pigeonholes
helium helium 1:50 pm 29 Jun 12

My calculation on personal usage,
Electricity only (I have gas heating/hot water/cooking, 4 bed house,3 pax)

1103 kg CO2/MWh for Coal (from a study)
$23/1000kg (Carbon tax)
so $25.30 per MWh
2.5¢ per KWh

However ACTEW will raise prices 17.74%, current per KWh is 19.69¢, increase is 3.34¢
My daily usage of 12 kWh = $110 per annum for carbon tax + $37 for ACTEW (for “ongoing need for investment in electricity infrastructure”)

How does yours compare ?

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