Canberrans take up #CBRnumberplates challenge on Twitter

Charlotte 7 September 2016 26


Canberrans have really gone for ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr’s challenge to come up with a new slogan for the Territory’s numberplates, though perhaps not quite in the spirit he had hoped.

There are two Twitter hashtags doing the rounds this morning: #newACTplates and #CBRnumberplates

Among the Twitterati’s suggestions so far are: Canberra: An Oasis In A Lockout Law Desert; Canberra: “Six suburbs in search of a city”; Canberra: we have a red caravan that makes burgers, but it’s always too busy to get one. Lol.; Canberra: Wombat attack capital of Australia; and APS 4 in the streets, EL2 in the sheets.

Here’s a visual sample of the fun:

Roundabouts flexidays


Here’s our earlier story explaining what Mr Barr’s callout is all about:

Numberplate slogans Feel the power of Canberra and Celebration of a century may be on the way out as the ACT Government looks to update and streamline the number of slogans on offer, and Canberrans can have a say on what replaces them.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr is inviting resident of all ages to submit ideas for new slogans.

“We’re all proud of our city and we love to show this no matter where we are travelling, either in the ACT or elsewhere in Australia, and our numberplate slogans reflect this,” Mr Barr said.

“I’m asking Canberrans to get their creative thinking caps on and submit some fantastic ideas for a new numberplate slogan.”

Currently in circulation are the following options:

  7. No Slogan

The first five are still being distributed, with ‘CANBERRA THE NATIONS CAPITAL’ overwhelming the most popular.

Canberrans will have the opportunity to submit their slogan or slogans on the ACT Your Say website between today and October 14.

“You’re only limited by your imagination and the number of characters that can fit on an ACT numberplate,” Mr Barr said.

“It’s amazing what you can say in 30 characters or less. If you need inspiration, see what others have used around the world or get together with family and friends and brainstorm ideas.”

Slogans that are deemed offensive by the panel of judges assessing submissions will not be considered.

The panel will narrow down the field of slogan ideas before the Government invites Canberrans to vote on their favourite new numberplate slogan. In the same voting process, residents will be asked to vote on which current slogan they would like to retain.


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26 Responses to Canberrans take up #CBRnumberplates challenge on Twitter
rommeldog56 rommeldog56 8:47 am 07 Sep 16

What about :

Canberra – Come Ride a Tram
Canberra – Where we only ever vote Labor/Greens
Canberra – Its all about me !
Canberra – Worst Performing Hospital
Canberra – Conflict of Interest ? Who cares.
Canberra – Car unfriendly

Just for a few…….

wildturkeycanoe wildturkeycanoe 10:31 am 07 Sep 16

Canberra – keep left optional

CBRFoodie CBRFoodie 10:57 am 07 Sep 16

If no one suggests a new numberplate slogan that says how awesome the food is in Canberra I’ll be very disappointed.

dungfungus dungfungus 10:58 am 07 Sep 16

wildturkeycanoe said :

Canberra – keep left optional

Canberra – vote left compulsory

Rollersk8r Rollersk8r 12:14 pm 07 Sep 16

Canberra: It’s not that bad.
Canberra: Yes, it’s the capital.
Canberra: Land of Subarus and Polar Fleece.
Canberra: We’re getting a tram soon!

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 1:34 pm 07 Sep 16

Canberra – My other car is a tram
Canberra – Votey McVoteface
Canberra – You voted for them, not us
Canberra – Better than Queanbeyan
Canberra – Are we nearly there yet

justin heywood justin heywood 6:37 pm 07 Sep 16

Canberra. We all drive like this.

farnarkler farnarkler 8:42 pm 07 Sep 16

Canberra – where we don’t swerve to avoid the potholes

farnarkler farnarkler 8:48 pm 07 Sep 16

Canberra – no fireworks for sale.
Canberra – dead from the neck up
Canberra – why?
Canberra- Katter’s soul city

dungfungus dungfungus 9:18 pm 07 Sep 16

Canberra, feel the vibe, Priceless

Mordd / Chris Richards Mordd / Chris Richards 12:55 am 08 Sep 16

Hahaha, this will be even better than Boaty McBoatface, i’ll stock up on popcorn tomorrow!!

So, here goes:

Chicken Gourmet… It’s Gourmet OR Chicken Gourmet… Canberra’s Finest

Top Jobs for Opposing Pollies (Brendan Smyth)

Ignoring WBG’s grand plan FTW (ignoring walter burley griffin’s grand plan for the win)

Pissing off interstate drivers since 1911 (tiny bit too long?)

The Tale of a Tower & a Merry Go-Round (too long?)

Cultural Heartland of Australia (depends how you define “cultural”)

Warning – Merging Lane Ahead (will apply at least 40% of all times while in Canberra)

The polar opposite in Politics (compared to the federal parties)

40K School Zones All Day Weekdays (seems drivers need reminding of this in general)

No Fireworks here, Porns in Fyshwick (helpful to locals and interstate drivers especially)

That’s all I got for the moment, i’ll likely think of a few more though. Hehe, this is going to be fun! 🙂

Mordd / Chris Richards Mordd / Chris Richards 1:24 am 08 Sep 16

Oh! For those tweeting: Don’t forget to include “@ABarrMLA” in ALL your tweets with numberplate slogan suggestions so he can really feel the love Canberra!

dungfungus dungfungus 8:59 am 08 Sep 16

Mordd / Chris Richards said :

Oh! For those tweeting: Don’t forget to include “@ABarrMLA” in ALL your tweets with numberplate slogan suggestions so he can really feel the love Canberra!

He will feel the love in about 6 weeks time, at the polling booths.

John Moulis John Moulis 9:36 am 09 Sep 16

I can’t see anything wrong with Canberra – The Nation’s Capital. A simple statement of fact and educational as well. I have Heart of the Nation on my plates and I only just realised it when I checked them after this thread started (I bought the car second-hand). If we need a new slogan perhaps Canberra – Australia’s Heritage City might work. Anything is better than the disastrous “Feel the power of Canberra”, the legacy of Kate Carnell. Along with Trevor Kaine the worst Chief Ministers in the history of self government.

curmudgery curmudgery 11:30 am 09 Sep 16

Canberra – Leading The Bemused

Canberra – Making Money Vanish

Canberra – We’re Dreaming

wildturkeycanoe wildturkeycanoe 8:31 am 10 Sep 16

Depending on the outcome , Canberra – Premiers 2016!

MickyT MickyT 4:29 pm 10 Sep 16

Canberra: Form One Lane
Canberra: We wave thank you when you let us in.
Canberra: North side or South side

gazket gazket 9:56 pm 10 Sep 16

Canberra – we do what we want
Canberra – a bottomless pit
Canberra – it’s not our money
Canberra – we knock off early
Canberra – worlds largest daycare centre

pink little birdie pink little birdie 10:44 pm 11 Sep 16

justin heywood said :

Canberra. We all drive like this.

Canberra – most of our drivers learnt to drive elsewhere.
Canberra – Each states worst driving habits together.

Tezza7420 Tezza7420 9:53 am 12 Sep 16

Canberra – A little less Fluffy every day!

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