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Life is looking up

Feel the Stanhope Spin!

By johnboy - 19 October 2006 39

Our Brave Leader has announced that the run to the election is on and he would like you to forget all the bad stuff of the last couple of years and, rather, enjoy the show as his government jumps through hoops like a pack of performing seals for your amusement.

Ok, he didn’t actually say that. Try this:

“At the half-way point of the parliamentary term, an energised Government was looking forward to a period of heightened activity and achievement, Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said today. Among the highlights of the remainder of this parliamentary term would be the Government’s responses to a high-level inquiry into affordable housing options and the new Skills Commission, an unprecedented capital investment in public education, continued investment in the security of the Territory’s water supply, the completion of some significant infrastructure projects and the election of a representative Indigenous body.

Anyone want to de-spin that?

What’s Your opinion?

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39 Responses to
Feel the Stanhope Spin!
Thumper 3:57 pm 19 Oct 06

Ah, blantant….


johnboy 3:57 pm 19 Oct 06

what we need is a cross bench full diligent indies directly answerable to their electorates.

Thumper 3:56 pm 19 Oct 06

Maybe so, but blatent morons versus total incompetents?

Can we afford another 6 years of Stanhope and his scorched earth policy?

Absent Diane 3:53 pm 19 Oct 06

the alternatives are worse. blatant morons.

lateralis 3:51 pm 19 Oct 06

Having moved here recently, I am amazed at how arrogant and dismissive Stanhope is whenever he is interviewed. He is downright rude to some radion callers.
He seems to have the attitude that, ‘he knows best’, and that no one should dare criticize him!
Man is he on a losing streak now!

So tell me, who’s the alternative?

vg 3:31 pm 19 Oct 06

Never forget the bad stuff.

‘If you’re going to blame anyone then blame me’ (circa Jan 2003)

I sincerely hope that the local electorate remembers the above, and the accompanying lies and memory losses of he and his staff, when the next election rolls around.

bonfire 2:56 pm 19 Oct 06

not as bad as follett but we have 18 months to go…

VYBerlinaV8 1:40 pm 19 Oct 06

Translation #5:

“We couldn’t do any worse. And yes, we’ve tried.”

el 12:24 pm 19 Oct 06

Absolute fecking bollocks.

That’s all I can really manage at the moment.

Avacry 11:45 am 19 Oct 06

Only half way? That gives him another half a term to find innovative ways to tax us in ways we have never been taxed before!

Mr Evil 11:35 am 19 Oct 06

Translation #4:

“It wasn’t me – it was John Howard who did it all!”

barking toad 11:34 am 19 Oct 06

white noise

Absent Diane 11:24 am 19 Oct 06

Translation #3:

“We really don’t have much to say… so lets just dribble on about things that may or may not happen”

Mr Evil 11:21 am 19 Oct 06

Translation #2:

“We haven’t fucked up as badly as we could have”.

LurkerGal 11:12 am 19 Oct 06

The English Version: “Da laba partee is rool good, and shit.”

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