Fight Club at Mt Rogers Primary School

Qu0kka 6 March 2010 7

Passing by Mt Rogers Primary School this afternoon (Saturday 6th March) and I noticed a gathering of 20 or 30 young folk (late teens or young adults) assembling for fight club of sorts. Two young men wearing gloves (hmmm…looked something like practice gloves to me – ouch). The ‘referee’ gave the word and off they went. It resembled nothing like an organised boxing match with trained opponents – taking more of a leaning towards club brawling, which some may find more entertaining.

Was this a modern duel? Had one young man stolen away the heart of his opponent’s beau? Should I have captured it on camera for upload to YouTube?

I’ll admit that I was a huge fan of the movie Fight Club. It touched something in me…a feeling that modern man is somehow smothered, removed too quickly from our ancient environment of hunting and surviving and protecting our tribe or family from a hostile world. But somehow this seemed a little too public. Distasteful. Do I really want my young son seeing this sort of thing, and developing an impression that such behaviour is normal? Surely he can wait for his night-clubbing years to witness such spectacles!

I’ll remain just mildly disturbed.

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7 Responses to Fight Club at Mt Rogers Primary School
LMR LMR 6:11 pm 07 Mar 10

Yep, you should have filmed it

sexynotsmart sexynotsmart 9:57 am 07 Mar 10

As a former player (back in my Sydney days)… gentlemen, show some judgement about your meets.

Primary school = bad.

Find another spot. If you can’t get a gym or scout hall or similar, industrial area carparks and local ovals are deserted out-of-hours.

krats krats 8:26 am 07 Mar 10

you have a vivid imagination…

trevar trevar 7:53 am 07 Mar 10

I these people just stuck to the spirit of rule #1 your son wouldn’t get to see it!

If it’s like club brawling but at a primary school, one would be concerned about the consumption of alcohol on school grounds… and if there was no alcohol, one would fear that the entertainment value would suffer…

I’m with you; they should keep the brawling to places where alcohol is served!

Weaselburger Weaselburger 6:51 am 07 Mar 10

the first rule of fightclub is you do not talk about fightclub

bd84 bd84 8:04 pm 06 Mar 10

131444 is the police attendance number.

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 7:49 pm 06 Mar 10

Sounds like a herd of dickheads escaped their normal territory.

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