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Life is looking up

Fingers waved on the parkway

By johnboy - 30 October 2010 68

The magic of YouTube brings this altercation on the Tuggeranong Parkway. You can skip to 2:49 for the interesting bit.

“FullHalfGlass” is rather irritated, but the geezer in the Corolla did at least indicate…?

What’s Your opinion?

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68 Responses to
Fingers waved on the parkway
BerraBoy68 6:52 pm 30 Oct 10

Just another day on the parkway, unfortunately.

I agree with AussieRodeny though at post #1, every car was overtaken as if they were standing still. The bike rider was speeding and therfor loses any moral high ground.

Benaresq 6:39 pm 30 Oct 10

Don’t they teach situational awareness in the stay upright courses?

If he continues to ride like that, he’s going to come across a lot of ‘idiot’ motorists. If he pays attention to traffic flow and gets rid of the black helmet, he might live a bit longer.

p1 6:26 pm 30 Oct 10

johnboy said :

it beats the hell out of changing lane with no warning at all.

the rider had plenty of time to slow down

True. But sometimes it is a better option to zip past. Once you are in front, the car can no longer hit you without trying really hard. I have had a car do that in front of me, get half in my lane, see me, then hit the brakes in surprise….

Gerry-Built 6:16 pm 30 Oct 10

Ain’t there some riveting stuff on YouTube?

Spideydog 6:16 pm 30 Oct 10

As a rider myself, I can honestly say that at those merge points I look our these types of situations. That was a classic example of where an defensive rider/driver would have seen vehicle’s getting ready to merge from the slip lane and you do either one of two things:

1. get past the white corolla early (cause you know that they are most likely going to want to change lanes to allow the merging vehicles out)

2. Slow down and anticipate the white corolla coming out without looking.

I would suggest option 2 as probably the better option.

Just because you have right of way, doesn’t mean a crash wont occur. Green light means “go when safe to do so”

If a collision did occurred there, in my opinion, the rider is just as much at fault (not legally) as the white corolla driver. 99.9% of collisions are totally preventable.

bd84 6:12 pm 30 Oct 10

Typical of motorcyclists to think that only some of the road rules apply to them and still expect all other road users to see them. Judging by the footage and the number of cars the motorcylist is flying past he is doing at least 130kph in the 100 zone. It is fairly typical of moronic motorcyclists to think that only some of the road rules apply to them and still expect all other road users to see them when they ride unpredicably.

All the footage proves is that both the corolla and the motorcyclist are at fault. There was no reason for the corolla to change lanes, the merging traffic was well ahead to make a safe merge and the reason that it nearly changes lanes into the motorcyclist is that the rider adds 10kph after going past the speed camera. The driver probably did the right checks before but didn’t anticipate the additional speed of the rider adds.

Jethro 5:57 pm 30 Oct 10

They’re both idiots.

rogerthat 5:52 pm 30 Oct 10

Whoever’s right or wrong, when it’s about protecting yourself the rider could have been more aware. On that section of the parkway it’s not uncommon for cars to move to the right lane when they see cars heading to merge from that entry ramp on the left. Given there were cars coming down that ramp that’s what I’d be thinking and looking out for, regardless of whether I’m in a car or on the bike.

Bit of a shame to see that the rider is just blatantly ignoring the speed limit every chance he gets though.

georgesgenitals 5:47 pm 30 Oct 10

johnboy said :

it beats the hell out of changing lane with no warning at all.

the rider had plenty of time to slow down

+1. He rode right past when he could easily have waited, knowing the lane change was coming. Sure, the car didn’t look (or didn’t see him), but deliberately allowing yourself to be almost run off the road because you were going significantly quicker than surrounding traffic and didn’t want to back off doesn’t do the motorcyclist any favours.

fabforty 5:41 pm 30 Oct 10

…and his point is ?

This is exactly why we have speed limits. Because unpredictable stuff like this happens – often.

I note that the hero on the bike was travelling at excessive speed in the time leading up to this. He is lucky that traffic immediately prior to this forced him to slow down. If someone had pulled out in front of him 1 minute before when he was passing other vehicles as if they were standing still, he would have had no hope of avoiding his own demise.

His Youtube moment would have made sad viewing in the Coroner’s Court.

KB1971 5:31 pm 30 Oct 10

I’m in two camps on this, yep the driver didn’t do a head check to change lanes but the rider was also sitting in the blind spot for a long time down the hill towards the Cotter Road.

Yep the driver could have used more care but the rider was on the horn long before he was along side the car & a basic road rule is that the driver in from has right of way. I actually half expected to see the van to move across.

On of the reasons I don’t ride any more, taking on cars on Adelaide Ave on my pushy is safer than punting a roadie up the Parkway every day.

johnboy 5:05 pm 30 Oct 10

it beats the hell out of changing lane with no warning at all.

the rider had plenty of time to slow down

jase! 4:58 pm 30 Oct 10

nothing unusual in that video, much the same technique as used by the Black VW bora sedan heading city bound past the airport at 1:30 today that tried to run over my girlfriend on her bike, when his behavior was questioned by a collection of hand signals both from her and myself the best we could get out of him was a shrug of the shoulders.

JB, what difference does the indication make in your view? flashing the indicators doesn’t magically give someone right of way last time i checked

arescarti42 3:58 pm 30 Oct 10

Some people have no idea. Almost a perfect example of how not to change lanes, although he lost points for indicating.

I’m a little surprised that FullHalfGlass didn’t hit the brakes when he saw the car indicating though, sure, he had right of way, but cars not giving way to motorcyclists frequently lead to nasty consequences for the motorcyclist I’m lead to believe.

AussieRodney 3:50 pm 30 Oct 10

Yep, happens all the time & well caught.

But what speed is he doing if he’s going past cars like they’re standing still?

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