Fischer appointment clears the way for Stanhope departure?

johnboy 21 July 2008 19

Google lists the heavy media reaction to the appointment of the former Nationals leader, Tim Fischer, as the Ambassador to the Holy See (now broken away from Ireland).

Aside from eerily mirroring last wednesday’s Hollowmen there are local implications.

By making the first political appointment to a Tory it clears the way for Labor hacks to follow without the conservatives hooting and hollering.

Just today the ABC is interpreting the ALP’s ad blitz as a sign of fear.

Also Crikey’s rumours section has had repeated stories about Mr. Stanhope making ceaseless efforts to lobby for a diplomatic role for himself.

Will he be one of a coming slew of Labor diplomatic appointments?

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19 Responses to Fischer appointment clears the way for Stanhope departure?
Jack Dorf Jack Dorf 7:39 am 23 Jul 08

Send him to Albania, send him to Kurdistan, just hurry up and send him somewhere Kev.
(ex labor voter)

peterh peterh 1:55 pm 22 Jul 08

why not Ireland?

not much damage he could do there….

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:08 pm 22 Jul 08

I nominate Stanhope as the first Australia Ambassador to Transnistria.

PM PM 12:00 pm 22 Jul 08

Shall we try to predict what happens next week on the national political stage by watching this week’s episode of Hollowmen?

jakez jakez 11:49 am 22 Jul 08

I remember just a few short years ago when Stanhope had the highest popularity of a political figure in the country. Now he can’t even get an ‘A’ posting.

The parrallel between Fischer and last weeks episode of Hollowmen is eerie.

Danman Danman 9:17 am 22 Jul 08

Maybe he could oversee the glorious liberation of The People’s Technocratic Republic of Vinnland by the combined forces of The United Territories of Europa……or not…..

Thumper Thumper 8:56 am 22 Jul 08


haha, sorry, ‘party’

Thumper Thumper 8:55 am 22 Jul 08

I agree with the above.

Surely Stanhope is a long way down the list of parety hacks when it comes to diplomatic postings.

amarooresident amarooresident 8:51 am 22 Jul 08

I call b*llsh*t on the whole story. the Crikey pieces reads like the fevered imagination of some young liberal hack.

johnboy johnboy 10:54 pm 21 Jul 08

caf said :

Point of order, Fischer isn’t a Tory, he’s an Agrarian Socialist.

And that’s the oldest sort of Tory there is.

The sort who get economics are closer to your old school whigs.

Of them there’s Malcolm Turnbull and that’s about it.

caf caf 10:52 pm 21 Jul 08

Point of order, Fischer isn’t a Tory, he’s an Agrarian Socialist.

ant ant 8:56 pm 21 Jul 08

Thumper said :


One cannot but think Hollowmen.

“Is swearing a language?”

DJ DJ 8:51 pm 21 Jul 08

He doesn’t deserve ‘a’ posting at all. He is spineless and without integrity – how he handled the 2003 Bushfires debacle is proof. Must not have any mirrors in his house.

Whatsup Whatsup 8:42 pm 21 Jul 08

He wouldn’t get an “A” posting, thats for sure.

Pandy Pandy 8:02 pm 21 Jul 08

I’ll wave John goodbye.

Primal Primal 8:01 pm 21 Jul 08

He needs a second language…

johnboy johnboy 6:31 pm 21 Jul 08

Given his enthusiasm for third world development work, post-retirement, there could be some suitable posts in Africa or Latin America.

imhotep imhotep 6:29 pm 21 Jul 08

Yes I can see some poor pubes spinning a little plastic globe, looking for the most inconspicuous country they can find, trying to match Sonic’s ‘skill set’. Lichtenstein? Monrovia?

Thumper Thumper 6:03 pm 21 Jul 08


One cannot but think Hollowmen.

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