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Flame of the Week – Defending Gold Creek Old Skool

By johnboy - 24 May 2009 33

Big ups to my man Drummett who came out of nowhere to claim this week’s coveted FOTW with this stellar effort:

    #14 posted by Dummett
    22:53, 24 May 2009

    hey everybody,

    i would just like to start off by saying i am an ex student of gold creek school (1998-2008)and although you could say i have never experinced any other skool frankly i wouldnt want to.

    i had some of the best times of my life at gold creek which i will remember forever, i have made friends that would do anything for me, gained tutors that have influenced my life and made me into the person i am today.

    to be honest i only opened this forum to have a go at who ever had the nerve to bad mouth my skool so please tread lightly because that skool is my life.

Inability to capitalise, veiled threats of violence, and after 10 years at the school can’t spell “school”. Congratulations, you’re our Flame Of The Week!

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
Flame of the Week – Defending Gold Creek Old Skool
johnboy 11:35 am 25 May 09

Pretty poor correlation between “life outlook” and literacy.

You’re hard pushed to find a decent writer anywhere without substance use issues.

astrojax 11:32 am 25 May 09

who’d have thunked? granny was a girly swat! ; )

…mind you, i am still chuffed today at having received five whole dollars from folks for being the first boy in year 4 (after the superiority of women was rightfully played out and i came fourth overall…)

i agree, home values are not the same as they were and i can’t but wonder what that means. does it imply some dimunition in our society or just different? while there are many instances of parallel with this flamer, i also know many young’uns with the granny (and astro) life outlook. has the developments in media just given us more exposure to a broader cross section of the community?

Granny 10:56 am 25 May 09

Who knows, Roadrage77?

I think the primary prerequisite to learning something is having a desire to learn it.

In my case I wanted to see that ‘A’ on the report card. I wanted to be ranked 1 or 2 out of 33 in the class. I wanted to read comments from my teacher about how I was a pleasure to teach. I wanted to see my parents’ pride in me when I brought the report card home. I wanted to see if I could equal or beat my very smart friends. I wanted to see if I could get that perfect score.

I can’t say I specifically wanted to learn arithmetic or parts of speech. I did actively want to learn to read by myself, so my dad taught me with flashcards and the Dr Seuss books.

I can tell you that I can do a sheet of maths faster, at my age, than any of my children in their twenties and teens. I can also beat them hands down on spelling and grammar.

This was typical of my Canberra public school education in the 70s. My friends could all achieve the same result, I would think.

I have six children and have tried various learning options including home schooling, and I can still do better than all of them in the 3Rs.

It just was never important to any of them like it was to me. I don’t know why.

I think modern education, particularly in the ACT, does very well in the area of critical thinking particularly, which does stand the students in good stead for university.

H1NG0 10:42 am 25 May 09

I remember someone ripped off the G and the C from one of the signs so it said “Old Reek”. That was pretty clever I thought 😉

Roadrage77 10:40 am 25 May 09

Fair enough Granny, but something I’ve pondered on many a sleepless night is: would the youth of today know how to grammatacise properly if their lives depended on it? Or are they really closet spelling-bee champtions who simply choose to spell like imbeciles? Maybe a skool teacher out there could enlighten us?

Holden Caulfield 10:32 am 25 May 09

gold creek rulez

Die Lefty Scum 10:24 am 25 May 09

skool suxs

Granny 9:58 am 25 May 09

I think we might have to get used to the fact that this generation choose to spell differently from us. They seem to know how to spell their own variations correctly -otherwise they would look pretty stupid in front of their peers – which is the natural thing for kids to worry about. Far from caring what we think, I would guess that the last thing they want to do is conform with our mores.

As a flame it is disappointing.

astrojax 9:13 am 25 May 09

don’t go dissing inability to capitalise… could be purposeful (though with the repetition of ‘skool’, unlikley – ok then, go ahead and diss away…)

and actually, johnboy, in the first line s/he/it does manage to spell skool correkly.

PBO 8:34 am 25 May 09

Is that what the sign out the front says? Gold Creek High Skool? This guy seems happy in his little multi acre World of Gold Creek (WoGC), it is a lot like the World of Warcraft (WoW) but the rate of literacy is lower.

Joe Canberran 8:17 am 25 May 09

Not sure I’d even class it as a flame. No real heat behind it. More low level troll bait. Which, after big fish JB, seems to have hooked us as well 🙁

jessieduck 8:10 am 25 May 09

There’s something fishy about this flame…

Joe Canberran 8:10 am 25 May 09

very true p1.

Has gold creek been open for 10 years?

Thumper 8:05 am 25 May 09

Pretty tame really…

p1 7:32 am 25 May 09

after four years….

Actually, he,she or it mentions a ten year period (98-08)

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