johnboy 21 March 2009 13

There’s no rule that says an FOTW has to be made commenting on a long dead thread, but we do keep them open in anticipation.

So congratulations to pp1 for this top notch effort, you are the RiotACT Flame Of The Week!


    As an eg -the QLD branch goes through 16 million dollars a year and the government only chips in 180 thousand….

    SO WAKE UP AND STOP COMPLAINING THEY ARE DESPERATE – why dont u spend ur time bitching about the people that dont give a damn – oh hang on – thats u.


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13 Responses to Flame Of The Week – DESPERATE U IDIOTS!
SadMushroom SadMushroom 4:58 pm 29 Mar 09

OK,so was this about the RSPCA being desperate???
Of course they are…they Government hardly puts enough money into saving animals when so many kids are committing suicide or ending up prostitutes…
Stop funding anything to do with kids and start saving animals by supporting the RSPCA…

Not that the RSPCA should lower their prices and start asking for more donations of blankets, bedding and collars, bowls etc….

Tracker Tracker 10:47 pm 22 Mar 09

I have to say, while good use of English does make things easier, if you can’t understand what he’s saying I’d be worried if I was you, it’s not exactly unclear…

I’m unaware of context, but he makes a good point. Probably should reference those stats though (seriously, he really should).

p1 p1 3:04 pm 22 Mar 09

For a brief second I thought that I had won FOTW, the saw the extra “p“.

Only thing to improve it would have been a few extra exclamation points!!1!!11!11!

Spam Box Spam Box 6:14 pm 21 Mar 09

SheepGroper said :

Oh that’s so cool – some of those are going to become wallpaper on my work pc : – )

LOL – Years ago at AusPost I used to have this weirdo strobing Japanese screen saver, just to try and find out who the epileptics were. 😀

SheepGroper SheepGroper 6:01 pm 21 Mar 09

Oh that’s so cool – some of those are going to become wallpaper on my work pc : – )

Spam Box Spam Box 5:50 pm 21 Mar 09

lol – what set him off?

ant mentioned colours affecting those with hangovers and I thought of this. (note- This really is bad when hungover)

Don’t say I didn’t warn you


Primal Primal 4:36 pm 21 Mar 09

Egg? Chips? Yummy.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 1:10 pm 21 Mar 09

jessieduck said :

Sheesh- I had to read that twice to figure out what the point of that was.

It has a point? Oh, that I and U is PATHETIC? coOL.

jessieduck jessieduck 12:09 pm 21 Mar 09

Sheesh- I had to read that twice to figure out what the point of that was.

ant ant 11:19 am 21 Mar 09

Yes, but imagine their effect on those with hangovers! There’d be a lot of destroyed computer keyboards.

poptop poptop 11:16 am 21 Mar 09

When I see the latest FOTW, I do regret the absence of coloured fonts on the RiotACT.

ant ant 11:12 am 21 Mar 09

Lack of punctuation, text-speak, and abuse. Check, check and check.

And has a semi-check, the punctuation he/she does use is incorrect. I refer to the dashes.

So that’s a score of 3.5

futto futto 10:53 am 21 Mar 09


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