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Flame of the week – In defence of Chic Henry

By johnboy - 7 January 2009 101

Our very first FOTW for the new year and it’s a Chic Henry apologist! Congratulations to first time commenter RogerRamjet069 for this effort:

    RiotAct really needs to get some new material.
    The same whining wowsers year after year complaining about a bit of noise and smoke for around a week of their year.
    Boooooo Hoooooo
    If any Canberrians took their family to Summernats on a Saturday night claiming NOT to know what it was all about, then they are IDIOTS. Everyone all over Australia knows what happens at Summernats and those that live in Canberra would be doubly aware.
    I’ve been to Summernats 17, 18 and 20 and I did see some poor behaviour. Wow!! Poor behaviour at a sports event!! I’ve been to EVERY Clipsal 500 in Adelaide too. I’ve seen many many more fights at Clipsal and dramas in the pubs afterwards, then in your sleepy little town!! Isn’t Adelaide supposed to be the boring capital??
    Some people think cars are a mode of transport to get from A to B. Some don’t. Some people think ball sports or fishing are a waste of a weekend. Some don’t.
    Sensitive women should probably avoid summernats as the crowds in certain areas will encourage them to flash their breasts. I have summernats magazines going back to summernats 1 and the behaviours were similar and are part of the Summernats tradition. It works, so don’t change it. At least you have it mostly confined to one area now. i saw sooo many cars getting defected that it isn’t worth cruising into the centre of canberra anymore.
    Summernats is a national icon and should be supported. To say Chic isn’t or shouldn’t profit from the event is stupid. I wouldn’t like to organise something that massive!! He deserves to take a slice of the profits. He has websites to run etc etc
    I just wish people could accept that others have different interests, take their blinkers off and think of the bigger picture. Summernats is about all Canberra had going for it anyway…….. 🙂

So dry your eyes princesses, you’ve been told.


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101 Responses to
Flame of the week – In defence of Chic Henry
AngryHenry 12:22 pm 07 Jan 09

Commented on this in a previous thread. Living in Watson I really didn’t have too much hassle this year compared to years past. I think they did a good job of keeping most of it fairly contained this year. Although I know some people had stories reflecting otherwise.

Just a shame that the police were only defecting vehicles and not people, the wildlife put the National Geographic Channel to shame. I think some of these people get ready to leave the house in front of circus mirrors.

BerraBoy68 12:17 pm 07 Jan 09

Mmmmm, here’s a wacky idea.. what if the ACT Government ran a real car show at EPIC for real car entusiasts. The cost would be offset by the revenue.

I’m not a car entusiast but couldn’t awards still be given for things like the Show and Shine, Best British car, Best US Car, Best Modified, cleanest hubcaps etc..(I don’t really care but you ge the picture) without the needs for awards such as Loudest Car Stereo (do we really need to encourage or promote annoying doof doof music at traffic lights?), Burnouts, etc.

ant 12:11 pm 07 Jan 09

The nice drunks are helpful, too, assisting north canberra people with their gardens.

poptop 12:05 pm 07 Jan 09

It’s a CULTURAL thing sepi; like harpooning dugong.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 12:04 pm 07 Jan 09

The cars and events aren’t the problem, it’s the dickheads who blow in, cause trouble and then leave.

sepi 12:02 pm 07 Jan 09

Typical Canberra wowsers, complaining about a noisy, smoky event which we can’t go to ourselves cos we are too sensitive about being asked to get nekkid for the nice drunks.

fnaah 12:01 pm 07 Jan 09

I like noise. I like smoke. I like cars. I miss the GMC400, I thought it was a great event.

I won’t miss summernats. I’ll miss the nice cars driving around, but I won’t miss the event or the crowd it attracts.

ant 12:01 pm 07 Jan 09

Berraboy said it well: if Canberrans are so bad for standing up and objecting to the ‘nats, maybe he can volunteer his town to hold it? How dare we expect to have a say in what happens in our town, after all. And as for those “sensitive women” who object to being treated like garbage, shame on them too. After all, people like Roger Ramjet have ROIGHTs.

V twin venom 11:56 am 07 Jan 09

What justbands said. I also agree with most of the points raised.

BerraBoy68 11:56 am 07 Jan 09

I’d just like to re-post in this thread what i said following Ramjet’s original post in the hoope that his ego will bring him back here to see what a dick he’s made of himself:

RogerRamjet – thanks for just confirming what we consider to be the very worst of Summernats is actually true. Your view that we should just get used to the antisocial aspects of this event is ridiculous.

Many of us have said that car enthusiasts should have an event if they want one, just not one where:
a) women should either have to dress to suit your needs or just not go; and
b) poor behavour is accepted as the norm, as you state is should be.

If you think it’s ok to impose your smoke and noise on everybody just to suite yourself, then by all means let us know where you live and I’ll see if I can oblige you by burning a truckload of tyres while playing Mozart (or at least Madness circa 1984) – with my volume turned up to 11 – in your front yard. Think your neighbours would complain much?

oh, and if you hate Canberra so much, leave and don’t come back.

fnaah 11:50 am 07 Jan 09

I’m with justbands, we’ve seen better flames than this. Look at it, he only uses ALL CAPS for a couple of words, and limits himself to a measly two exclamation/question marks.

Admittedly, he’s done a great job of identifying as a mysogynistic evolutionary throwback. Kudos for that, I guess.

poptop 11:46 am 07 Jan 09

I would take issue with Roger’s position that the “behaviours” at the Summernats are a tradition, they work and so should not be changed, justbands.

Call me culturally insensitive. 😉

johnboy 11:44 am 07 Jan 09

Flaming’s about the level of abuse. Which this was strong in. Plus the par’s run together was top work.

justbands 11:41 am 07 Jan 09

Does this really qualify as a flame? Seems a reasonable enough comment, grammar isn’t too bad, no swearing.

Pandy 11:39 am 07 Jan 09

Chic is just a misunderstood girl. Lay of her JB.

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