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Flame of the week – S-C on the Gungahlin hit and run

By johnboy - 2 December 2008 73

Newbie S-C has made a late submission on the fatal Gungahlin hit and run last New Years Eve.

    “Mr Evil and popgoescanberra you do not know her how dare you say that she is a nutcase.
    i went to school with her. and she was a lovely young lady with more potential than you or any one could imagine. you both clearly are the nut cases for sitting here defending some one that did something so horrible. he not only hurt her and took her life affecting her, he affected all of our lives and hurt all of us especially her family and what did they do to him nothing but take him in.
    so piss off and shut up about it.
    Mr Evil so you are saying that society pushed him into the car gave him the keys and forced him to run my young friend over. because of some petty bull shit fight. if that is how you think i feel truely sorry for your GF or you GF’s in the futur cause society might one day tell you to hurt her. do you believe that will work in canberra courts??????
    any person that gets on here needs to think twice before they start insulting her, think about her family and friends that get on here and see something like this plasted all over the internet jesus has only been a year since she was taken away. get a life!”

They seem to have missed Mr. Evil’s attempt to be facetious, and it’s a mystery what popgoescanberra did to deserve their ire.

But it’s a quality flame, and deserving of recognition.

Congratulations S-C, you’ve won FoTW.


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73 Responses to
Flame of the week – S-C on the Gungahlin hit and run
GB 5:47 pm 02 Dec 08

There’s a difference between highlighting the fact that someone is upset, and setting them up for ridicule. This “Flame of the week” nomination is clearly the latter. I don’t think inciting schadenfreude is a worthy use of riotact — particularly when the apparent cause of their upset is a death.

housebound 5:45 pm 02 Dec 08

I don’t think it would hurt to let this person have their say and let it go. Grief can lead people into saying and doing strange things, and it often shows itself at the most unexpected times.

johnboy 5:31 pm 02 Dec 08

Well bye bye then.

Also take this as a final warning on your language.

Joebananas 5:16 pm 02 Dec 08

This site sucks post election. And this thread is distasteful.

The Brad 5:13 pm 02 Dec 08

btw, that last post was tongue-in-cheek.

The Brad 5:11 pm 02 Dec 08

You forgot a comma there. Be careful with your punctuation.

Unless you really truly do need to be me.

johnboy 5:10 pm 02 Dec 08

Sometimes I need to be Brad.

The Brad 5:08 pm 02 Dec 08

I agree.

I also agree.
I’ve been wanting to say this for a while, but have held my words back for fear of being put into moderation…..but in this case, I’ll make an exception.

johnboy, sometimes you’re an arsehole.

Mr_Shab 5:08 pm 02 Dec 08

Sepi – If people want to rant on teh intertoobs like this, then are they not implicitly highlighting the fact that they’re upset?

sepi 5:04 pm 02 Dec 08

I don’t think highlighting these upset people’s posts is necessary either.

Holden Caulfield 4:52 pm 02 Dec 08

Gungahlin Al said :

…However I don’t think holding up a distressed person to this sort of ridicule is particularly good form…

I agree.

neanderthalsis 4:43 pm 02 Dec 08

So this is the new fangled version of nutter of the month? Did a previos nutter claim slander / libel?

it has all the usual qualities: poor grammar, poor punctuaion, poor sentence structure, poorly defined paragraphs and multiple use of question marks or exclamation marks. All that is lacking is the blocked caps.

Gungahlin Al 4:35 pm 02 Dec 08

Hey, it’s someone who is clearly still very upset about their friend being murdered.
They have totally missed the point of Evil’s sarcasm, and that his posts were directed against the alledged murderer, not the victim.
However I don’t think holding up a distressed person to this sort of ridicule is particularly good form.

A mentor is fond of saying to me “there but for the grace of god go I.” Wise words to remember, methinks.

seekay 4:26 pm 02 Dec 08

Woo-hoo! These people are better than Jerry Springer’s guests.

Mr Evil 4:06 pm 02 Dec 08

Why’s everyone picking on me???? 🙂

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